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Celebrity Eye Makeup News

  • Emma Stone stuns with teal-colored eyeliner

    emma+stone+stuns+with+teal+colored+eyeliner_3356_800075826_0_0_7070090_300While the mantra may not hold true for chocolate desserts and shoe collections, sometimes less is more - especially when it comes to brightly colored cosmetics. Just ask Emma Stone, who recently stepped out on the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of her new film Easy A wearing some stunning-yet-subtle eye makeup.

    According to InStyle.com, the auburn-haired actress wore a simple chocolate brown liner along her top lash line to add definition to the eye, and then added a touch of color by rimming the bottom lash line with a teal-colored formula.

    "For Emma Stone's look, I was inspired by the jewel tones in her dress," makeup artist Rachel Goodwin told the news source. "My goal was for her makeup to feel as playful and fashion forward as her dress."

    Women who want to add a similar, unexpected burst of color to their peepers can do so by coating their lashes with blue, purple and green waterproof mascara. Select the hue that will best complement your eye color or best matches your ensemble, and prepare to turn heads all night long.

  • Celebrity tip to creating fantastic-looking lashes

    celebrity+tip+to+creating+fantastic+looking+lashes_3356_800090490_0_0_14443_300Women seem to be on a constant search for products that will give them fuller, longer-looking lashes, but few may realize that using a special tool to apply mascara may be key in obtaining traffic-stopping lashes.

    According to People.com, celebrity makeup artist Angela Levin used a fan brush to create gorgeous lashes for Jennifer Aniston.

    "To make her blue eyes really pop, I finished with three coats of mascara," Angela Levin told the news source. "I applied one coat [using a fan brush], then brushed out the lashes, a second coat, again brushed out the lashes, and finally a third coat."

    While mascara is a wonderful way to play up one's eyes, some women aren't blessed with naturally long lashes that they can emphasize. Ladies who desire fuller fringe may want to consider using a product like blinc Long Lash, which is formulated to make natural lashes appear longer, thicker and fuller.

    Best of all, blinc Long Lash can be applied underneath makeup, so women who use it will not have to interrupt their daily routine to get longer-looking lashes.

  • Nicole Richie emphasizes eye color

    nicole+richie+emphasizes+eye+color_3356_800093728_0_0_5086_300With the wide range of cosmetics available, it can be easy to go overboard when applying eye makeup. And while some may think that you need shadows, shimmers, creams and liners to create a striking appearance, sometimes little more than liner and mascara are needed for a truly dynamic look.

    At a recent book signing in New York City, Nicole Richie stepped out looking fabulous, and while she wasn't wearing much makeup, the few products she did use were stunning.

    Instead of layers of eyeshadow and shimmer, Richie traced her top lash line with a bold black liner and played up her lashes with a few coats of black mascara. While one may think that not using color would create a boring look, the lack of pigment actually drew attention to Richie's eyes, letting her amber-colored peepers take center stage.

    Richie also kept the focus on her eyes by keeping the rest of her makeup simple, opting for a sheer, rosy blush and a touch of lip gloss.

    Ladies who want to emphasize their eye color should consider rocking black liner and mascara like Richie. Without competing hues surrounding them, gals' eyes can truly pop.

  • Megan Fox's lashes complete her look

    megan+fox+s+lashes+complete+her+look_3356_800093724_0_0_7035049_300Is there anything more alluring that lush lashes? While a bold red lip and smoky eyes can certainly make a statement, full fringe successfully emphasizes elegance, glamor and femininity.

    Women who don't believe in the power of voluminous lashes should look no further than Megan Fox. The Jennifer's Body star recently stepped out at the Giorgio Armani fashion show in Milan wearing a face full of impeccable makeup.

    And, while the blue-eyed bombshell rocked brightly colored lipstick, industry analysts couldn't ignore the impact of her lush lashes.

    "Megan Fox's watermelon pout took center-stage, but carefully appointed eyes finished her look," InStyle.com stated. "Rather than going for a bold lip color and heavy shadow, keep your lids bare and focus instead on your lashes."

    While Fox wore false eyelashes, the news source reports that women can achieve a similar effect by applying multiple layers of mascara.

    However, ladies looking for an additional boost should consider using blinc Long Lash, which is formulated to dramatically enhance lashes and make appear naturally longer, thicker and fuller.

  • Inside information from Katie Holmes' makeup artist

    inside+information+from+katie+holmes+makeup+artist_3356_800094747_0_0_7034517_300While she was once known for her girl-next-door beauty and approachable charm, Katie Holmes is now regarded as one of Hollywood's most fashionable women. In fact, it's rare to see the brunette beauty appearing less than stunning.

    Given her near-perfect track record, it wasn't surprising to see Mrs Tom Cruise looking lovelier than ever while taking in the Calvin Klein show at New York Fashion Week. Luckily, ladies who admire Holmes' flawless face can replicate her look themselves, as her makeup artist recently spilled some secrets about the makeup she wore that night.

    According to InStyle magazine, makeup artist Mai Quynh wanted to create a timeless look for the sophisticated starlet.

    "I prepped her lids with an eye primer in a light/medium shade before applying a blend of shimmery taupe and deep gray shadow," Quynh told the news source.

    To complete the look, Quynh coated Holmes' lashes with two coats of black mascara.

    Ladies getting ready for an epic event may want to use an acrylic-based tubing mascara, as the formula won't smudge or flake, and will last throughout the entire night.

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