<![CDATA[]]> Fri, 13 Jan 2017 11:56:51 +0000 hourly 1 <![CDATA[Give your wedding makeup ensemble a try at your bridal shower ]]> Mon, 20 May 2013 12:47:44 +0000 raveinfo give+your+wedding+makeup+ensemble+a+try+at+your+bridal+shower_3356_800659291_0_0_7076562_300For many brides-to-be, it's never too early to start planning out the makeup and accessories they'll be wearing on their wedding day. If you're eagerly waiting in anticipation, you can break out your tube mascara and liquid eyeliner during your bridal shower to get some helpful input from your friends and family.

A good rule of thumb when planning out your eye makeup is that less is more. You're already going to be the center of attention, so avoid any over-the-top eyeshadow hues, smoky eyes or anything else that could detract from your look.

When planning out your makeup, use a combination of foundation and concealer to give your skin a refreshed, dewy look. Keep your lip color in pale hues, and use sparkling sheer eyeshadow products to make your eyes an instant focal point. If you really feel like your lids need a bit of color, try using a bit of metallic silver around your lower lash line to give it added definition.

As soon as you have your look down, head off to the bridal shower and show your friends. Hopefully they will give you some constructive criticism so you can tailor a dazzling look for your big day.

<![CDATA[Tips to make your wedding makeup ensemble unforgettable ]]> Mon, 20 May 2013 12:42:03 +0000 raveinfo As the new year dawns, many brides-to-be are facing the reality of their upcoming nuptials and they'll start to pack up their lash curlers and other beauty products and get ready to plan their ensembles. According to the Huffington Post, the following tips will help make planning your cosmetics far easier when the big day rolls around.

You should start by visiting a professional makeup artist who will handle you and your bridal party's makeup before the ceremony. You can then go over a variety of different makeup styles to know exactly what you want on the day of the wedding.

While you may be tempted to go with your usual stylist, this may not be the best choice. Since your wedding party will have a wide range of tastes and hairstyles, going with a professional full-scale salon may be the best way to appeal to everyone's beauty needs.

Oftentimes, less is more when choosing the perfect bridal makeup, so consulting a professional could be the ideal way to find that perfect balance to give yourself a dazzling glow. After all, you're happy and in love, and that's the easiest way to look beautiful.

<![CDATA[Brides with sensitive eyes can try tubing mascara ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 14:21:12 +0000 raveinfo Many brides-to-be spend as much time planning out their wedding hairstyles and makeup as they do shopping for the perfect wedding dress or deciding on the reception's dinner menu.

A lot of women splurge on a professional makeup artist on their big day, to help them look lovely and feel pampered. However, because professionals may use products and brands other than those you typically wear, it may be wise to ask them to do a test run. Some women are sensitive to the chemicals and products in certain types of makeup.

The only tear shed on your wedding day should be tears of joy. To be absolutely sure that you won't react to the eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara the cosmetologist uses, request products that are guaranteed to be safe for those with sensitive eyes.

Celebrities like Brooke Shields, whose eyes require a little extra care, have turned to tubing mascara which won't flake off and irritate eyes.

"Brooke Shields has watery eyes and we had to find something that would work on her," Lipstick Jungle make-up artist Sheri Kornhaber told Makeup Artist Magazine. "Kiss Me Mascara is silicone based - it forms tubes on eyelashes. You put it on and it will never smudge."ADNFCR-3356-ID-19820311-ADNFCR

<![CDATA[Expert beauty tips for brides-to-be ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 14:19:49 +0000 raveinfo June is upon us, which means that the wedding season is almost in full swing.

Brides-to-be are likely finalizing the last of their wedding details, and some may be feeling overwhelmed by all of the items on their to-do list.

For many women, their wedding makeup is one of the last things they consider but is also one of the most important aspects of their appearance on the big day.

To make sure you achieve the look you desire on your wedding day, Sally Streets, a makeup artist for OneWed.com, suggests keeping in mind your personal style, the overall look and feel of your dress and hair, the time of day the ceremony will take place and the color scheme of your event, according to the website.

Then, work to create a makeup look that is appropriate to your ceremony and reception.

Those who are worried that they might tear up during their "I dos" should opt for a waterproof mascara that won't run while they say their vows, and will stay put throughout the ceremony and celebration.ADNFCR-3356-ID-19840944-ADNFCR

<![CDATA[Makeup tips for an outdoor wedding ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 14:17:38 +0000 raveinfo Brides-to-be who are planning an outdoor wedding may want to pay just as much attention to the makeup that they choose for the big day as they do to some of their other wedding details.

Just as certain dresses and wedding decorations are more appropriate than others in an outdoor setting, it's important to choose long-lasting makeup that will have a natural finish for fresh-air ceremonies.

Heavy foundation and clumpy mascara will be obvious in natural light, so be sure to choose brands and products that offer a clean and subtle application.

Water-resistant tubing mascara that won't flake off, no matter how hot the sun is (or how teary you become), is ideal for women who have planned their big day outdoors.

Oprah magazine suggests Blinc mascara for ladies who are looking for a product that will stay put throughout their big day.

"Most mascaras are oil-or wax-based - they're essentially paints. These formulas are water-based and contain polymers that form a solid film around each lash once the product dries," a makeup expert told the news source. ADNFCR-3356-ID-19867027-ADNFCR

<![CDATA[Carrie Underwood reveals wedding details, bridal makeup ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 14:15:55 +0000 raveinfo Fans of Carrie Underwood have been anticipating her walk down the aisle for months. The country crooner and Mike Fisher, a hockey player for the NHL's Ottawa Senators, announced their engagement over the holidays, and opted for a summer wedding.

Happily, Underwood revealed much of her wedding day details to People Magazine. The star wore a Monique Lhuillier chantilly lace and silk organza gown to her ceremony, but donned a strapless number (also created by the designer) for her reception.

The starlet kept her makeup classic, wearing soft pink blush on the apples of her cheeks, a subtle, rose-colored pigment on her lips and slightly smoky eye makeup.

Brides-to-be who adored Underwood's look and wish to recreate it for themselves should select high-quality, long-lasting products for their big day.

An acrylic-based tubing mascara is an ideal choice, as it will not flake or fade before the ceremony is over, and the water-resistant formula won't run if you become a little teary-eyed during your vows.ADNFCR-3356-ID-19890882-ADNFCR

<![CDATA[The right blush for brides-to-be ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 14:14:26 +0000 raveinfo Many brides-to-be spend a lot of time leading up to their big day at the cosmetics counter. The makeup you choose to sport as you walk down the aisle is an important part of your overall look and is sure to affect your wedding pictures and how beautiful you feel.

Blush is often one of the most difficult products to settle on when it comes to your big day. Brides who are longing for a natural look can search for subtle colors and high-quality products that will enhance their god-given beauty and display their best features.

However, if you prefer a more glamorous look with nothing subtle about it, opt for colors that pop.

Dresden Buras, a freelance makeup artist, told Cleveland.com that creamy products can create a fresh appearance. Buras recommended a cream blush that can be used on lips and cheeks.

"Using your finger tips, pat a touch of product on the apple of the cheek and then blend to temple to instantly brighten the face," she told the news provider. "It also works well when a bronzer is applied over top."

Of course, eye makeup is also an essential part of the planning process. Opt for water-resistant tubing mascara to ensure that your look won't run if you become a little teary during the ceremony. ADNFCR-3356-ID-19904446-ADNFCR

<![CDATA[Neutral eyeshadow and black mascara ideal for daytime wedding ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 14:13:16 +0000 raveinfo While women often devote most of their time to selecting the perfect wedding gown and hairstyle, less attention may be paid to the cosmetics they apply on the big day. However, brides may want to take a bit of time to consider the ideal eye makeup for the walk down the aisle.

According to Glamour.com, women don't need color to make their peepers pop, and neutral-toned eye shadow may be key. "[A muted] color neutralizes the skin around the eyes to enhance their beauty and gives the whole eye area lift and vibrancy without looking too noticeable," Liebeskind told the news source.

Additionally, black liner may appear too harsh for a daytime ceremony. Instead, brides can rim their eyes with a softer hue, such as espresso or charcoal. However, the website reports that traditional black mascara is still the best pick for bridal eye makeup.

Those preparing to exchange vows may want to consider using an acrylic-based tubing mascara, as the product won't smudge or flake, and will last throughout the entire day and night, regardless of the amount of happy tears shed. After all, no bride should have to worry about her eye makeup running or finding time to reapply!ADNFCR-3356-ID-19928497-ADNFCR

<![CDATA[Eye makeup advice for brides-to-be ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 14:12:03 +0000 raveinfo While brides often spend a great deal of time selecting their wedding gown, a lot of thought also goes into choosing eye makeup for the big day. Whether you want subtle shimmer or a smoky eye, there are a few rules to follow when applying cosmetics before your walk down the aisle.

"No matter how careful you are, liner and shadow have a tendency to sprinkle down onto your cheeks as you blend them," Glamour.com reports. "So for an extra-precise wedding-day look, do your eyes first, use a damp tissue to dust your under-eyes and cheeks clean, then follow with concealer and foundation."

The news source also advises brides to stay away from false lashes, as they can look too fake, and opt for black mascara instead - but don't forget to curl your lashes!

Makeup artist Jessica Liebeskind suggests women wait until their lashes are completely dry before using the curler. "[If they are wet], the weight of the water will drag the lashes down and prevent them from holding their curl," she told the news outlet.

Ladies who are preparing to exchange vows should consider using a water-resistant mascara - after all, you don't want to have to worry that a few inevitable tears-of-joy will cause your makeup to run!ADNFCR-3356-ID-19933962-ADNFCR

<![CDATA[Tips to looking great in your wedding photographs ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 14:11:03 +0000 raveinfo tips+to+looking+great+in+your+wedding+photographs_3356_800093722_0_0_7051798_300While women often want to look great in pictures, there is one day where taking a fantastic photograph is of the utmost importance - your wedding day. And while most brides are already beaming on their big day, there are a few handy tricks that can help you look picture perfect.

According to Sky.com's Showbiz, experts recommend practicing your posing in the mirror prior to the event, as many people don't realize what they're body looks like when they pose. On the wedding day, however, try not to freeze in one pose, or with one expression.

"It can be difficult to hold a pose and look natural," one photographer told the news source. "Keep looking away, and then looking back at the camera...this is a more organic way of posing."

Additionally, a bit of extra makeup may be helpful as well.

"Eyebrows fade in photographs, so ensure brows are well-defined and use eyelash curlers before applying mascara," beauty expert Catherine Barber told the news provider.

Blinc Eyebrow Mousse is great for making arches look their best, as it enhances brow color and fills in sparse patches to create natural-looking, impeccably defined eyebrows.

<![CDATA[Don't neglect brows and lashes on wedding day, experts advise ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 14:07:52 +0000 raveinfo Caught in the midst of a torrential storm of errands, brides-to-be are apt to leave a detail or two hanging.

The Knot asked several beauty experts for their wedding day advice, and they had a few tips sure to be appreciated by women getting ready to walk down the aisle.

According to the source, brides should seek help from professional makeup artists when attempting a complicated task, such as covering a tattoo or applying their own cosmetics. Most of the experts also seemed to agree that less is more when it comes to makeup and hair.

Makeup artist Mimi Johnson told The Knot that brides should pay special attention to their brows, as they frame your face. Schedule an appointment with an aesthetician a few days prior to the wedding to avoid redness.

When selecting your cosmetics, makeup artist Allison Sammel had one piece of advice.

"Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof. Many women make the mistake of assuming that they won’t cry on their wedding day when, in actuality, they always do," she said. "Use waterproof foundation, primer, eyeliner, and mascara. We don't want makeup running down the face from either tears or too many dances."

A water-resistant tubing mascara is a great option for brides who don't want to worry about tears or touch-ups, as the long-lasting formula won't smudge or smear no matter how many tears are shed.

<![CDATA[Forecasting Kate's royal bridal makeup ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 14:06:04 +0000 raveinfo forecasting+kate+s+royal+bridal+makeup_3356_800247532_0_0_7074040_300The world is abuzz with speculation about Kate Middleton's wedding dress, but what might her makeup look like when she finally weds the Prince?

Thankfully, the girl's got style, so it won't be too hard for brides everywhere to imagine (and draw inspiration from) her soon-to-be wedding style.

The Associated Press describes Kate's fashion as "natural, unforced and unpretentious" and notes that she often opts for solid, neutral colors over funky street fashions. Kate matches this with sophisticated, natural-looking makeup that emphasizes her eyes and not much else.

To mimic her classic, cool look, brides can wear makeup that defines their eyes and soft, natural hues on their lips and cheeks. Feel free to be generous with the liner, but don't extend it past your lash line, which may look less sophisticated.

Kate has great, thick eyebrows, so make sure to fill yours in with a product like blinc Eyebrow Mousse. Finally, a blinc Mascara could allow you to layer those lashes high, and it's water-resistant formula will keep you looking classy with emotions running high.

<![CDATA[Perfect products for flawless eye makeup on your wedding day ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 14:03:51 +0000 raveinfo perfect+products+for+flawless+eye+makeup+on+your+wedding+day_3356_800261334_0_0_7019938_300From painting your nails to lacquering your lips, a lot goes into creating the perfect wedding day look. But selecting ideal eye makeup can be especially tricky considering the wide range of options - what type of liner, shadow and mascara should you use?

While black eyeliner may be a staple of your daily beauty routine, ebony can often be too severe for a wedding. Instead, use a brown, navy or gray pencil, which will define your peepers without appearing too harsh. Another bonus to navy liner? The color can brighten the whites of your eyes, making you look especially wide-eyed.

When selecting an eyeshadow, choose two shades - a sheer shimmer that matches your skin tone and a shadow a few shades darker. Dust the lighter pigment over your entire lid and apply the deeper shadow in your crease to subtly enhance your stare.

On your wedding day, it's imperative that your makeup lasts - after all, you likely won't have time for touch-ups and you can't risk looking unkempt. A tubing mascara, such as blinc Mascara, won't flake or smudge throughout the celebration. Best of all, the water-resistant formula won't run - even when you shed tears of joy!

<![CDATA[Advice for brides' brows ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 14:00:27 +0000 raveinfo advice+for+brides+brows_3356_800264174_0_0_7035423_300While many women often neglect their brows when applying makeup, gals who are getting married may want to remember to emphasize their arches before walking down the aisle. Perfect brows will help you to look your best in your wedding pictures, as arches frame your entire face.

Begin by tweezing away stray hairs and creating a shape that best complements your face. According to TheKnot.com, sharply-arched brows can add definition to a round face, while softer brows can balance an angular visage.

You should also pay attention to the hue of your arches. If you dye your hair, you may have to tweak the color of your brows.

"Your brows should match the hair on your head," the news source reports. "If you have a highlighted or multi-hued mane, brows shouldn't be darker than the darkest shade on your head."

If your natural brow color isn't quite right, use blinc Eyebrow Mousse to tint your arches. It's available in a wide range of hues, from light blonde to black, so brides everywhere are sure to find a shade that suits their look.

<![CDATA[Wedding day makeup that won't budge ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:57:08 +0000 raveinfo wedding+day+makeup+that+won+t+budge_3356_800263444_0_0_7051798_300Your wedding day will be one of the happiest occasions of your life, and the last thing on your mind should be whether or not your makeup is running. Luckily, there are a few products that will keep your cosmetics from melting.

Whether your running around greeting guests, catching up with loved ones or getting down on the dance floor, you'll likely work up a sweat during the celebration. However, a good primer can keep your makeup from running.

"When you're primping before your ceremony, choose a makeup primer that doesn't contain any oil or silicone," TheKnot.com reports. "It'll act as a sponge for your foundation, keeping it in place and preventing it from seeping into or slipping off of your skin all day long."

Selecting cosmetics that stay put may be even more important - runny makeup could stain your white gown and leave marks on your husband's tuxedo jacket when you rest your head on his shoulder during your first dance. The website recommends applying an oil-free foundation, which absorbs oil and locks in moisture to stay in place.

Additionally, a water-resistant tubing mascara, like blinc Mascara, won't run, flake or smudge, leaving your garments (and face!) residue-free.

<![CDATA[Glam vs natural in bridal beauty trends ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:55:07 +0000 raveinfo glam+vs+natural+in+bridal+beauty+trends_3356_800269963_0_0_7019942_300Stuck between two extremes when it comes to choosing your wedding day makeup? This year's bridal beauty trends have something to offer for all kinds of ladies, no matter what side of the aisle you may find yourself on.

Celebrity makeup artist Ricky Wilson told Access Hollywood Live the scoop on glamorous and natural-looking bridal makeup. His top recommendation for both looks? Flawless skin, so that the less makeup you have to apply, the better.

Wilson points to Zoe Saldana for a perfect example of classy sophistication, which features "sexy, sculpted eyes," lots of eyeliner and mascara and bright lip colors.

Blake Lively exemplifies dewy, natural gorgeousness, on the other hand, where "the ultimate goal is to look like you woke up looking this gorgeous," Wilson told the news source. To pull this one off, you'll need bronzer, a soft lip color and naturally glowing skin.

No matter how you choose to look on your big day, full gorgeous lashes will seal the deal. Use blinc Mascara for a long-lasting, flawless finish.

<![CDATA[Makeup items you will and won't need in your bridal clutch ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:53:24 +0000 raveinfo makeup+items+you+will+and+won+t+need+in+your+bridal+clutch_3356_800283568_0_0_7052390_300That clutch you're bringing with you to your next wedding may be smaller than your fist, but with the right strategy, you'll be able to optimize the space in there to fit all of your essentials.

According to Glamour.com, ladies in the bridal party should be able to narrow down their makeup stash to just three items for the big day.

Even if you're not a usually sweaty gal, bring some blotting papers with you anyway - you won't want shine on your forehead in all those pictures, and it's not like they'll take up that much room either. The news source also suggests carrying a tube of lipstick or lip gloss, as well as concealer for any sudden breakouts or last minute touch-ups.

Think you need to economize any further? Using blinc Mascara will eliminate any thought of lugging your mascara around. Its long-lasting, water-resistant formula stays on the way it goes on, meaning it won't run, flake or smudge, no matter how emotional (or sweaty) you get. With the extra space you'll save, your purse will have room for other necessities, such as a small mirror, a digital camera and mints.

<![CDATA[Why Olivia Wilde's Golden Globes look is perfect for brides ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:51:46 +0000 raveinfo why+olivia+wilde+s+golden+globes+look+is+perfect+for+brides_3356_800350295_0_0_14003492_300While she wasn't preparing to exchange vows, Olivia Wilde's makeup at Sunday's 68th annual Golden Globe Awards could easily serve as wedding-day inspiration for brides-to-be everywhere, even if it's hard to imagine yourself walking down the aisle in her black and silver number.

Wilde showed up with what she called a "French girl" look - a fresh, natural face and basic eye makeup that defined her lids well but wasn't overly harsh.

"I immediately wanted her skin to be fresh and clean with a touch of warmth and a kiss of color on her cheeks...[and] her eyes to convey her fun, flirty and coquettish side," makeup artist Spencer Barnes told the Los Angeles Times.

To do this, Barnes used illuminating face makeup to contour her face and brought out her gaze with a little bit of black eyeliner and mushroom brown shadow. For the lips, he used a peachy matte color with sheer pink gloss on top.

Brides should always opt for water-resistant products, like blinc's Mascara, on the big day, as its stay-true formula will be with you through tears and smiles.

<![CDATA[Bridal make-up tips for a picture-perfect wedding ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:49:36 +0000 raveinfo bridal+make+up+tips+for+a+picture+perfect+wedding_3356_800421319_0_0_7051791_300Every bride-to-be dreams of looking her best on her wedding day, but the makeup you put on before tying the knot should be chosen with more than mere aesthetics in mind.

The way you remember your wedding is almost as important as how you experience it, so you'll want to make sure that your face looks just as fabulous under the camera flashes as it does when your new hubby first lifts your veil.

Achieving flawless skin is important for your wedding, but it's important not to overdo the foundation, as too much face makeup can look off in certain lighting. To prevent yourself from piling on a primer, implement an intensive skincare regimen in the weeks leading up to your event - getting a facial can be of great assistance as well.

For the ultimate beauty fix, layer on lots of moisturizer and let it sink in for five minutes. This will help even out the appearance of your skin tone and reduce your need to use heavy makeup.

For picture-perfect lashes that won't require touch-ups - no matter how teary-eyed or sweaty you get on your special day - use blinc's revolutionary mascara. Its water-resistant tubing formula makes for a high-performance look that vows to stay faithful to you.

<![CDATA[Blinc Trivia: Classic advice for classic prom makeup ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:47:23 +0000 raveinfo blinc+trivia+classic+advice+for+classic+prom+makeup_3356_800469701_0_0_7032460_300It's that time of year again - prom season - and that means girls everywhere will be prowling the formal dress aisles to locate the vision of their dreams. And while some styles have evolved enough to blow away the limits on what can and can't be done, many ladies invariably reach for classic, time-tested gowns.

Of course, this also relates to makeup, so for a foolproof look, Cleveland.com recommends "a neutral smoky eye - using black, gray and silver tones is a necessity. Add touches of plum, blues or greens for a modern touch. Lashes are also a must. Pile on loads of mascara or go for falsies."

Then again, getting ready for prom is complicated enough, and there's no need to make things any harder than they need to be when blinc Mascara can give you false lash-worthy volume without the fuss or muss.

The revolutionary water-resistant tubing formula is perfect for weddings, proms or any other formal occasion. The mascara encases lashes in miniature tubes rather than going on as a paint, so you get optimum effects all through the night. Best of all? You won't have to worry about flaking, running or smudging, no matter how sweaty or emotional you get.

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<![CDATA[Middleton sports a natural glow on her big day in front of millions ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:45:45 +0000 raveinfo middleton+did+her+own+makeup+on+her+big+day_3356_800498271_0_0_14015365_300Kate Middleton finally made the walk down the aisle on April 29 to wed Prince William in front of millions around the world, and her makeup certainly highlighted her natural beauty. The princess sported a simple but elegant look, with no help from a professional.

Middleton used a number of tips from makeup artist Arabella Preston, but took to the the brushes herself on her big day to give herself a healthy glow, according to Hello Magazine. The princess applied a smokey eyeshadow to her lids and rounded out the look of her face with pink blush. The contrast highlighted the apples of her cheeks and enhanced her natural beauty.

Kate didn't opt for little makeup without prepping her face, however, the news source reports. Middleton received an oxygen facial to smooth and plump her skin for a healthy appearance, which ultimately allowed her to seem picture-perfect on the memorable day.

Many people aspire to look their best when they tie the knot, but not all of us are blessed with the luxurious features of the princess. To create a similar and inspired look, try blinc Mascara to enhance your smokey eyes. This product does not smudge or run, ensuring that you will look your best, regardless of what the day brings.

<![CDATA[People are still talking about Kim Kardashian's chic bridal makeup ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:43:34 +0000 raveinfo people+are+still+talking+about+kim+kardashian+s+chic+bridal+makeup_3356_800588723_0_0_14007002_300While the opulence of Kim Kardashian's wedding has come and gone, it seems that the one aspect that has left a lasting impact on the fashion world was her eye makeup. According to CafeMom.com, Kardashian found the perfect mix of muted color and attention to detail that brides-to-be can take advantage of on their wedding day.

One of the mistakes that some brides make on the day of their nuptials is to overburden their look with too much makeup. This is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, so the best course of action would be to stick with simple neutral shades and those that can add definition to her eyes.

Kardashian went for just a bit of rose color on her cheeks to give her look an enchanting glow, and then ditched her usual smoky eye look for muted bronze shades that were blended with nude makeup. Her stunning ensemble showed that, especially on your wedding day, less is more.

To make sure that your eye makeup is fabulous on your big day, use blinc Eye Shadow Primer. This innovative product will protect your cosmetics from running, smudging and creasing and can be taken off without the use of harsh makeup remover.

<![CDATA[The best bridal makeup trends to come out of New York Fashion Week ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:41:53 +0000 raveinfo the+best+bridal+makeup+trends+to+come+out+of+new+york+fashion+week_3356_800604150_0_0_14023370_300New York Fashion Week always has some of the hottest trends on display, but the bridal fashion world is another segment of the industry that has its time to shine. According to OneWed.com, a fresh-faced, minimalist look was the theme for the week that brides-to-be everywhere should stop and take note of.

There's nothing worse than having your wedding day roll around and feeling like you've overdone it with makeup. The designers opted to keep many of their bridal models dewey and fresh-faced - after all, this is your wedding day, so why not let your skin be the star of the show?

Instead of going for bold shades of eye makeup, the designers kept it simple by using just a touch of mascara and allowing lip color to be the bold accent for an outfit. A bright bit of red lipstick will really stand out against a neutral backdrop.

Fabulous lashes are a big deal on your wedding day, so make sure they stay fabulous with blinc Mascara. This innovative product will encase your lashes in tubes that will stop your cosmetics from flaking, smudging or running throughout the day.

<![CDATA[Blinc Trivia: The secret to excellent bridal makeup is longevity ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:39:32 +0000 raveinfo blinc+trivia+the+secret+to+excellent+bridal+makeup+is+longevity_3356_800608786_0_0_14016411_300The feeling of excitement on your wedding day can soon turn into a nightmare if your makeup isn't up to the rigors of the occasion. After all, you're going to be taking pictures, meeting and greeting guests and dealing with the possible anxiety of your nuptials - so your cosmetics need to be able to handle whatever the day throws at them.

In terms of style, you don't want to go over the top with your bridal makeup. While a bold eyeshadow or eyeliner look may seem appealing, this is your chance to show off your natural beauty. Keep things simple with a base foundation or even a slightly pink shade to give your cheeks some color.

You can opt for a touch of shimmer on your eyes, but stick to a nude shade of eyeshadow to blend it with. Alternatively, you can opt for a lighter shade, such as pink or lavender, to give your eyes a soft touch of color.

Keeping your eye makeup in place is essential for your big day, so use blinc Eye Shadow Primer. This innovative product will protect your cosmetics from running, fading or smudging throughout the day's activities.

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<![CDATA[Choosing makeup that can keep up with all of your bridal activities ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:37:30 +0000 raveinfo choosing+makeup+that+can+keep+up+with+all+of+your+bridal+activities_3356_800613090_0_0_14006188_300Bridal makeup is one of the toughest facets of your wedding to plan for, and it can quickly become overdone if you're not careful. This is supposed to be the most glamorous day of your life, but the secret to making your look shine throughout your big day is to embrace neutral makeup shades and cosmetics that can handle the rigors of your active day.

Eyeshadow should be at the bottom of your list on your wedding day. As much as it seems tempting to throw a dash of color on your eyes, you're much better served with a nude foundation and a touch of mascara.

Lipstick is also another tempting facet of your look, but this should be kept subdued as well. Go with a soft pink lip color that won't steal the show. After all, your dress is the most opulent part of your outfit, so don't stress about the minute details.

With all the running around you'll be doing during your big day, you don't want your mascara to run at any point, so try blinc Mascara. This innovative product encases your lashes in tubes, which will prevent them from flaking or smudging throughout the day.

<![CDATA[Handy tips for the right bridal eyeshadow application ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:33:25 +0000 raveinfo handy+tips+for+the+right+bridal+eyeshadow+application_3356_800620958_0_0_7051798_300Crafting bridal makeup is an art - and one that you shouldn't take lightly, but there are some tips and tricks that can help you create a look that you'll feel confident with when you walk down the aisle. According to TheKnot.com, combining multiple layers of eyeshadow will blend various hues together for a dazzling backdrop.

First and foremost, you should resign yourself to the fact that bright colors are out of the equation. You want to craft an ensemble that showcases your best features so your skin can be fresh and vibrant.

When you've found a soft eyeshadow that has a touch of shimmer, apply it in three stages - the highlight, midtone and contour shade. The highlight shade will brighten your brow bone and lid, the midtone shade will provide the majority of the inner background, and the contour shade will be your pop of color tone to pull your look together.

Make sure that your makeup can handle your busy wedding day with blinc Eye Shadow Primer. This innovative product will prevent your cosmetics from creasing, smudging or running and will add moisture to your skin after only a week's use.

<![CDATA[Creating a bridal makeup survival kit for your big day ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:31:19 +0000 raveinfo creating+a+bridal+makeup+survival+kit+for+your+big+day_3356_800626668_0_0_14018215_300Choosing the perfect bridal makeup is a struggle that many brides-to-be will be mulling over before they walk down the aisle. No matter what you choose in this scenario, you'll need a way for your cosmetics to keep up with all of the activities that will be going on during your big day - and have a means of touching them up on the go.

According to TheKnot.com, the best solution is to create a wedding makeup survival kit that can allow you to reapply a shade of eyeshadow or a bit of foundation on the fly. If your look is being done by a professional, be sure to find products that you can invest in before your nuptials to maintain your look.

Everything from your best lipstick, blush and foundation should be in the bag, as well as small items, such as a toothbrush, dental floss, eye drops, a hair brush, perfume and deodorant. Be sure to leave it with a bridesmaid to have it on-hand when needed.

Give yourself one less thing to worry about on your wedding day with blinc Mascara. This handy cosmetic encases your lashes in tubes, preventing the makeup from flaking or running throughout the day.

<![CDATA[Bridal hair trends that can combine effortlessly with your makeup styles ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:28:31 +0000 raveinfo bridal+hair+trends+that+can+combine+effortlessly+with+your+makeup+styles_3356_800633437_0_0_14006188_300Whether your wedding is this fall or in the coming seasons, you're probably thinking long and hard about how you're going to wear your hair on your special day. Wedding trends are constantly changing, but there are a few common hairstyles that have exceeded many brides' wildest expectations, according to StyleIcons.com.

The vintage look is definitely back, and everything from loose curls that are parted on one side to many other old Hollywood styles have made a serious comeback. Start by looking through bridal magazines and looking at celebrity weddings of the past for some inspiration.

Hair accessories have also become increasingly popular. Oversized white flowers, ornate hair pieces with lace and feathers and many other styles have become extremely common. Of course, it all comes down to a bride's unique tastes and what she feels comfortable in, but these trends could be a great place to start.

You have enough to think about with your wedding day on the horizon, so make sure your lashes are brilliant with blinc Mascara. This handy cosmetic will encase your lashes in tubes, protecting your makeup from running, flaking or smudging throughout the day.

<![CDATA[Prep your eyebrows during the time before you walk down the aisle ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:26:30 +0000 raveinfo prep+your+eyebrows+during+the+time+before+you+walk+down+the+aisle_3356_800637346_0_0_14017464_300There are countless aspects of your bridal ensemble to consider when you're making your preparations for your big day, and makeup should be one of your top concerns. While finding the perfect eye makeup style is a huge part of the process, paying attention to your eyebrows can revitalize your look, according to TheKnot.com.

Makeup artist Mimi Johnson believes that having a professional take a look at your eyebrows before your wedding day is a fabulous idea. This can help you avoid any dry skin and make sure they are well-manicured.

"Your brows frame your face, so let a professional take care of your brows. It's also a good idea to get them done days before so there's no redness," Johnson told the news source.

While going to see a professional is a great piece.of advice, doing some work on your own in the months leading up to the ceremony is also vital. Using blinc Eyebrow Mousse can moisturize the underlying skin of your brows and help to fill in sparse areas without smudging or fading throughout your wedding day.

<![CDATA[Less is more when planning your bridal makeup ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:24:12 +0000 raveinfo less+is+more+when+planning+your+bridal+makeup_3356_800642576_0_0_14023370_300While it may be tempting to showcase a trendy eye makeup look or sport your favorite smoky eye ensemble for your upcoming nuptials, you may end up detracting from your look in the process. Today's wedding makeup trends are about minimalism and feeling comfortable in your own skin, so try to find that balance when planning out your wedding cosmetics.

Today's bridal fashions are known for their soft and natural aesthetics, so instead of opting for a dark eyeshadow or copious amounts of eyeliner, use the time period before your wedding to revitalize your skin. Make an appointment for a few facials to ensure that you have a natural glow on your wedding day.

If you're interested in wearing eyeshadow, go with a sheer sparkling formula instead of a bold color. This can add a touch of glitter to your lids without overwhelming the overall look of your makeup.

With all the running around you'll be doing on your wedding day, make sure your eye makeup stays put with blinc Eye Shadow Primer. This hassle-free product will prevent your cosmetics from smudging, creasing and fading throughout your big day.

<![CDATA[A few makeup tips to keep in mind on your wedding day ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:22:24 +0000 raveinfo a+few+makeup+tips+to+keep+in+mind+on+your+wedding+day_3356_800647742_0_0_14022985_300Whether you're wedding is a few months or a year away, it never hurts to start looking into the cosmetics you'll be wearing on your big day. While tube mascara and liquid eyeliner is a must, makeup guru Bobbi Brown has a number of helpful tips to craft an idyllic bridal ensemble, according to iVillage.com.

Keep in mind how you're going to look in photos. If you apply a heavy amount of pink blush, this can stick out in a photograph. Use nude tones around areas where there could be redness, such as the nose and above the mouth, to blend with the rest of your face.

While your lip color shouldn't be over-the-top, go with a shade that's at least two to three times brighter than your normal one. Since much of the color will wash out in photographs, this will ensure that your color choices are brought to the forefront.

You're bound to have your fair share of tears of joy on your wedding day, so make sure your makeup stays put with blinc Eyeliner. This will provide a water-resistant layer of color that won't smudge, run or fade throughout your busy day.

<![CDATA[Choosing the right makeup for your outdoor wedding ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:20:19 +0000 raveinfo choosing+the+right+makeup+for+your+outdoor+wedding_3356_800652680_0_0_7031506_300Even if your wedding is still months away, it's never too early to start planning out your bridal ensemble. If you're hosting your nuptials outdoors, particularly in the spring or summer, the warmer weather could wreak havoc on your makeup. That's why it's important to embrace water-resistant liquid eyeliner and tube mascara to have an unfettered look all day long.

Standing in front of flashbulbs, hugging family members and dealing with the heat of the season can be extremely taxing on your cosmetics. Luckily, bridal makeup trends embrace the idea that less is more, so use some lighter shades of foundation to give your skin a fresh look and use some primer beforehand to maintain a superior hold.

Your eyes may well up with tears of joy on your wedding day, so it's vital that you use water-resistant products on your eyes to avoid smudging. Tube mascara is the ideal choice that can encase your lashes and stop them from running or flaking throughout the ceremony.

Lastly, choose a part of your face to highlight. Go with a bold lip color or a touch of eyeliner and leave your other features neutral. This will add up to a dynamic bridal ensemble that will glow in photos for years to come.

<![CDATA[Eye makeup tips for the daytime bride ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:12:43 +0000 raveinfo makeup+tips+for+the+daytime+bride_3356_800663767_0_0_7051790_300If you're planning to say "I do" while the sun's still shining, dramatic nighttime eye makeup isn't going to cut it. Anything too dark and heavy won't fit with your floating white dress, pretty bouquet and the sun glinting off your gorgeous updo. Luckily, we've got a couple of tricks up our sleeve to make sure you morning and early afternoon brides are just as beautiful as your after-sunset counterparts.

Looking to make a dramatic entrance without adding too much weight to your look? Forget about dark eyeshadow and opt for shimmery nudes instead. Try matching your hues to the accents in your bouquet or bridesmaids' dresses for a cohesive, polished style.

To make your eyes pop, try this tried-and-true celebrity trick - apply black mascara to your top lashes, and brown to your bottom ones. This will help widen your eyes without making anything too dark or dramatic.

Finally, don't forget about the eyeliner. Apply some liquid eyeliner to the outer corners of your eyes, but skip the dark colors in the inner corners. Instead, use white eyeshadow or a dot of shimmering eyeshadow for the perfect finishing touch.

<![CDATA[Dramatic bridal makeup trends for winter ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:10:30 +0000 raveinfo dramatic+bridal+makeup+trends+for+winter_3356_800668789_0_0_7019932_300Summer may be wedding season, but that doesn't mean that there aren't those among us who prefer to say "I do" in the winter. If you're planning snowy nuptials in January, February or March, there are plenty of cosmetic tips and tricks that'll help enhance your beauty in keeping with the feeling of the season.

Bold, bright jewel tones are all the rage in the winter when they can stand out against a snowy white backdrop. If your wedding will feature emerald greens, sapphire blues, ruby reds or other rich, beautiful colors, your makeup can match! Consider a bold red lipstick or some rosy magenta blush to bring a little heat even on a chilly day.

When it comes to your eye makeup, simple is best. Feel free to experiment with colored shadows, but most brides like to keep things subtle on their wedding days. Instead of bright colors, wow your guests with long, dark lashes that reach toward the sky by applying several coats of tube mascara. Liquid eyeliner that's winged at the edge will only add to the drama.

At the end of the day, your wedding is your own special occasion - so wear whatever makeup makes you feel most beautiful.

<![CDATA[Looking natural for your wedding ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:08:37 +0000 raveinfo look+natural+on+your+wedding+day_3356_800672897_0_0_7014659_300Every girl wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day. But if you're the kind of gal who starts most days with a swipe of mascara and some cherry lip balm, walking down the aisle with a full face of cosmetics might not feel like the right choice for you. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to brighten up your natural look with just a few choice cosmetics!

If you're a low-maintenance girl who doesn't usually wear a lot of makeup, tell your makeup artist to skip the heavy black eyeliner. Instead, use a softer color like gray or brown to give your eyes a gentle pop that won't be too dramatic for your "I dos."

Instead of colored eyeshadow, opt for soft neutrals with just a hint of shimmer. Blush pink, sheer white and metallic gold are all great options that will look natural yet beautiful - so your gorgeous dress can be the star of the show, but everyone will still sneak a peak at those pretty peepers.

To add a feminine touch to your wedding day style, apply a few coats of tube mascara to your top and bottom lashes to make your eyes pop. Light-haired gals should stick to brown mascara that won't contrast too heavily with fair skin, while gals with dark complexions can go for jet black.

Natural makeup will ensure that you look your best on your big day - and you'll still look like yourself!

<![CDATA[Bridal makeup tips to consider before your beach wedding ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:04:03 +0000 raveinfo bridal+makeup+tips+to+consider+before+your+beach+wedding_3356_800691732_0_0_14022985_300With your destination wedding on the horizon, soon you'll be jetting off to a tropical location and celebrating your nuptials with your friends and family. You may think you've planned for every contingency, but the unique nature of the climate could cause problems for your cosmetics. A few smudges or runny products on your wedding day and your entire wedding album could be ruined!

Mascara is a constant worry on your wedding day, so make it easier on yourself by opting for tube mascara. This will protect your cosmetics from smudging by encasing your lashes in tubes, so even the humid tropical weather won't cause your makeup to run.

With the hot sun beating down, be sure to use a moisturizer with a significant SPF rating. This will allow your skin to keep the fresh and radiant glow you're looking for and spare you from looking sunburned at the reception.

A few advanced preparations and water-resistant blinc products will ensure that you look absolutely dazzling in your wedding pictures. They will allow you to mingle and enjoy every moment of your big day without having to rush off and fix your makeup.

<![CDATA[Bridal makeup trends to look forward to in 2012 ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:02:20 +0000 raveinfo bridal+makeup+trends+to+look+forward+to+in+2012_3356_800693616_0_0_14018215_300With springtime on the horizon, brides-to-be all around the country are getting set to get ready for the biggest day of their lives. After they've picked out the perfect dress and designed their ceremony's decor, it's time to pick a makeup ensemble! Thankfully, many of this year's trends utilize water-resistant makeup like tube mascara and embrace a natural look, according to The Plain Dealer.

"For the most part, they're [makeup artists] showing very soft, romantic looks. Very feminine." Wendy Fitos, a makeup artist at Just Browsing Skincare and Makeup Services, told the news source. "The biggest goal for brides is that they want to look good for the groom, but they want to feel like themselves."

Fitos believes that brides should choose a focal point to accentuate and keep the rest of their look neutral. For instance, if a bride chooses to wear a brilliant eyeshadow, then she should keep her lips neutral. If she's wearing a bold lip color, a touch of liquid eyeliner and tube mascara is a striking eye makeup choice.

Ultimately, it comes down to the bride's tastes and what she feels comfortable in, so don't fret! Oftentimes, a toned-down look is best and one that will allow the bride's natural beauty to shine through.

<![CDATA[How to get dramatic bridal lashes - while still looking like yourself ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 13:00:25 +0000 raveinfo how+to+get+dramatic+bridal+lashes+while+still+looking+like+yourself_3356_800695265_0_0_7010174_300Every girl wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day - but nobody wants to look unrecognizable! If you're the kind of gal who usually keeps her makeup natural, walking down the aisle with a face full of pancake makeup and smokey eyes probably isn't your idea of beautiful. So how can you wear makeup that will enhance your natural features, while staying true to your day-to-day style?

One tried-and-true solution is to play up your lashes without focusing too much on colorful shadows or bright lipsticks. Building up your lashes is an easy way to draw attention to your eyes without wearing makeup that will disguise your natural beauty.

For lashes that are impossible to ignore, combine tube mascara with a heated eyelash curler. Start by curling your lashes from root to tip, giving your eyes a more awake, innocent look. Then apply two to three generous coats of tube mascara for a fringe that's feminine, flirty and beautiful.

<![CDATA[Makeup for your bridesmaids - that won't overshadow you! ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 12:58:02 +0000 raveinfo makeup+for+your+bridesmaids+that+won+t+overshadow+you_3356_800698162_0_0_7019932_300One of the trickiest parts of planning a wedding is making sure that your bridesmaids look fabulous (but not too fabulous). After all, you want your friends to look their best, but you don't want anyone to take attention away from you on your big day! Here are some makeup tips to keep your bridesmaids looking as beautiful as can be, while still making sure that all eyes are on you when you walk down the aisle.

Whichever makeup palette you choose for yourself, opt for similar colors for your bridesmaids but in a more subtle variation. For example, if you opt for pink bridesmaid dresses, try on a bright pink lipstick for yourself or a pair of hot pink heels that'll just peek out from under your dress on the dance floor.

When it comes to makeup, give your bridesmaids subtle shades, like nude lips, shimmery eyes and floaty, long lashes. Then up the look on yourself - with brighter lips, bolder shadow and lashes to die for. Try liquid eyeliner and a heated lash curler along with tube mascara for eyelashes that'll make your peepers impossible to ignore.

On your big day, the most important thing is remembering to have fun! Kick up your heels and have a great evening - you look fabulous!

<![CDATA[Visit with a few makeup artists before you're ready to walk down the aisle ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 12:56:09 +0000 raveinfo visit+with+a+few+makeup+artists+before+you+re+ready+to+walk+down+the+aisle_3356_800709297_0_0_7068730_300With your wedding day on the horizon, you probably have more than enough things on your mind - from invitations to seating arrangements to planning out your reception menu. However, your makeup choices will be seen in your wedding photos for years to come, so make sure you stop in and visit more than one makeup artist to craft the perfect style.

When it comes to bridal makeup, conventional wisdom says that less is more. With this in mind, you're going to have to find a good mixture of tube mascara, liquid eyeliner and other cosmetics that won't detract from the look of your dress.

Ask around and try to find as many different opinions as possible. Visiting a few salons and getting a sense of what your skin will look like under varying light sources and when exposed to flashbulbs will be vitally important in planning out your bridal makeup.

Most importantly, have fun with the experience! It's not so often that you get to be pampered, not to mention the chance to try out new cosmetics, so enjoy every minute of the process to find the look that suits you.

<![CDATA[Bridal makeup trends in 2012 ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 12:54:36 +0000 raveinfo bridal+makeup+trends+in+2012_3356_800716203_0_0_7014660_300Every gal wants to look beautiful on her big day. The perfect bridal look is timeless yet modern, combining classic details with some contemporary touches that add just the right amount of attitude. Every bride is different, but here are some of the big trends that are emerging in 2012 when it comes to a to-die-for look to say "I do" in.

Soft, feminine shades are big this year, meaning lots of gals are opting for palettes that involve peaches, pinks and golds. In fact, wedding dresses in pale pink and blush are quickly becoming nearly as popular as ones in colors like off-white and ivory. Even Reese Witherspoon donned a rosy dress for her recent nuptials!

That color is translating into makeup trends, too. Subtle pink lips and peachy cheeks are a classically feminine way to look beautiful on your big day.

When it comes to eye makeup, dramatic lashes are as popular as ever. Tube mascara and heated lash curlers help brides achieve impossible volume and length before they walk down the aisle. As for shadows, pinks and golds work well here, too! Blondes, brunettes and redheads all look great in these girly hues.

<![CDATA[Look like a Hollywood celeb on your wedding day with liquid eyeliner ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 12:52:47 +0000 raveinfo look+like+a+hollywood+celeb+on+your+wedding+day+with+liquid+eyeliner_3356_800722583_0_0_7036677_300When it comes to liquid eyeliners and tube mascaras, trends are always changing, especially in Hollywood. Many celebrities choose to go their own ways when it comes to their big days, whether they're walking down the aisle privately or in front of the cameras. However, there are a few liquid eyeliner tips that every woman should take into consideration before saying "I do."

First, Access Hollywood reminds brides that the more makeup they wear, the more maintenance is needed. If you aren't a celebrity who has a full makeup team to take care of you when you shed a few tears of joy, you might want to steer clear of too much foundation and eye shadow.

Next, think about sweeping a little beige foundation underneath the eyebrows and on the upper lid before applying liquid eyeliner and tube mascara to highlight the contours of the eyes. This can help your peepers truly shine.

Finally, treat yourself like an A-list celeb on your big day - use blinc's tube mascara and liquid eyeliner for a bold look that won't fade, smudge or run to give you peace of mind.

<![CDATA[Reese Witherspoon masters liquid eyeliner on her wedding day ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 12:50:26 +0000 raveinfo reese+witherspoon+masters+liquid+eyeliner+on+her+wedding+day_3356_800723772_0_0_14011848_300If you've recently gotten engaged and you're looking for inspiration when it comes to planning your wedding (and more importantly, your makeup!), you might want to look to Hollywood. Last year, many celebrities tied the knot in gorgeous gowns and flawless liquid eyeliner.

One actress who wasn't shy about posing for the cameras before and after her big day was Reese Witherspoon. People Magazine reports that in 2011, the celeb said "I do" to Jim Toth in a traditional southern wedding ceremony. In addition to wearing a lovely gown, Witherspoon wore just the right amount of liquid eyeliner and tube mascara to emphasize her natural beauty.

If you want to make sure you look like an A-list celeb when you walk down the aisle toward your husband-to-be, you might want to take some liquid eyeliner tips from Witherspoon.

The liquid eyeliner and tube mascara from blinc are all you need to look like a star on your big day. With the eyeliner, you can easily give your peepers a bold look that won't run or smudge throughout the celebration. If your lashes could use a boost and extra length, put on a little tube mascara to top off the whole look.
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<![CDATA[Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco to air wedding on VH1 ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 12:48:28 +0000 raveinfo evelyn+lozada+and+chad+ochocinco+to+air+wedding+on+vh1_3356_800729620_0_0_7036677_300One celebrity trend that doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon is television weddings. The last big reality star to do so was Kim Kardashian, and although her marriage only lasted 72 days, one more couple is going to take a stab at it - Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco. The world will see Lozada in her lavish gown and liquid eyeliner as she gleams while walking down the aisle on VH1.

The Associated Press is reporting that the couple agreed to an eight-part series titled "Ev and Ocho" that will document the wedding as it is showcased for all to see. It will culminate with a two-part finale, which VH1 likely hopes will be as big of a hit as Kardashian's event on E!

There's no telling whether Lozada will be wearing tube mascara along with liquid eyeliner when she walks down the aisle, but she's likely already taking her makeup and outfit into consideration seeing as the big day is slated for late summer.

If you want to look flawless on your own wedding day, pick up the liquid eyeliner and tube mascara from blinc to give your eyes a bold, beautiful appearance.

<![CDATA[Halle Berry flaunts new engagement ring around town ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 12:46:00 +0000 raveinfo halle+berry+flaunts+new+engagement+ring+around+town_3356_800732491_0_0_1739_300In the world of glitz and glam known as Hollywood, everything is more luxurious, including the engagement rings and weddings. Actress Halle Berry is one of the latest celebs to announce her engagement to Olivier Martinez, and whether she'll wear liquid eyeliner and tube mascara as she walks down the aisle is still unknown. One thing onlookers do know, however, is that her man knows how to pick out bling.

InStyle.com reports that Berry was recently seen out and about wearing her emerald and diamond engagement ring, and it's certainly an eye-catching bauble. The ring was created by Robert Mazlo, a famous Parisian designer. Now Berry will just have to find the perfect accessories and makeup to accent the gem on her big day!

If you want to look as flawless as A-list celebs do when they tie the knot, you might want to pick up the tube mascara and liquid eyeliner from blinc. The tube mascara can give your lashes length and volume without the need to wear fakes. Combine this with the liquid eyeliner and you'll have a bold, dramatic look!

<![CDATA[Josh Lucas marries long-time girlfriend, expecting first child ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 12:44:04 +0000 raveinfo josh+lucas+marries+long+time+girlfriend+expecting+first+child_3356_800735840_0_0_7036677_300Even though spring is just beginning, many celebrities are heading to the altar to tie the knot, including Josh Lucas. The actor recently announced that he and his new wife, Jessica, have exchanged vows as they await the arrival of their first child, according to US Weekly. Pictures have yet to be released of the wedding, but perhaps Mrs. Lucas sported tube mascara and liquid eyeliner to make her day truly perfect!

While it helps to be married to a celebrity and have an ample amount of cash to spend on your big day, you can still make your wedding flawless by sporting the right makeup.

If you want to look just as hot as Josh Lucas' wife when you walk down the aisle, pick up the liquid eyeliner and tube mascara from blinc. The liquid eyeliner can give you a dramatic look that will last throughout the day, even if a few happy tears are shed.

Instead of putting on fake eyelashes, opt for the tube mascara to give your lashes length. The formula is designed to create additional volume, and it can easily wash away at the end of the day with a little warm water.

<![CDATA[Drew Barrymore finds dress for upcoming summer wedding ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 12:42:20 +0000 raveinfo drew+barrymore+finds+dress+for+upcoming+summer+wedding_3356_800737821_0_0_16013_300There's nothing like a sappy Hollywood love story, and that's exactly the life that actress Drew Barrymore is currently living. Recently, the 37-year-old accepted a proposal from Will Kopelman and began planning her summer wedding. US Magazine reports that Barrymore has finally picked out a dress to wear, and perhaps she'll pair with some liquid eyeliner and tube mascara on her big day.

The news source states that Barrymore was recently in Paris to choose her gown, which she wants to fit naturally around the curves of her pregnant body. Sources tell US Magazine that the dress is Chanel, and Barrymore will wear it when she walks down the aisle in June.

If you want to plan to look just as beautiful as Barrymore on your own wedding day, you might want to pick up the liquid eyeliner and tube mascara from blinc.

With the liquid eyeliner, you can make your eyes appear larger and more intriguing. The tube mascara will give your lashes length that can't be beat without the fuss of putting on fake eyelashes. At the end of the day, a little warm water will wash it all away.

<![CDATA[Jenny Masche ties the knot with sextuplets by her side ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 12:40:30 +0000 raveinfo jenny+masche+ties+the+knot+with+sextuplets+by+her+side_3356_800745487_0_0_7033856_300It can be tough to be a reality star these days, especially with cameras in your face everywhere you turn. However, one mom wasn't about to let her celebrity status ruin her wedding day - recently, former "Raising Sextuplets" star Jenny Masche tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony with her six kids, according to People Magazine. Though few photos have been released, it's hard to believe that Masche would walk down the aisle without a little bit of liquid mascara around her eyes!

The wedding was rather impromptu - the couple planned the date around their work schedules and traveled to a nearby beach for the actual ceremony. An aisle was created in the sand for a unique finishing touch before the two said "I do."

"We stopped at the store and bought flowers and the kids and I made an aisle in the sand. We had iPod speakers and played 'Marry Me' by Train, and the six kids and I walked down the aisle," Masche told the news source.

With the liquid eyeliner and tube mascara from blinc, it's easy to look like an A-list celebrity on or off camera. If you want to look beautiful on your own wedding day, try these cosmetics for an instant flawless look.

<![CDATA[Olivia Wilde says "I do" for the silver screen wearing liquid eyeliner ]]> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 12:38:07 +0000 raveinfo olivia+wilde+says+i+do+for+the+silver+screen+wearing+liquid+eyeliner_3356_800749873_0_0_7048569_300When it comes to Hollywood weddings, it's all about the dress, liquid eyeliner and cake - even when it's fake! Recently, Olivia Wilde and Chris Hemsworth walked down the aisle all dolled up for the movie Rush, which documents the life of British racing driver James Hunt. Wilde was dressed in a gorgeous white fitted gown, according to CelebrityBrideGuide.com, while Hunt wore pleated pants and a casual suit jacket.

Even though it wasn't her actual wedding day, Wilde appeared to have a little bit of liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow around her peepers to execute her role perfectly. The actress also sported blond locks, which were highlighted with her flawless makeup and drew attention to her beautiful face.

There are a few liquid eyeliner tips you can take from film if you're interested in looking just as glamorous on your big day. Even if you aren't walking down the aisle for a movie camera, you can feel like a celebrity with the right liquid eyeliner and tube mascara from blinc. These cosmetics from blinc are designed to provide you with a smudge-proof look that will last throughout the event, even if you shed a few tears of joy.

<![CDATA[Creating a backup bridal ensemble for a rainy afternoon ]]> Fri, 01 Jun 2012 12:50:17 +0000 raveinfo creating+a+backup+bridal+ensemble+for+a+rainy+afternoon_3356_800630599_0_0_7019929_300With the multitude of preparations that go into planning your nuptials, it can be hard to take a second look at your cosmetics. If there is one thing that every bride-to-be should have in her back pocket, it's a makeup style that is adaptable to rainy weather. There's nothing you can do to change the weather, but you can ensure that your wedding photos are free of mascara streaks, according to LeaderPost.com.

First and foremost, you should look into a simple ensemble that you can turn to in a snap if the weather turns for the worse. Be sure to keep an extra can of hairspray around to keep your hairstyle in check, and a kit containing some extra makeup as well.

Mascara is vitally important on your wedding day, but you don't want to get caught with running cosmetics if it starts to rain. Waterproof varieties are a good last resort, but they tend to go on a bit thicker than other varieties.

Perhaps one of the best choices on your wedding day is blinc Mascara. This innovative product will encase your lashes in tubes, protecting your cosmetics from running, flaking and smudging throughout the day.