Celebrity Eye Makeup News

  • Carey Mulligan smokes it up at the Met Ball

    carey+mulligan+always+looks+wonderful+at+important+events_3356_800771874_0_0_7061942_300Carey Mulligan, the Drive actress who will soon be making a splash with her work in The Great Gatsby, showed up at the Met Ball wearing daring makeup and an edgy hairstyle that totally worked together. According to Glamour Magazine's beauty blog, the French twist and smoky eyes perfectly complemented her sparkling gold dress.

    With a gravity-defying swoop in the front of her 'do, Carey's hair provided the perfect backdrop for her gorgeous facial features. Sticking with a light mauve lipstick and peachy-pink blush, she chose to focus all the attention on her eyes, using smoky eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner and tube mascara to accentuate them.

    Carey kept her upper lash lines the main attractions, skipping makeup on the lower lash line altogether. She used a thick line of liquid eyeliner to rim the upper lashes, then followed with a generous sweep of eyeshadow that perfectly blended up to her creases. A few generous coats of tube mascara was probably responsible for her voluminous fringe, while a bit of eyebrow mousse likely kept her brows looking pristine. Nice work, Carey!

  • Camilla Belle nails a glamorous Old-Hollywood look

    camilla+belle+knows+how+to+rock+gorgeous+old+hollywood+looks_3356_800771868_0_0_7062367_300Camilla Belle was certainly the belle of the ball at the Met Ball recently, showing up in a gorgeous Old-Hollywood-inspired ensemble that played up all of her best features. According to Glamour Magazine's beauty blog, the combination of dark lipstick, full brows and thick lashes helped make her look a winner.

    Camilla's sparkly dress and dangling earrings were already glamorous, but she made herself look even better by pulling her hair into a low bun parted deeply on the side and using plenty of moisturizer for a healthy glow. Bronzer perfectly accentuated her cheekbones, while that deep brownish-red lipstick made her pout really stand out.

    However, it was her eyes that likely got all of the attention. To accentuate the lovely shape of her peepers, she used a thin line of liquid eyeliner along her upper lash lines, then swept a shimmery bronze eyeshadow across her lids. A touch of highlighter made her brow bones and inner corners sparkle.

    To tame those dark, full brows, she may have used blinc's eyebrow mousse, which is a long-lasting way to fill in sparse areas and ensure a groomed look. Of course, a bit of tube mascara helped lengthen her lashes and take her appearance to the next level.

  • Claire Danes goes for cat-eye liquid eyeliner on the red carpet

    claire+danes+always+looks+great+on+the+red+carpet_3356_800771860_0_0_14010778_300Claire Danes is a natural beauty, which means she doesn't need much makeup to appear gorgeous at every event she attends. Such was the case at the Met Ball, where she simply used a bit of liquid eyeliner and tube mascara to create a flattering cat-eye effect, reports Glamour Magazine's beauty blog.

    With a voluminous updo and a classic white dress, all that really need to be accentuated were Claire's eyes. A thin line of liquid eyeliner ran along her upper lash line, flicking out a bit at the outer corners of her peepers. A smoky eyeshadow covered her lids and also extended past the outer corners, accentuating the cat-eye effect.

    A heated eyelash curler and tube mascara helped to define her lashes and make them thick and lengthy for the duration of the event. With such pretty eye makeup, there was no need to pile on blush, bronzer or lipstick, so she kept the rest of her face neutral with a tinted moisturizer and a light dusting of peachy-pink blush. This is one look definitely worth stealing from Claire!

  • Amber Heard chooses minimal eye makeup and bold lipstick at the Met Ball

    amber+heard+always+looks+glamorous+at+red+carpet+events_3356_800771851_0_0_14003448_300Amber Heard, the Zombieland actress and star of The Playboy Club, recently showed up at the Met Ball wearing an Old-Hollywood-inspired ensemble. According to Glamour Magazine's beauty blog, she donned a pinned-back wavy hairstyle, bold lipstick and minimal eye makeup to make the look work.

    Although the orange lipstick was probably the most attention-grabbing aspect of her beauty routine, the fact that she decided to play up her eyes with a soft liquid eyeliner and tube mascara application is really what made her shine. A touch of liquid eyeliner along her upper lash line and a couple coats of tube mascara helped define her lashes and bring out the lovely shape of her eyes.

    Amber also made her eyes appear a bit larger by lining her inner rims with nude eyeliner - which helps to make the whites of her peepers look bigger. A bit of eyebrow mousse ensured that her brows looked perfectly-groomed throughout the evening. Paired with peachy blush, that's all she needed to look fabulous at the event.

  • A liquid eyeliner trick to steal from Jessica Szohr

    jessica+szohr+is+no+stranger+to+bold+liquid+eyeliner_3356_800771819_0_0_14012311_300Jessica Szohr, the actress who made her big break on Gossip Girl, is somewhat of a trailblazer when it comes to smoldering eye makeup looks. Recently, Glamour Magazine's beauty blog reports that Jessica showed up at the TAO Beach 2012 Season Opening sporting a smoky eye that was enhanced by one little liquid eyeliner trick.

    Many women apply liquid eyeliner just along the top and bottom lash lines for a bit of extra definition to enhance the shape of their eyes. However, Jessica usually goes for a liquid eyeliner look that rims her entire eye - including the inner corners.

    Some women may find that continuing the eyeliner down into the inner corners can make their eyes appear smaller, but it's easy to combat this with a heated eyelash curler that can lift your eyelashes out from shielding your eyes, making them appear larger. Tube mascara added on top can further lift and lengthen the lashes, while a white pencil eyeliner used on the water lines can also make your peepers bigger.

    If you haven't experimented with this inner corner eyeliner look, it might be time to test it out and see if it works for you!

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