Celebrity Eye Makeup News

  • Lana Del Ray showcases classic hair and makeup on the red carpet

    lana+del+ray+favors+lovely+classic+looks+on+the+red+carpet_3356_800772808_0_0_14059125_300Lana Del Ray, the up-and-coming American singer and songwriter, recently graced the red carpet at the Met Ball wearing a classically sophisticated ensemble. Glamour Magazine's beauty blog pointed to Lana's wine-red lipstick as the aspect responsible for her vintage vibe, but her liquid eyeliner and tube mascara was just as important.

    While Lana took a risk with her dark lipstick, which was sharply accentuated at her cupid's bow, she relied on liquid eyeliner, tube mascara, strong eyebrows and strategically placed eyeshadow to take her look to the next level. Her brows were perfectly groomed, likely with something such as blinc's eyebrow mousse, which helped them stay put all evening long.

    A thin line of brown liquid eyeliner along her upper and lower lash lines darkened her fringe and enhanced the shape of her lovely peepers. Light brown eyeshadow shaded her crease and extended a bit past the outer corners of her eyes, while tube mascara helped to elongate her lashes. To make the lashes wing out a bit, it looks like she may have used an extra coat or two at the outer corners. Overall, her appearance was a success!

  • Kate Bosworth relies on a perfectly structured look at the Met Ball

    When it comes to knowing how to play up your best features, Kate Bosworth has it down pat. At the Met Ball recently, she managed to highlight her gorgeous bone structure with strategically applied eyebrow mousse, blush, highlighter and bronzer.

    While Glamour Magazine's beauty blog focused mainly on her choice of dark lipstick, it was really her facial and eye makeup that made a splash. She kept her eye makeup simple with a light, shimmery eyeshadow and a thin line of liquid eyeliner to accentuate her upper lash line, then used a few coats of tube mascara to lengthen her fringe.

    Her perfectly groomed eyebrows worked to frame her face and draw attention to her eyes, and the elongated shape was definitely flattering. Of course, Kate also relied on blush, bronzer and highlighter to contour her cheeks and forehead, which helped to bring out the natural shape of her face. The fact that she kept her hair tightly pulled back into a bun further accentuated her features. Overall, it was a winning look!

  • Scarlett Johansson relied on strong brows at Avengers premiere

    you+have+to+admit+scarlett+johansson+s+got+some+great+brows_3356_800773797_0_0_7052298_300Scarlett Johansson's good at a lot of things (acting, looking gorgeous and modeling the latest beauty trends, among others), and she recently added fixing up her brows to the list. People Magazine reports that she relied heavily on eyebrow makeup at the premiere of The Avengers, which helped frame her face.

    While many onlookers were likely focused on Scarlett's braided updo, winged-out liquid eyeliner, shimmery eyeshadow or bright red lipstick, it was her brows that really pulled her look together. If they hadn't been filled in and groomed with a bit of eyebrow mousse, her appearance would likely have seemed a bit off.

    To get a similar effect from your eyebrows, be sure to pluck any stray hairs before an important event, making sure to check your progress every now and then while you're at it to ensure you're not going overboard. Once you're happy with the shape, use blinc's eyebrow mousse to lightly tint your brows and keep them in place, while conditioning the skin underneath. Brush upward and outward for the trendiest look.

  • Natalie Portman makes her brown eyes pop

    natalie+portman+always+looks+radiant+on+the+red+carpet_3356_800773808_0_0_14004916_300It would take a lot of effort to make Natalie Portman look bad. She's always got a fresh-faced appearance that lends to her girl-next-door vibe, but sometimes she knocks it out of the park with a fabulous new way to wear her makeup. Recently, Glamour Magazine's beauty blog reports that she showed up at the New York City Ballet Spring Gala with gorgeous liquid eyeliner and tube mascara that helped her brown eyes pop.

    You wouldn't think that shades of brown would help accentuate brown eyes, as it's usually colors like blue or green (on the opposite side of the color wheel) that do the trick. However, Natalie used shimmery taupe shadow across her lids and a rust-colored shadow in her creases, which really brought out her light brown eyes.

    To define the shape of her peepers, she used black liquid eyeliner around her upper and lower lash lines, even getting down into the inner corners. A heated eyelash curler gave her fringe some curve, and two coats of tube mascara lengthened her lashes.

    Next time you need a way to make your brown eyes pop, try shimmery brown eyeshadow and dark black liquid eyeliner and tube mascara from blinc!

  • Eva Green takes an eye makeup risk at Dark Shadows premiere

    eva+green+doesn+t+always+look+this+toned+down+on+the+red+carpet_3356_800773405_0_0_6105_300Eva Green, the beautiful actress who's known for her work in films like Casino Royale, Perfect Sense and The Golden Compass, as well as her recent portrayal of Morgan in the Camelot TV series, knows how to take makeup risks. At the UK premiere of her new film, Dark Shadows, Glamour Magazine's beauty blog reports that she used blue eyeshadow and plenty of liquid eyeliner and tube mascara to make a big splash.

    Eva wore a velvety blue outfit that required a dramatic makeup complement, which is likely why she chose to pair tomato-red lips with the ensemble. While a statement pout is usually the furthest a celebrity will go in one makeup look, Eva went all-out with her eyes as well.

    To match her dress, she used a slightly lighter shade of blue to give her peepers a smoky effect and set off the color of her baby-blue irises. To give her eyes added definition, she relied on black liquid eyeliner on her upper and lower lash lines. For serious fringe, she applied a few coats of tube mascara, focusing on the outer corners for extra drama. Overall, it was a memorable look that may be worth copying with your blinc cosmetics!

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