Celebrity Eye Makeup News

  • Kate Bosworth's glow - everything but the eyes?

    kate+bosworth+s+glow+everything+but+the+eyes_3356_800239905_0_0_7075889_300At the 27th annual Night of Stars in New York City, Kate Bosworth sported a bright pink pout and looked stunning. Because bright lip color can be notoriously hard to rock, we had to wonder - what was her secret?

    While minimal eye makeup is a surefire way to pull off bold, sensuous lips, InStyle.com pointed out that Kate's bubblegum pink pout got a subtle assist from her matching pink blush. Both products boasted a creamy finish, giving her a dewy, fresh-faced glow that was sure to turn plenty of heads.

    Make no mistake, though - just because she went easy on the eye makeup doesn't mean her lush lashes were ignored. While her lids featured little to no shadow, long lashes completed the dynamite look.

    Ladies who want to subtly enhance their eyes should opt for a long-lasting mascara in a hue that matches their lashes. While black is perfect for many women, gals with blonde or red hair may prefer lighter shades of brown.

    For mile-long lashes, try a blinc Mascara. Its water-resistant tubing formula is designed to last all day (or night!) without smudging or flaking.

  • Just a touch: Estelle's classy lashes

    just+a+touch+estelle+s+classy+lashes_3356_800242593_0_0_7065307_300Estelle played it her way at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and that involved a little lash play that went a long way on the pink carpet.

    The R&B singer enhanced her huge doe eyes with glossy black mascara, black eyeliner that rimmed the outer edges of her upper and lower lids and soft pearly gray eyeshadow swept loosely on her lids and the inner corners of her eyes. She topped it off with a glossy burgundy lip.

    For a sultry wide-eyed look like Estelle's, follow her lead by lining just the outer edges of your eyes. This tactic actually makes your eyes appear bigger by drawing attention to their widest edges.

    Additionally, eyelashes are the key ingredient. A couple well-placed coats of mascara can instantly open your eyes and make your whole gaze more appealing. A water-resistant formula like blinc Mascara won't flake or smudge and its tubing formula encases your lashes for optimal holding power throughout the day.

  • Long lashes were all the rage at the CMAs

    long+lashes+were+all+the+rage+at+the+cmas_3356_800242305_0_0_7030144_300Some of the music industry's biggest stars recently gathered in Nashville, Tennessee, for the 44th Annual Country Music Association Awards, and as the women walked the red carpet, there was one trend that was hard to ignore - mile-long lashes are all the rage!

    Whether they donned colorful eye makeup like Hillary Scott and Jennifer Nettles, or opted for bold lipstick like Laura Bell Bundy, these country crooners made sure to rock some seriously lush lashes.

    And while the full fringe was a beautiful complement to a variety of looks, other stars decided to make their long lashes the stars of the show. Kellie Pickler paired her dramatically thick lashes with nothing more than a rosy blush and sheer lip gloss.

    Country music sweetheart Taylor Swift also played up her lashes, and used a touch of black liquid liner to draw further attention to her pretty peepers.

    Full fringe is both gorgeous and alluring, but some women are not blessed with naturally long eyelashes. However, all hope is not lost. Certain products, such as blinc Long Lash, can enhance the look of lashes, making fringe appear thicker and fuller.

  • When long equals wrong

    when+long+equals+wrong_3356_800245428_0_0_7050529_300In the world of cosmetics, women are often encouraged to embrace the ultimate - the smoothest skin, the fullest lips, the longest lashes. However, this may not always be the best approach.

    At the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards, Christina Ricci looked almost perfect. She wore impeccable red lipstick and gorgeous blunt bangs that complemented her heart-shaped face. But the actress' eyelashes were far from ideal - they were too long!

    According to Allure.com, makeup artist Chrisanne Davis believe that Ricci wore false lashes that were much longer that her own, which created a noticeable gap between the ends of her natural lashes and the faux fringe.

    While long lashes are fantastic, the key to looking sultry (and not silly) lies within creating a natural appearance - you want people to believe the full fringe is your own, not simply store-bought extensions. Remember, lashes are supposed to enhance your eyes - not overwhelm them!

    Ladies who want thicker lashes can use a product like blinc Long Lash. The innovate formula improves the natural look of lash length and volume.

  • Rihanna's lids of lavender

    rihanna+s+lids+of+lavender_3356_800247544_0_0_7028161_300Rihanna's sultry lavender look on this week's Good Morning America evoked Batman's Poison Ivy more than it did any edible variety of Provence cuisine.

    The singer performed in long scarlet tresses and iridescent lavender eyeshadow, a winning combination for her skin tone. She kept the shimmer feather-light and flirty, which was also a nice variation on some of the dark plum and burgundy shades popping up on a lot of runways this fall.

    For a comic-book look that's still sophisticated, wear a lightweight colorful eyeshadow. Dust the shadow all over your lids, and don't be afraid to be loose with the application - shimmery powders work best for this.

    Of course, Rihanna had it made with her lush eyelashes, so don't forget to set your look with a couple coats of black or dark brown mascara. A water-resistant tubing mascara will work well with the rest of your eye makeup, and it won't flake or smudge onto your carefully-applied pigment.

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