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Bridal Makeup News

  • Bridal makeup trends in 2012

    bridal+makeup+trends+in+2012_3356_800716203_0_0_7014660_300Every gal wants to look beautiful on her big day. The perfect bridal look is timeless yet modern, combining classic details with some contemporary touches that add just the right amount of attitude. Every bride is different, but here are some of the big trends that are emerging in 2012 when it comes to a to-die-for look to say "I do" in.

    Soft, feminine shades are big this year, meaning lots of gals are opting for palettes that involve peaches, pinks and golds. In fact, wedding dresses in pale pink and blush are quickly becoming nearly as popular as ones in colors like off-white and ivory. Even Reese Witherspoon donned a rosy dress for her recent nuptials!

    That color is translating into makeup trends, too. Subtle pink lips and peachy cheeks are a classically feminine way to look beautiful on your big day.

    When it comes to eye makeup, dramatic lashes are as popular as ever. Tube mascara and heated lash curlers help brides achieve impossible volume and length before they walk down the aisle. As for shadows, pinks and golds work well here, too! Blondes, brunettes and redheads all look great in these girly hues.

  • Look like a Hollywood celeb on your wedding day with liquid eyeliner

    look+like+a+hollywood+celeb+on+your+wedding+day+with+liquid+eyeliner_3356_800722583_0_0_7036677_300When it comes to liquid eyeliners and tube mascaras, trends are always changing, especially in Hollywood. Many celebrities choose to go their own ways when it comes to their big days, whether they're walking down the aisle privately or in front of the cameras. However, there are a few liquid eyeliner tips that every woman should take into consideration before saying "I do."

    First, Access Hollywood reminds brides that the more makeup they wear, the more maintenance is needed. If you aren't a celebrity who has a full makeup team to take care of you when you shed a few tears of joy, you might want to steer clear of too much foundation and eye shadow.

    Next, think about sweeping a little beige foundation underneath the eyebrows and on the upper lid before applying liquid eyeliner and tube mascara to highlight the contours of the eyes. This can help your peepers truly shine.

    Finally, treat yourself like an A-list celeb on your big day - use blinc's tube mascara and liquid eyeliner for a bold look that won't fade, smudge or run to give you peace of mind.

  • Reese Witherspoon masters liquid eyeliner on her wedding day

    reese+witherspoon+masters+liquid+eyeliner+on+her+wedding+day_3356_800723772_0_0_14011848_300If you've recently gotten engaged and you're looking for inspiration when it comes to planning your wedding (and more importantly, your makeup!), you might want to look to Hollywood. Last year, many celebrities tied the knot in gorgeous gowns and flawless liquid eyeliner.

    One actress who wasn't shy about posing for the cameras before and after her big day was Reese Witherspoon. People Magazine reports that in 2011, the celeb said "I do" to Jim Toth in a traditional southern wedding ceremony. In addition to wearing a lovely gown, Witherspoon wore just the right amount of liquid eyeliner and tube mascara to emphasize her natural beauty.

    If you want to make sure you look like an A-list celeb when you walk down the aisle toward your husband-to-be, you might want to take some liquid eyeliner tips from Witherspoon.

    The liquid eyeliner and tube mascara from blinc are all you need to look like a star on your big day. With the eyeliner, you can easily give your peepers a bold look that won't run or smudge throughout the celebration. If your lashes could use a boost and extra length, put on a little tube mascara to top off the whole look.
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  • Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco to air wedding on VH1

    evelyn+lozada+and+chad+ochocinco+to+air+wedding+on+vh1_3356_800729620_0_0_7036677_300One celebrity trend that doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon is television weddings. The last big reality star to do so was Kim Kardashian, and although her marriage only lasted 72 days, one more couple is going to take a stab at it - Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco. The world will see Lozada in her lavish gown and liquid eyeliner as she gleams while walking down the aisle on VH1.

    The Associated Press is reporting that the couple agreed to an eight-part series titled "Ev and Ocho" that will document the wedding as it is showcased for all to see. It will culminate with a two-part finale, which VH1 likely hopes will be as big of a hit as Kardashian's event on E!

    There's no telling whether Lozada will be wearing tube mascara along with liquid eyeliner when she walks down the aisle, but she's likely already taking her makeup and outfit into consideration seeing as the big day is slated for late summer.

    If you want to look flawless on your own wedding day, pick up the liquid eyeliner and tube mascara from blinc to give your eyes a bold, beautiful appearance.

  • Halle Berry flaunts new engagement ring around town

    halle+berry+flaunts+new+engagement+ring+around+town_3356_800732491_0_0_1739_300In the world of glitz and glam known as Hollywood, everything is more luxurious, including the engagement rings and weddings. Actress Halle Berry is one of the latest celebs to announce her engagement to Olivier Martinez, and whether she'll wear liquid eyeliner and tube mascara as she walks down the aisle is still unknown. One thing onlookers do know, however, is that her man knows how to pick out bling.

    InStyle.com reports that Berry was recently seen out and about wearing her emerald and diamond engagement ring, and it's certainly an eye-catching bauble. The ring was created by Robert Mazlo, a famous Parisian designer. Now Berry will just have to find the perfect accessories and makeup to accent the gem on her big day!

    If you want to look as flawless as A-list celebs do when they tie the knot, you might want to pick up the tube mascara and liquid eyeliner from blinc. The tube mascara can give your lashes length and volume without the need to wear fakes. Combine this with the liquid eyeliner and you'll have a bold, dramatic look!

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