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Which furry friend is best for you?

If you're scouring the pet stores for a companion, whether it's because of a crippling breakup that left you itching for something to cuddle with other than bed sheets or because you want to be a parent without going through the pains of labor or diaper changes, you'll first want to consider what type of furry friend is best for you. For some, this might be a simple decision, but animal lovers often can't make up their minds. Although it might be cool to own every type of pet you can think of, you probably don't want a house or apartment that resembles a jungle.

The most common decisions are obviously cats and dogs, but choosing a specific breed is a completely different matter. Cat breeds are a little easier because they're not as emotional and behaviorally versatile as dogs - in other words, they're not as high maintenance. If the feline you choose is too wild for the household, you can just keep her outside and she'll come running every time that dinner bell rings - but if you opt for a canine, you should probably do some research and find out which breed you can handle without having a nervous breakdown. Here are just a few of the canine personalities that might be right up your alley.

Great Dane. If you're the type of gal who likes horses, a Great Dane is a perfect compromise. The sheer size is enough to please anyone who doesn't mind a little horseplay, as these dogs are often very fun-loving and playful - although they can be quite the couch potato as well.

Beagle. Sheer brilliance is the best feature of the dog who howls like there's no tomorrow. Beagles are arguably among the smartest - but most stubborn - breeds out there. If you prefer a dog who'll dive into you the moment you come home, beagles pack a heck of a punch considering their size.

Chihuahua. Sometimes referred to as pocket rats, Chihuahuas are the little yappers that one can fit in a purse and carry around all day, especially to the salon. If you want a pet that you can play dress-up with, the Chihuahua is it - the breed's sole function is to be cute and cuddly.

Choosing a pet isn't always as simple as strolling to the store window and pointing one out like a pastry at a coffee shop. Figure out which breed is best suited for your own personality, because what they say might be true - dogs are really people with short legs and fur coats.