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Rose Gold Shadow compliments any skin tone!

Rose Gold copy

1. Using blinc's grey eyeliner pencil, create your thick winged liner look starting at the beginning of your lashes on the inner corner of your eye. Keep the line thin for the first few centimeters of your lash line then dramatically increase the thickness and you move towards the outer portion of your lid. Create your triangle on the outer corner of your eye to create your wing, then fill in. For more precision your can use blinc's brow and liner duo brush to create your line.

2. Apply blinc's flesh tone eye shadow primer to the areas of your lid
surrounding your eyeliner look with blinc's shadow primer brush.

3. Add a rose gold shade of eyeshadow only to your lid and crease, leaving your lid bare. To apply your eye shadow you can use blinc's all over shadow brush.

4. Prep you lashes with blinc lash primer.

5. For an eye opening finish, coat your lashes with black blinc
mascara amplified.