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Celebrity Eye Makeup News

  • Oprah's makeup artist: out of the bag

    oprah+s+makeup+artist+out+of+the+bag_3356_800322091_0_0_7005806_300For years, the iconic talk show host has been drawing the world's attention for her award-winning show and extensive resume of good deeds, but no one can argue that there's ever been a day when Oprah's makeup wasn't impeccably done.

    Celebrity makeup artist Reggie Wells has been behind her look for 20 years and is now sharing his most essential tricks of the trade.

    According to ABC News, Wells makes eyes pop by dabbing a light eye shadow onto the inner corner of the eye and curling lashes for a quick lift. He especially recommends this step for women with thin lashes or lashes that don't curl naturally on their own.

    For less endowed ladies, Wells says he combines false lashes with a couple coats of mascara, but using blinc Mascara can take care of both steps. Its water-resistant tubing formula encases lashes in miniature tubes to significantly lengthen and volumize while offering optimum hold through a full range of weather and activities.

    To finish, Wells recommends contouring the face by combining lighter and darker shades of foundation as well as using different shades of blush for daytime and evening looks. Blending two shades of lipstick will prevent you from looking dull - apply the lightest shade to the center of your pout and pair with a color that's one shade darker.

  • Cameron's red-hot glow turns heads at Green Hornet premiere

    cameron+s+red+hot+glow+turns+heads+at+green+hornet+premiere_3356_800336672_0_0_1570_300What's the secret to defying unflattering camera flashes and sneaky candid photos? We're still not entirely sure, but Cameron Diaz seemed to have the right idea at the recent premiere of her new movie, The Green Hornet. The actress was looking good with loose, tousled locks and a piercing ice-blue glare that she complemented well with a fuschia pout and sun-kissed cheeks.

    According to Hollywood Life, Cameron's success is due to her unkempt mane, which softened her features, as well as choosing tinted moisturizer over foundation, which provides sheer and even coverage without reflecting harshly in the light.

    Cameron's eyes really popped thanks to the neutral shimmery shadow she swept over her lids and the complete ring of black eyeliner, which the news source says brings attention to her irises.

    Additionally, opting for pink blush and lipstick that's no more than a few shades off from your natural pout will keep you looking youthful and fresh, Hollywood Life suggests.

    For an electric gaze like Cameron's, draw a thin line of black liner all the way around your eyes and apply a few coats of blinc Mascara. Its long-lasting, water-resistant formula will endure an entire day's worth of photographs.

  • Cop Michelle Williams' sixties-mod makeup look

    cop+michelle+williams+sixties+mod+makeup+look_3356_800347796_0_0_7010353_300Michelle Williams was quite the beacon of the natural, sixties-mod look at last night's Golden Globe Awards, and luckily for us, her makeup artist is talking.

    Artist Jeanine Lobell told Allure that she was initially inspired to do the look when she saw Michelle's newly cropped pixie and daisy-print dress. Lobell then got to work on Michelle's glowing look with minimal foundation, "technicolor, peachy coral" lip and cheek color, natural eyeshadow and her signature, fluttery lashes.

    "I always start with the strongest feature of the look first, and then work around that," she told the news source in reference to Michelle's eye-opening gaze.

    Lobell focused on her fringe by curling Michelle's lashes, adding individual falsies and curling them again, finishing them off with three coats of black mascara.

    Ladies opting for such Twiggy-inspired lashes can make the most of a complicated process by using blinc Mascara, which can achieve the curling and false lash effects in just a few swipes. Its long-lasting water-resistant formula will provide award-winning hold for lashes without flaking or smudging by encasing lashes in miniature tubes that act to dramatically enhance their length and fullness.

  • A few notes out of the Kardashian book

    a+few+notes+out+of+the+kardashian+book_3356_800367174_0_0_7065363_300As if they didn't give people enough things to talk about, the Kardashian sisters are now the subject of some make-up speculation. US Magazine came up with a few cosmetic tricks inspired by the reality-star sisters, and they generally go against every make-up-in-moderation mantra you've ever heard.

    Their makeup artist, Troy Surratt, told the news source that he plays up all of their features rather than focusing on just one.

    "The Kardashian sisters know the power of glam and aren't afraid to accentuate and capitalize on every feature," he said.

    To do this, Surratt applies foundation to their faces for a flawless finish and plays up their bone structure with some strategically applied bronzer and blush. He applies bronzer in a triangle shape extending from the temples to the cheekbone and chin, which draws attention to the center of the face, and then adds pink blush to the apples of their cheeks with some highlighting cream to draw out the shape. He also makes nude lips pop with a touch of lipliner.

    To pull off a Kardashian smokey eye, Surratt blends brown shadow over their black eyeliner to soften the look a little. He then goes to town on their lashes - Kim is a fan of fake fringes, but using blinc Mascara can create an equally stunning effect with its long-lasting, water-resistant formula. It encases lashes in miniature tubes to create extra length and volume while being gentle on lashes.

  • How Rachel Bilson's makeup can help you leave winter behind

    how+rachel+bilson+s+makeup+can+help+you+leave+winter+behind_3356_800382578_0_0_14000363_300If the thought of dry, pasty skin doesn't get you as excited as it used to, there is inspiration waiting should you choose to look for it.

    Take Rachel Bilson's makeup at the premiere of her new movie, Waiting for Forever, on Tuesday. The actress showed up with a glowing face rivaling any bronze goddess's claim to immortality, and luckily, her makeup artist shared some of the details.

    "When I saw Rachel’s incredibly chic Burberry dress, I immediately knew I wanted to create a look that was sleek and contoured," makeup artist Amy Nadine told US Magazine.

    According to the news source, Nadine contoured her face using powder bronzer under her cheekbones, on temples, along her hairline and beneath her jaw, finishing with a touch of coral blush.

    For smoldering eyes that could complement any sun-kissed look, Nadine stuck with a shimmery brown shadow blended into the crease and finished with black eyeliner and mascara. Use blinc Mascara for its revolutionary water-resistant tubing formula.

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