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Eye Makeup Beauty Tips

  • Eye primer and special mascara may help makeup last

    eye+primer+and+special+mascara+may+help+makeup+last_3356_800075821_0_0_7034517_300Whether you are preparing for a long day of work or getting ready to attend a black-tie event, making sure your eye makeup lasts can be of the utmost importance. However, with the seemingly endless amount of products on the market, how can you easily select the best ones that will help your eyeshadow stay-put?

    Sometimes, it really may pay to look toward the stars for such answers - Hollywood stars, that is. To help Katie Holmes get ready for a show during New York Fashion Week, her makeup artist wanted to ensure that her face remained flawless throughout the entire event.

    "I prepped her lids with an eye primer in a light/medium shade before applying a blend of shimmery taupe and deep gray shadow," Mai Quynh told InStyle.com, adding that she finished the look with two coats of black mascara.

    Eye primer is a great product for women who want to make their makeup last, as it helps to keep pigments from running, fading and creasing on the lid.

    Ladies may also want to don an acrylic-based tubing mascara, which coats each lash individually, and will not flake, smudge or smear.

  • Wear green water-resistant mascara this fall

    wear+green+water+resistant+mascara+this+fall_3356_800080625_0_0_7042660_300As fall arrives, women everywhere are clearing out their cosmetic cases to make way for new products in the season's hottest colors. According to InStyle magazine, one look that is sure to be a hit is green eye makeup.

    "There's something about green shadow that makes eyes really golden," makeup artist Pati Dubroff told the news source. However, the beauty expert warns against applying too much of the pigment.

    "I consider green a neutral eye shadow, but it's important to be very measured when you use it," Dubroff added. While emerald-hued eyeshadow can be applied in moderation - below the crease of the eyelid or along the bottom lash line - women can also use green water-resistant mascara to add a touch of color that will make their peepers pop.

    Acrylic-based tubing mascara is especially appealing , as the product forms tubes around each individual lash, and will not flake, smudge or smear. After all, while green eye makeup may be alluring, runny mascara can ruin a look.

    When wearing green water-resistant mascara, remember to keep the rest of your eye makeup simple - a variety of colors on your lids may compete with your tinted lashes. Instead, opt for a neutral shimmer and brown or black liner.

  • Hot eye makeup trends for fall

    hot+eye+makeup+trends+for+fall_3356_800088003_0_0_7070090_300While most women spend the beginning of autumn making room in their closets for the newest fall fashions, ladies may also want to take some time to clean out their cosmetic cases, as there are a few new eye makeup trends on the horizon.

    This fall, heavy black eyeliner is back, and to achieve the most sultry look possible, makeup artist Pati Dubroff recommends lining the inner rim of your bottom lash line.

    "I put it on my clients's waterlines, have them blink, blend the liner and start again," she told news source. "Building this imperfect, smudgy line is incredibly sexy."

    Though women are often warned against mixing metallics, rocking different hues can be quite dynamic.

    "Layered silver, gold and bronze on the eyes is like wearing jewelry on the face," Dubroff advised. To push the look to the limit, she also suggested keeping the rest of the makeup minimal and opting for a white dress.

    However, Dubroff offered one last piece of advice to ladies looking to rock multi-colored metallic lids.

    "Too much mascara can interfere with these sweet, sparkly shades," Dubroff added. "I tend to use brown mascara to keep it light."

  • Glossy makeup popular on spring runways

    glossy+makeup+popular+on+spring+runways_3356_800088010_0_0_7042687_300Milan Fashion Week is in full swing, and people are buzzing about spring's hottest looks - from the clothes to the hair to the makeup. And on more than a few runways, it seems that glossy makeup has been making a splash.

    "The biggest elements are shine," hairstylist Luigi Murenu told Allure magazine, backstage at Gucci. "She's definitely a woman of class, with her red nails and her red lips - we put gloss on the lips and in the hair, so they'll be super-shiny on the catwalk."

    Glossy makeup was also a hit at Marc Jacobs' show at New York Fashion Week. According to Allure.com, makeup artist Fran├žois Nars used a mixture of green eyeshadows, black liner and mascara, and then finished the look with a dab of Vaseline on each eyelid.

    "[It will] look like glass," Nars told the news source. "It will catch the light and give it more decadence."

    Women who want to attempt this shiny makeup trend may want to consider swiping on a coat of water-resistant tubing mascara, which won't flake or smudge regardless of the amount of gloss on one's lids.

  • Blue smoky eyes are a hit this fall

    blue+smoky+eyes+are+a+hit+this+fall_3356_800090485_0_0_7070092_300Fall is officially here, and it's finally time to test out some of the hottest trends that ruled the Fall 2010 runways. And, according to StyleList.com, smoky blue eyes reigned supreme at Derek Lam, Rachel Roy, Cesar Galindo, Leanne Marshall and Walter.

    "A blue smoky eye is an unexpected and stylish variation on the traditional smoky eye, making it a little bit more fun," beauty expert Bobbi Brown told the news source. "Look for shades of blue that incorporate black and brown tones which will give them the richness of denim and keep the colors modern."

    Creating this look doesn't have to be too complicated, as long as you have the right products. Makeup artist Emily Kate Warren told the news provider that women should apply denim-colored eyeshadow along the upper lash line and crease, in a sideways V shape, then apply gold highlight from the inner eye corners to the inner corner of the V-shape. Use a clean brush to blend the two pigments together.

    Women who want a more subtle interpretation can line eyes with a navy pencil and coat their lashes with blue mascara. The liner and mascara will work together to add a burst of color without looking too overwhelming.

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