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Celebrity Eye Makeup News

  • Reese Witherspoon sports silver and gold eye makeup

    reese+witherspoon+sports+silver+and+gold+eye+makeup_3356_800205696_0_0_7036844_300Women are often advised to avoid a variety of color combinations, such as black and brown, and pink and red. When it comes to makeup, however, it seems that gals may want to ignore the warning that gold and silver do not mix, as one Hollywood A-lister recently paired the two hues and looked fantastic.

    While she often looks stunning, blonde beauty Reese Witherspoon dazzled at the Avon Foundation for Women Gala in New York City. The petite actress played up her eyes using contrasting colors - silvery-gray on her lids and bronze beneath her lower lash line. She finished the look with a few coats of black mascara.

    Surprisingly, the two tones didn't compete with each other, as one might expect. Instead, the shades played off one another and brought out different colors in Witherspoon's eyes, creating one truly dynamic look.

    When wearing complex eye makeup, it's important to make sure that you define your peepers with mascara. Long, dark lashes will help to subtly enhance your eyes, adding drama without taking away from the overall look.

  • Brooklyn Decker talks about her must-have products

    brooklyn+decker+talks+about+her+must+have+products_3356_800207726_0_0_7063535_300There are few women in the world more beautiful than the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover models. While we may not all look like one of the flawless females, Brooklyn Decker, the most recent woman to grace the publication's cover, recently shared some inside information about looking great on the beach with StyleList.com.

    "Every woman - no matter her shape or size - has insecurities, especially when it comes to being in a bathing suit on the beach," Decker told the news source. "But I'm sure you've seen it - if a woman looks confident, it's instantly sexy, no matter what her shape or age."

    One of Decker's necessities is a great razor to keep her body smooth and sleek. The blonde beauty told the news source that she always carries a razor with her. The other two products that Decker can't live without? Lip balm and waterproof mascara.

    Women who lead an active lifestyle like Decker may want to use an acrylic-based tubing mascara. The water-resistant formula won't smear or flake, whether you are splashing around in the waves or running to work during a rain shower.

  • How to rock smoky under-eye makeup

    how+to+rock+smoky+under+eye+makeup_3356_800207721_0_0_7063207_300It can be surprising when you see a classic beauty technique flipped upside down - red makeup looks elegant on one's lips, but can be quite jarring when the pigment covers one's lids. However, when well-executed, a clever twist on a classic can be fresh, fun and flirty.

    At the London Film Festival premiere of The King's Speech, Claire Danes stepped out sporting some unexpected eye makeup. Instead of a classic smoky eye, where the majority of pigment rests on the upper lid, Danes concentrated the shadow beneath her lower lash line.

    Before trying out this look, however, women may want to heed a bit of expert advice.

    "You have to be careful about how far down you take the makeup," makeup artist Troy Surratt told Allure magazine. "As a rule of thumb, the color shouldn't extend too much further than your lower lashes - it starts to look ghoulish if it extends too far down. You want the color to be rich and dense closer to the lash line, diffusing out subtly the further down you go."

    However, women should remember to enhance their under-eye makeup by defining their lower lashes with a high quality mascara. Tubing mascara won't smudge or smear, so gals won't have to worry about their makeup turning them into a raccoon-eyed mess!

  • Brooke Elliott loves mascara and pyjamas

    brooke+elliot+loves+mascara+and+pyjamas_3356_800210341_0_0_7042664_300Drop Dead Diva's Brooke Elliott is famous for portraying Jane Bingham, a model trapped in the overweight body of a former lawyer. The actress recently spoke to TodayOnline.com, confessing a love for pyjamas and mascara.

    Elliott's role in the series is meant to challenge shallow concepts of beauty, though the actress says that certain makeup products can come in handy as pick-me-up tools. "What I do to feel good is I put on mascara, because I'm a big mascara girl. I love mascara. I love blush and I love lipstick," she told the news source.

    She also said that if she could she would wear pyjamas everywhere. "I like pyjamas a lot, and I like to wear them out as often as I can," she said.

    Earlier this year Elliott spoke to Stylist.com, and claimed her love of feminine makeup. "I'm a girlie girl. I love makeup. I love accessories. I like to dress up and look pretty."

    Ladies who admire Elliott's makeup on the show can try to replicate her look by using a dark red, earth-toned lipstick, blusher and lots of mascara. A tubing mascara can produce incredibly long, thick lashes.

  • Kate Bosworth's rosy cheeks enhance lips

    kate+bosworth+s+rosy+cheeks+enhance+lips_3356_800216014_0_0_7011421_300At the 27th Annual Night of Stars in New York City, Kate Bosworth received a ton of attention for sporting a bright pink pout. However, according to analysts at InStyle, it was Bosworth's peach cream blush that made her lipstick "pop."

    Ladies who would like to try Bosworth's cute look should start by applying a lip liner to prevent lipstick from bleeding and establish a base for long-lasting lip color. Gals can then put on their favorite pretty-in-pink lipstick and complement it with a blush that matches the lip color as well as her skin tone, the news source recommends.

    One of the golden rules of impeccable makeup application is to never pair bold lipstick with heavy eye makeup, so women will want to keep it light on the eyes and avoid dark eyeshadow. One coat of mascara that elongates and thickens lashes will keep your eyes from fading in comparison to deeply colored lips.

    Defined eyebrows can also help balance out a bright pout. Women can enhance their arches with an eyebrow mousse that creates a natural-looking, thick and well-defined arch.

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