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Celebrity Eye Makeup News

  • Elisabeth Moss wows with white eyeshadow and black mascara

    elisabeth+moss+wows+with+white+eyeshadow+and+black+mascara_3356_800115416_0_0_7062573_300Now that fall is underway, rich-colored cosmetics are all the rage. However, ladies who want a gorgeous, glowing look shouldn't forget that light hues can create a truly breathtaking appearance.

    Those who doubt that light makeup can look fantastic in the fall need look no further than television starlet Elisabeth Moss. The Mad Men actress stepped out at an event in France donning white eye makeup that created a truly fresh-faced look.

    To keep from appearing too futuristic, Moss only applied the shimmery white shadow to the inner corner of her eyes and the blue-eyed beauty looked ethereal and lovely.

    Women who want to embrace this look, however, may want to follow a few tips to ensure a flawlessly fabulous application.

    "When trying the look yourself, layer on more powder than you think is necessary - otherwise, the makeup will be too subtle," InStyle magazine recommends.

    Additionally, don't skimp on the mascara. The news source reports that a few coats of black mascara will define eyes and keep you from looking washed-out by the light pigment.

  • Kristen Stewart rocks bold eyes and lips

    stewart+rocks+bold+eyes+and+lips_3356_800128675_0_0_7065367_300Makeup artists often advise women to pick one feature to emphasize - eyes or lips - covering the rest of the face with minimal cosmetics. However, one of Hollywood's hottest young stars, Kristen Stewart, recently turned her nose at the advice, as she stepped out wearing bold eye and lip makeup.

    At a New York screening of Welcome to the Rileys, the famous Twilight star wore sultry brown eyeshadow and black mascara, and boasted a crimson-colored pout.

    While she wore dark makeup on both her eyes and lips, Stewart mixed it up by opting for two very different applications - while her eyeshadow was smudged and imperfect, her lipstick was extremely precise and impeccably applied, creating a nice balance.

    Gals who want to recreate Stewart's bold look should remember to pay attention to details. A lip pencil can create a cleanly lined mouth, and can help to keep lip color from fading.

    Whenever women opt to go heavy on their eye makeup, mascara is a must. Women who are preparing for a big night out may want to try a tubing mascara, as the long-lasting product won't flake, smear or smudge.

  • Blake Lively enhances eyes without too many cosmetics

    blake+lively+enhances+eyes+without+too+many+cosmetics_3356_800161113_0_0_7069936_300When women want to emphasize their eyes, they usually load up on black eyeliner and bold eyeshadow. However, one of Hollywood's most glamorous gals recently proved that less makeup may be more, especially when applied strategically.

    At the New York City launch party for the Vertu phone, Blake Lively looked absolutely stunning, and most of the attention went directly to her sparkling eyes. Most notable about her look, however, is that the starlet was sporting little more than a shimmery highlighter and loads of mascara.

    It's impressive that Lively was able to play up her peepers without heavy eye makeup, but the trick is that the blonde beauty applied the shadow not to her lids but to the inside corners of her eyes. This added a subtle touch of sparkle that really opened up her eyes.

    Of course, mascara was also integral in creating this eye-catching look. Lively's mile-long lashes were coated in layers of black mascara, giving her a beautiful, wide-eyed stare that was glamorous without being over-the-top.

    Ladies looking to emphasize their eyes should remember a plethora of products aren't always necessary - a little shimmer and a lot of mascara can go a long way!

  • How to copy Keira Knightley's premiere-night look

    how+to+copy+keira+knightley+s+premiere+night+look_3356_800201258_0_0_8606_300Is there ever a time when Keira Knightley doesn't look like a million bucks? While there is no denying that she is naturally gorgeous, the Pirates of the Caribbean star looked especially fantastic at the London premiere of Never Let Me Go.

    And, though we may not all be as genetically blessed as Ms Knightley, women looking to replicate her stunning look may be in luck. InStyle magazine recently spoke with Kate Lee, the makeup artist responsible for Knightley's premiere-night appearance.

    "I wanted the makeup to create an iconic image that would still look current years from now," Lee told the news source.

    To achieve this, the makeup artist focused on Knightley's eyes. She lined the top and bottom lids with black pencil, smudging the makeup at the outer corners to soften the effect, and then applied a platinum cream shadow.

    While Lee placed a few faux lashes on the actress' lids, the news outlet reports that her eyes were emphasized with multiple coats of black mascara.

    Women who plan to copy Keira's makeup for a big event may want to use a tubing mascara, so gals won't have to worry about the product smudging, smearing or flaking throughout the entire night.

  • Francesca Tolot paints on makeup and loves mascara

    francesca+tolot+paints+on+makeup+and+loves+mascara_3356_800203938_0_0_7010335_300Famous for creating Madonna's iconic face in the video Burning Up and transforming Beyonce into a Dreamgirl, Francesca Tolot is unique among makeup artists in her rare, painter-like method of application. She recently sat down for a chat with the Malaysia Star and shared her thoughts on makeup and her belief in "less is more."

    Tolot, who is always in great demand for red carpet attending celebrities, uses painting techniques when applying makeup - she layers colors to create a 3D effect.

    "Never use a single color as that comes out flat. ...If you want a peach color, use pink and then add orange. That way, you will get peach that is warm, transparent and soft," she told the news source.

    Tolot also subscribes to the industry's belief in keeping makeup minimal.

    "Sometimes all that is needed is a little mascara or a stain on the lips," she added.

    Asked what she would take if she were stranded on a desert island, Tolot replied that after ensuring she had skin-protecting products, mascara and lipstick top her list.

    Fans of Tolot's artistry may want to try an acrylic-based mascara that won't smudge or smear, as it won't flake and interfere with beautiful, layered makeup.

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