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Ways to get a date with a sophisticated intellect

Are you the type of gal who needs an active mind to keep you interested in a guy? If this is the case, there might be nothing worse than hanging out with a dull dude who can only handle conversations about cars and some of the unfortunate women who had to put up with him before you came along. If you prefer someone who can recite Shakespeare sonnets without missing a beat, you might need to put in a little extra effort to score a date with this kind of suitor.

Although it might be easy to garner the attention of most other guys, the sophisticated type is much harder to intrigue. If you happen to spot an intellectual hunk while out and about, there are certain things to do if you want to get him to lift his head from the poetry collection he's reading.

Subtlety is the key. When trying to attract an intellect, the worst thing you can do is blabber in his ear with the hope that he'll notice your good looks and ignore the incessant chatter. Although many guys out there might be shallow, the typical intellect is a little pickier. If you do something subtle, he might actually notice. You should consider pulling the "oops I dropped my pen near your feet" trick. Any true gentleman will surely bend down to pick it up and, if you're lucky enough, say something witty to show his interest.

Play hard to get. Any simpleminded person can make flirting an obvious gesture. When trying to retain an intellect's interest, it's important to make sure you hide your mating rituals behind witty remarks that could go either way. Sophisticated guys always enjoy a good challenge, and a smart approach is the best way to get him wrapped around your finger.

Go along with educated discussions. If he opens up a discussion about stuff that's completely over your head, like the philosophy of Socrates or his preference for Mozart, just embrace it and act as if you know exactly what he's talking about. Say as little as possible (in an effort to hide your ignorance), but keep the conversation moving.

If it takes a guy with a little bit of culture to tickle your fancy, cleverness is likely the only way to get him to notice you. Approaching him with a strategy that's worthy of the mightiest queen in all the land is the best way to get yourself a date with Prince Charming.