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Eye Makeup Beauty Tips

  • Tubing mascara is perfect for cheerleaders

    Cheerleaders who perform in front of large crowds aim to cheer on their team and boost the energy of the fans, but they want to make sure that they look great, too.

    While copious amounts of hairspray can keep ponytails neat, it's often difficult to find makeup products that will last throughout the game without quick touch ups.

    According to Helium.com, there are a few steps that cheerleaders can take to ensure that their foundation stays in place while they twist, kick, jump, and, of course, cheer.

    Make sure that skin is washed and dried before foundation is applied, the news source suggests. Damp skin won't hold the pigment as well.

    For those who have trouble keeping their eye makeup in place, a tubing mascara is the ideal solution. The unique, acrylic-based formula forms a sealed tube around each individual eyelash. The product offers long-lasting color, volume and texture, making sure that your fringe frames your eyes and keeps you looking fresh all night.

    In addition, tubing mascara is long-lasting, and will not smear, clump or flake, no matter how many flips you do or chants you shout. ADNFCR-3356-ID-19908416-ADNFCR

  • How to wear eye makeup behind spectacles

    Women who wear eyeglasses are often unsure as to how to apply eye makeup - should they opt for a bolder look to make their peepers pop despite their spectacles, or is a softer approach best?

    The website Daily Venus Diva offers glasses-sporting ladies a few tips for applying eyeliner, mascara and shadow behind their frames.

    The site suggests tailoring your makeup routine to your prescription, because those who are nearsighted will have lenses that may make their eyes appear smaller, while those who are farsighted will find that their prescription magnifies their gaze.

    Myopic gals can choose to place a small dot of white eyeliner in the inner corners of their lids, and wear pastel-colored eyeshadow.

    If you're farsighted, it's advisable to use neutral and darker tones to reduce the effect of the magnification, the news source reports.

    No matter what your prescription is, flaking mascara won't flatter your features. To avoid smears and clumps, choose an acrylic-based tubing mascara which will offer a clean application and will last all day and night.ADNFCR-3356-ID-19908418-ADNFCR

  • What type of makeup should your teenager wear?

    Some women have fond memories of applying their mother's lipstick as young girls, while others don't begin experimenting with makeup until they're in high school. Most women probably fall somewhere in between.

    Though girls will likely develop an interest in products along with their friends, some parents are unsure of how to best approach the issue.

    If your daughter decides that it's high time she started applying a little rouge or mascara in the morning, CBSnews.com offered a few tips on how to handle the situation.

    The news source suggests discouraging teens from wearing foundation and instead encouraging girls to apply a moisturizer that will guard against sun damage.

    For lips, the news outlet recommends a natural-looking product with a soft tint, rather than a heavily-pigmented lipstick.

    Young women should also avoid heavy makeup on their eyes, which could look too mature or dramatic for their age.

    Products that boast a clean application and won't be irritating, like tubing mascara, may be ideal for teens who lead active lives but wish to begin applying makeup.ADNFCR-3356-ID-19912085-ADNFCR

  • Do you have an addiction to beauty products?

    Most women love makeup. It makes you feel pretty, helps you look polished and is just plain fun. But, could you be hooked on the contents of your makeup case?

    According to the L.A. Times, there are some women who seem to be psychologically addicted to beauty products!

    Dr Renae Reinardy, who founded the Lakeside Center for Behavioral Change in Minnesota, told the news provider that some women are so attached to their makeup that it can become a form of hoarding - they spend beyond their means and lose valuable living space to the items.

    "The million-dollar question is 'What is the function of the hoarding behavior?' because that's going to determine what kind of help people need," Reinardy told the news source. "I would look to see what's fueling the fire to buy those cosmetics."

    Though having more than two shades of lipstick isn't a sure sign of a personality disorder, streamlining your makeup kit is a great way to reduce the time it takes to get ready in the morning.

    Look for products that will be appropriate for day or night, and are long-wearing. Tubing mascara that boasts an acrylic base and is water-resistant, for example, will serve you well all year round.ADNFCR-3356-ID-19915863-ADNFCR

  • Should you extend the line of your brows?

    When it comes to eye makeup, many women focus on their eyelashes. Girls often spend hours at the cosmetics counter searching for the perfect mascara or instead cultivate a large collection of eyeshadows and highlighting powders. However, all too often, eyebrows are neglected.

    According to Glamour.com, one way to impact your look is to use products to lengthen your brows. Women can exaggerate their arches and make their bone structure appear more refined by drawing their browline out past the corners of their eyes with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow mousse.

    Nicole Kidman rocked the look in Moulin Rouge, and singer Keri Hilson attempted the technique while making appearances on the red carpet, the publication reports.

    To ensure that you look glamorous, not cartoonish, choose your cosmetics carefully. An eyebrow mousse is ideal for this purpose, but it's important to choose a shade that will appear natural against your skin.

    Those who have light brows and fair complexions can choose a tan or taupe-tinted product, while brunettes can search for a hue that matches their natural brows and dark locks.ADNFCR-3356-ID-19921265-ADNFCR

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