Eye Makeup Beauty Tips

  • A few new products to add to your fall beauty routine

    a+few+new+products+to+add+to+your+fall+beauty+routine_3356_800098216_0_0_7070089_300Most women have a few staples in their cosmetics cases, and this can often make for a quick, flattering and generally error-free application. However, ladies who use the same products every day can easily get into a beauty rut.

    While there is no reason to abandon your favorites, why not try out a few new items this fall? There are a couple simple ways to enliven your look without dramatically changing your routine.

    Though many women swear by bronzer, especially in the colder months when skin is more apt to be pale, Yahoo! Shine recommends warming up your complexion with a pink-peach blush. After all, a flirtatious glow can be flattering year-round.

    Instead of reaching for your basic black eyeliner, why not mix things up and rim your lash line with a navy product? According to the news provider, the blue undertones will make the whites of your eyes appear brighter.

    Additionally, women who regularly stick on faux lashes may want to skip the fake fringe and try mascara.

    "There's no need to mess with fake fringe when you can easily pump up your own lashes," the news source reports.

    When applying the product, begin by shaping lashes with an eyelash curler and then brush on two coats of mascara, working the brush into the roots of the lashes and slowly combing it through to the ends.

  • Bright lids paired with black mascara at Fashion Week

    bright+lids+paired+with+black+mascara+at+fashion+week_3356_800103200_0_0_7070091_300As Fashion Week made its way from New York to London to Milan and finally to Paris, it seems that one trend remained present across the runways - brightly colored eyeshadow will be huge in Spring 2011.

    According to Allure magazine, makeup artist Pat McGrath crafted two different looks for the Nina Ricci and Christian Dior spring shows, but each featured bold-hued eye makeup.

    At Nina Ricci, the news source reports that McGrath used fuchsia and red pigments all over the lids, from lashes to eyebrows, and below the lower lash line, while at Dior, she concentrated the color on the lid and kept the shadow below the crease, creating a small yet strong block of color.

    In both looks, however, McGrath complemented the bright makeup with black liner and black mascara, which defined the eyes and offered a nice accent to the bold wash of color.

    Ladies looking to embrace this bright spring trend should remember that black water-resistant mascara may be your best friend when wearing colorful eye makeup. It will keep lashes from being overwhelmed by the bold pigment and help draw attention to your eyes' beauty.

  • Eyeshadow advice from Allure magazine

    eyeshadow+advice+from+allure+magazine_3356_800118076_0_0_7068731_300According to Allure.com, one problem that women most often encounter when it comes to cosmetics is how to select a flattering eyeshadow and how to best apply the pigment. Luckily, Allure magazine recently offered solutions to these common beauty quandaries.

    Women should take their skin tone into account when selecting a hue. The news source suggests that ladies with fair skin look great in gray or champagne shadow, while gals with medium or dark complexions can rock bronze pigments.

    When applying the product, use two different shades on separate parts of the eyes. Dust the lighter pigment from the lash line to the crease, and then use a domed brush to apply a slightly darker hue into the crease.

    Gals who prefer wearing vibrant shadow can opt to add a touch of color to their look by applying dampened eyeshadow as a liner. However, the news outlet recommends that those who opt to cover their lid in a bright-colored shadow should remember to define eyes with black liner and mascara.

    A black tubing mascara is a great way to complete any look, and the acrylic-based formula won't smudge or smear, so eye makeup to appear flawless throughout the day.

  • Hot eye makeup tips for autumn

    fall+makeup+tips_3356_800120282_0_0_7042633_300When temperatures begin to cool, many women flock to the shops hunting for clothing in darker hues. And, according to Sioux Falls Argus Leader, your makeup should change with your wardrobe this season.

    While summer was the time for a shimmery, delicate look, fall will be more dramatic and intense.

    "The clothes this season are pretty elaborate, with lots of layers, lots of texture. Makeup follows that," makeup artist Shannon Barnes told the news source.

    Barnes suggests using a plum-colored eyeshadow to create a "smoldering" look that boasts a soft intensity as opposed to the typical smoky eye, which can appear harsh.

    In addition to coating lashes with mascara, remember to enhance brows.

    "Nobody really thinks of them, but give your face a really defined brow and it just finishes the look," Barnes added. "That's part of the reason celebrities always look good. They focus on the details."

    If you have sparse brows or just want to further emphasize your arches, use eyebrow mousse to add color, fullness and definition to brows.

  • How to keep your eyelashes from falling out

    how+to+keep+lashes+from+falling+out_3356_800122798_0_0_8725_300It can be a bit disconcerting when more than one lash falls out as you're removing your mascara. Bald spots on your lash line are hardly attractive,ac and with a few tips, you don't have to worry about losing too many lashes.

    According to Celebrity-Beauty-Tip-Goldmine.com, while it is natural for your lashes to go through a cycle of falling out and growing back, if you are losing a significant amount of hairs you may be rubbing too hard when removing mascara.

    To minimize hair loss, try saturating a cotton ball or tissue with eye makeup remover to loosen mascara. The solution will softly encourage the makeup release itself from your lashes.

    The website also advises women to refrain from curling lashes as squeezing the fragile hairs makes them more prone to falling out.

    Applying too much mascara can weigh down lashes, making them weak and may eventually lead to them falling out. Women should try to use one coat of mascara instead of two.

    A tubing mascara may also be effective for women worried about their lashes. When doused with water the tubes loosen their grip and easily slide off.

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