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Celebrity Eye Makeup News

  • Anna Paquin smolders in smoky eye makeup

    anna+paquin+knows+how+to+make+her+eyes+smolder_3356_800764313_0_0_7063860_300Anna Paquin, the actress who never fails to charm audiences on HBO's True Blood, really knows how to master the art of smoldering eye makeup. She showed up at a White House Correspondents Association event recently wearing a smoky eye that definitely helped garner her some serious attention.

    With a plunging black dress and statement dangling earrings, Anna didn't really need to go wild with her makeup choices. A bold lipstick might have been too much, and extra pink cheeks may have looked a bit clownish. Knowing this, she opted for a flawless combination of liquid eyeliner, tube mascara and dark eyeshadow.

    According to Glamour Magazine's beauty blog, the key to Anna's look was a warm brown eyeshadow that she blended in a halo around the liquid eyeliner along her lash lines. It went up just past her creases, giving her soft dimension that enhanced the length of her lashes by blending in with the tips of her fringe.

    Next time you have a big event to attend, use blinc's tube mascaras and liquid eyeliners to enhance the look of your eyes all evening. No touch-ups necessary!

  • Reese Witherspoon demonstrates how to play up your eyes

    reese+witherspoon+knows+how+to+play+up+her+best+features_3356_800764322_0_0_7078014_300Reese Witherspoon is known best for her big blue eyes and shiny blonde hair, which explains why she's always finding the chicest ways to make these features the main aspects of her many looks. Recently, she showed up at the White House Correspondents Association dinner demonstrating exactly how to make your eyes the boldest accessory.

    According to Glamour Magazine's beauty blog, Reese managed to pull off the perfect hairstyle, which was a modern take on glamorous, old-Hollywood waves. While the hair certainly looked great, it was her eyes that were the main focus. Aside from using a heated eyelash curler to curve her lashes and make her eyes appear even wider, she applied tube mascara to lengthen and volumize her fringe, perfectly framing those blue irises.

    Additionally, Reese relied on dangling turquoise earrings to draw even more attention to those peepers. While the light teal of the earrings didn't perfectly match her eyes, they helped to bring out a few of the tones involved. You can easily achieve the same effect by choosing dangling earrings that include a shade that's close to your natural eye color. Whether it's blue, brown, green or hazel, the right earrings and blinc cosmetics can pull together your look!

  • Kate Hudson gets out of her comfort zone at White House Correspondents' Association Dinner

    kate+hudson+strayed+pretty+far+from+her+usual+look_3356_800764357_0_0_14011317_300Kate Hudson usually shows up in tabloids and celebrity news blogs rocking her signature boho-beachy look, which relies on flowing blonde waves, casual outfits and minimal makeup. But at the recent White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, Glamour Magazine's beauty blog reports that she really stepped up her game by venturing out of her comfort zone.

    Instead of a breezy maxidress or sundress, Kate showed up in a tight purple sequined number that showed off her body. She paired this with a boxy clutch and long dangling earrings, which don't usually make appearances in her fashion choices. Instead of wearing her hair down as usual, she slicked it back into a thick bun on the top of her head, which worked to make her face the center of attention.

    She kept her glowing complexion simple as usual, relying on bronzer and highlighter to contour her gorgeous bone structure. But instead of choosing minimal eye makeup, she went bold with liquid eyeliner and tube mascara, which helped to frame her eyes and bring out the best of her baby blues.

    Next time you're thinking about showing up in your signature style, take a cue from Kate and use blinc cosmetics to amp up your look and show everyone that you're not afraid to take risks!

  • Kim Kardashian looks lashy as always at White House Correspondents' Association Dinner

    kim+kardashian+always+rocks+gorgeous+lashes_3356_800764356_0_0_14007002_300Kim Kardashian is always at the forefront of fashion trends, whether they're in clothes, makeup, nails or hairstyles. However, she always manages to incorporate her signature style into these looks, which usually depends on plenty of tube mascara. Recently, Kim showed up to the White House Correspondents' Association dinner wearing a sparkly dress and her go-to eye makeup, reports Glamour Magazine's beauty blog.

    Kim's been relying a lot on the topknot hairstyle recently, slicking back her strands into a chic, polished bun near the top of her head. This time she switched it up a bit by braiding her tresses first, which gave the bun an interesting texture. She wore a pretty green velvet dress with sparkly shoulder details that gave her coverage yet showed off her shoulders.

    Kim used a heated eyelash curler and plenty of tube mascara to achieve her spidery lashes. Black liquid eyeliner lined her upper and lower lash lines, giving her a gorgeous kohl effect that brought out her dark brown eyes. With a glowing complexion and low-key lips and cheeks, Kim really hit a homerun with this getup!

  • Freida Pinto never fails to look gorgeous in liquid eyeliner and tube mascara

    freida+pinto+looked+gorgeous+at+the+trishna+premiere_3356_800764351_0_0_14057885_300Freida Pinto, the actress who made her stunning debut in the film Slumdog Millionaire, always manages to look chic and polished both on and off the red carpet. Recently, she showed up at the Trishna premiere rocking a professional look that relied on tube mascara and liquid eyeliner to make her eyes pop, reports Glamour Magazine's beauty blog.

    Wearing a black shirt, a red blazer and a butterfly brooch, Freida's look was very sophisticated. The wrong hair and makeup may have made her look a bit stuffy, but thankfully she kept it classy with traditional application methods. Her eyebrows were perfectly groomed - perhaps with blinc's eyebrow mousse - and her lips and cheeks were a pretty flushed pink.

    As for her eyes, Freida played them up by curling them with a heated lash curler, then lining just her upper lash line with liquid eyeliner. Tube mascara helped to elongate and volumize her lashes, giving her the perfect fringe. The side-swept bangs helped draw attention to her peepers, and, of course, her signature dazzling smile ensured that she looked great at the event.

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