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Top 3 gift ideas for the new flame in your life

Everyone knows how exciting it can be to meet a new guy and start the road toward a fruitful relationship. However, if you've just met him in the last few months, your upcoming Christmas gift can be a make or break moment. If you go too over-the-top you could scare him away, but if you're a bit too lax, he may not think you're serious. Thus starts the delicate balancing act that you've embarked upon when you decided to get in a relationship in the latter part of the year, but it's not the end of the world! Keep the following gift ideas in mind to find the perfect present for your new flame.

1. Tickets to a sporting event. Whether you're a big fan of sports or not, you can get dolled up for the event with blinc liquid eyeliner and mascara and cheer on your boyfriend's favorite team. You can make the deal a bit sweeter by including a piece of team merchandise like a hat, sweatshirt or jersey to wear to the event. This is the perfect kind of present that will appeal to his interests and have him bragging to his friends about what a cool chick you are!

2. Musical products. If your new flame is a musician or loves to mix his own tracks, you have a wealth of new items to choose from. However, you can give the gift a romantic twist by having it personalized. For instance, if your boy toy loves to jam with his friends, invest in a few guitar picks that are decorated with a special message. You can also find all sorts of sheet music, recording software and anything else that will help him achieve his musical aspirations.

3. A beer brewing kit. Getting your new boyfriend a taste of a new hobby is a great way to show how interested you are in his potential. If your new flame is fond of craft beers, he can learn to make his own with a beer brewing kit. These are relatively inexpensive, and he may just stumble upon a lifelong interest thanks to your ingenious idea.

A Christmas gift for a new boy can be a daunting proposition, but if you appeal to the basic manly instincts he exudes, you'll avoid scaring him off in the process!