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Create eyes that sparkle this Holiday Season!

Golden Eye

Steps for look:
1. Begin by applying blinc light tone eyeshadow primer to your lid.
2. Apply your favorite gold glitter eyeshadow to your lid and also under your bottom lashes with a mini shader brush.
3. Using blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen, line under your lower lashes, then line along your upper lash line bringing the line up and out a little bit higher then your crease. Then create a line in your crease following the natural curve of your eye and bring it to a fierce point as you wing the line up to connect with the line from below.
4. Add taupe color eyeshadow above your lined crease with your blinc contour shadow brush.
5. Highlight your brow bone with any matte cream colored eyeshadow using the blinc all over shadow brush.
6. With a golden brown shimmer shadow you're then going to smoke out your bottom lashes by blending the color into your lash line along your lined eye all the way to the end of the outer point.
6. Fill your brows with blinc eyebrow mousse.
7. Line the inner rim of your eye with blinc's black eyeliner pencil.
8. Curl your lashes with Blinc heated lash curler.
9. Apply a coat of blinc lash primer.
10. Add a little volume and length with blinc mascara amplified in the color black.