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  • Ashlee Simpson enlarges eyes with a sparkle

    ashlee+simpson+enlarges+eyes+with+a+sparkle_3356_800217113_0_0_7073225_300While makeup experts often advise women to use highlighter to accentuate their brow or cheekbones, singer/actress Ashlee Simpson was recently seen sporting a slight shine in the outer corner of her eye.

    According to analysts at Glamour.com, the sparkle works because it catches light around the eye. They suggest using a luminizer or highlighter on Simpson's chosen spot - right beneath the outer corner of your eye - to make eyes look bigger and more attractive.

    Simpson's eyes were further enhanced by a dark line of smudged black eyeshadow around her peepers and long, luxurious lashes. Women who would like to recreate the look can use a long-lasting eyeliner and an acrylic-based mascara, which can lengthen and thicken lashes and make eyes appear exceptionally large.

    A nude-colored lipstick and clear lip gloss helped complete Simpson's look. The natural shimmer on her lips gave her a polished look, without taking any focus from her eyes.

  • Anne Hathaway sports perfectly groomed eyebrows

    anne+hathaway+sports+perfectly+groomed+eyebrows_3356_800221207_0_0_7074857_300At the Los Angeles premiere of her new film Love and Other Drugs, Anne Hathaway walked the red carpet and looked truly stunning. Glamour Magazine zeroed in on the trick that made Hathaway look so exceptional - eyebrows brushed to perfection.

    The news outlet speculated that she had used a brow gel or powder to comb and fill her arches. Hathaway further emphasized her eyes by dusting her lids with a sheer copper-colored powder that matched her lovely long locks.

    Naturally full brows appear to be making a comeback, though women should remember to do a little brow grooming before leaving the house.

    While women typically focus on defining their eyes with eyeliner and eyeshadow, it's a good idea to complement your glowing peepers with impeccably maintained arches.

    Women can use blinc Eyebrow Mousse, a water-resistant product that adds color to brows while moisturizing the skin underneath. The mousse fills in sparse brows and won't run, even if worn during harsh winter weather conditions.

  • Julianne Moore: A redhead brave enough to go bold

    julianne+moore+a+redhead+brave+enough+to+go+bold_3356_800219680_0_0_7064505_300Julianne Moore graces the cover of Allure magazine's November issue, and the actress looks absolutely gorgeous in bright red lipstick, a color redheaded women typically avoid. However, Moore made bold lips work incredibly well as she paired them with a slightly smokey eye.

    The news source went on to praise the actress' courage and applauded other brave beauty choices Moore, who is nearly 50, has managed to pull off so well, including a bob in The Big Lebowski.

    Recently, Moore starred in A Single Man, wowing audiences with '60s-style makeup. The actress sported perfectly lined eyes playing Colin Firth's suffering best friend.

    Ladies feeling some nostalgia for earlier decades can recreate Moore's look using liquid liner. Steady your hand by propping your elbow on the counter then trace your lash line, and extend the top line outward for a slightly winged effect. Apply a tubing mascara for thick and full lashes.

    To finish off, use an eyebrow mousse that will fill in sparse brows and create nicely shaped arches.

  • Get Wilde: one way to achieve Olivia's look

    Some of us only got comfortable with false eyelashes after spending years in a dance troupe.

    However, even if you're not an expert with false lashes, you could recreate the look with a good, high-volume mascara.

    At a recent event, Olivia Wilde showed up with an ambitious set of thick, fake lashes and a liberal application of smokey, dark gray eyeliner. However, though the look was dramatic, it wasn't over-the-top. She kept it clean with a simple champagne shadow that highlighted her arches and the inner corners of her eyes.

    To achieve a look that's this expressive without getting out the eyelash glue, one could start with nothing more but a dark brown or black water resistant mascara, applied in several layers depending on desired thickness.

    A dark tubing mascara is an excellent option for those who have sensitive eyes but still want to rock the dramatic look. Unlike other mascaras, which paint your lashes, tubing mascara actually encases lashes, coming off easily as individual tubes.

  • Flaunting makeup at yoga class: Lady Gaga does

    While few may be surprised to hear that Lady Gaga's appearance is making waves, it seems that the pop star has the world buzzing once again. StarLounge.com reports that Gaga is supposedly known for swinging into hot yoga classes in full makeup.

    Wearing nothing more than a bikini, a set of false eyelashes and siren red lipstick, the singer was once seen walking out of a private Bikram yoga session, which is typically practiced at 105 degrees.

    While most of us may not put on a two-piece before heading to the gym, ladies who want to look their best while working out can take a tip from Gaga herself and sport lush lashes.

    However, instead of faux fringes which might fall off while exercising, gals can apply tubing mascara such as blinc Mascara. Unlike traditional mascaras, the water-resistant formula isn't painted on. Instead, it encases each lash in a tube, and won't flake or smudge.

    And, as fans of the singer are sure to appreciate, blinc Mascara is available in several distinct, Gaga-esque colors such as dark blue, dark green and dark purple.

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