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Eye Makeup Beauty Tips

  • Seeing red

    seeing+red_3356_800280942_0_0_5314_300True, neon eyeshadow can be risky to pull off successfully, but if there's one eyeshadow color that seems especially intimidating at first glance, it's the firey, sanguine red.

    Short of all the vampire makeup trends we've been seeing this fall, red can also be a winning color for festive holiday style, given it's applied the right way and doesn't come off like a bruise or sad effect of sleep deprivation.

    OneIndia.in's Suparna Chakraborty says that mixing red and gold eyeshadow will take the edge off the color and lend depth to eye makeup.

    "Keep the red darker on the inside of the eye lid and use the golden [shadow] on the edges. This will highlight the shape of your eyes, make your eye makeup festive and match well with the party mood," she wrote.

    Finally, you won't want your lashes to get lost behind a wall of red pigment, so finish with a couple coats of blinc Mascara. Its water-resistant tubing formula won't flake or smudge to keep your lashes looking bloody hot.

  • What's good with watercolor lids?

    what+s+good+with+watercolor+lids_3356_800283570_0_0_7061138_300Pastel shadows have been done again and again, and though they may be coming back once more for the spring and summer, there may be an even fresher way to play with this makeup trend.

    "Translucent makeup will be very popular. It's all about wearing makeup without looking like you're wearing makeup. You want to go for eye shadows that look sheer, like water colour," makeup expert Terry Barber told Canada's Metro News.

    For a fresh, dewy look, liberally sweep your favorite sheer, pastel color across your lid and along your crease.

    Pairing with an orange lip color will boost your fashion-forward appeal - according to Barber, it's been showing up on runways in "every possible shade, from citrus orange to saffron."

    Finally, to keep the look light, you can skip the eyeliner - but not the mascara! Brush on blinc Mascara to add definition, as the tubing formula will coat each lash without creating clumpy, too-thick fringes. Instead of a heavy-looking black formula, opt for a lighter shade, such as a medium brown.

  • An eye makeup tip from Antiquity

    an+eye+makeup+tip+from+antiquity_3356_800297626_0_0_5493_300You wouldn't think that ancient artifacts could provide palatable makeup ideas, but there are ways to borrow from Antiquity without looking like a complete ruin.

    That's what designers are doing this season with Byzantine-inspired hair and makeup that defies the conventions of mere mortals.

    According to StyleList.com, the inspiration comes from a mosaic portrait of Byzantine Empress Theodora, found in the Saint-Vital de Ravenne Basilica in Rome, Italy, whose look draws mainly on an exaggerated eyeliner application.

    To copy this look, draw a thick line of black eyeliner along your top and bottom lids, winging the top line and extending the bottom line straight out past the corners. The lines should be virtually parallel, and they shouldn't touch each other. Add a straight line of bright pink or red eyeliner on the arch just below your brow, mirroring the stripe on your lower lash line.

    Finish with a generous application of black blinc Mascara. Its long-lasting tubing formula is designed to hold on through just about anything, up to and including the fall of your empire.

  • What face will you reveal to the New Year?

    what+face+will+you+reveal+to+the+new+year_3356_800308512_0_0_13001_300Bubbly is filling champagne flutes and the ball is being raised in Times Square. How will you face the start of the new year?

    According to BecomeGorgeous.com, celebrity makeup styles can be an inspiration for ladies scouting out the hottest ways to go glam, though many New Year's styles borrow from the same sparkly themes year after year.

    Showing up in this year's arsenal of celebrity do's and timeless traditions is gold makeup, brown smoky eyes and white eyeshadow paired with orange lipstick, the website reports.

    To model your best champagne-inspired look, sweep gold, shimmery shadow all over your lids and pair with a nude or peach lip gloss. Dusky, brown eyeshadow can be a winning alternative, and looks best with a similarly clean lip. A more eccentric option may be the white and orange combo, which lends brightness to the eyes and a saucy punch to your pout as you ring in the New Year with sass.

    Of course, none of these looks would be complete without long, fluttery lashes. Start using blinc Long Lash at least two weeks prior to your event to dramatically enhance the appearance of your natural lashes. Only a small amount is needed to get your lashes full and sky-high.

  • Be the glitterati at your holiday party

    be+the+glitterati+at+your+holiday+party_3356_800311186_0_0_7007854_300Not all that glitters is gold, but with a few good tips, you can make the most of your holiday sparkle without looking like a department store Christmas prop.

    "It might be tempting to layer on the beauty equivalent of tinsel and dust your skin with highlighter with from head to toe in the name of holiday spirit, but resist," Allure.com cautions. One subtle way to do this is to find a body lotion that has an iridescent shine to it in lieu of chunky sparkles, sweeping it across your decolletage for a sophisticated way to look brilliant.

    Your eyes, however, are always an appropriate canvas for the shimmery stuff. The news source recommends a liberal application of a metallic eyeshadow from your lash line to your crease as well as on your inner corners of your eyes and the bottom lash lines for a truly "gilded" glare. Those with cool complexions should opt for silver, while warm skin tones will look best in gold.

    The best sparkle, of course, comes naturally from your eyes. Make them pop with a few coats of blinc Mascara. Its long-lasting tubing formula requires no extra applications throughout the day and will stay on faithfully through thick and thin, coming off gently only when you need it to.

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