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Eye Makeup Beauty Tips

  • How to play up downturned eyes

    strategic+shading+and+product+placement+can+help+enhance+downturned+eyes_3356_800739687_0_0_14051170_300If your eyes are slightly downturned at the outer corners, you might be wondering the best way to play up your eye shape. Luckily, with the right eyeshadow shading techniques, liquid eyeliners and tube mascaras, you shouldn't have a problem achieving the perfect look that will complement your specific eye structure.

    According to Glamour Magazine's beauty blog, the best way to go about using eyeshadow is to shade upward and outward. Blend a medium to dark shade of eyeshadow in your crease, focusing only on the outer two-thirds of your eye. A lighter shade can be swept across your entire lid and a highlighter can be used right underneath your brow bone.

    Apply blinc's liquid eyeliner along your upper lash line, sticking as close to the lashes as possible. If you'd like, a slightly winged-out tip can help lift the appearance of your eyes even more.

    Finally, use a heated eyelash curler to enhance the curl of your lashes and make your eyes look wider and more open. Apply two coats of tube mascara for definition, length and volume, then check out your amazing handiwork!

  • Tips for bringing out the best of deep-set eyes

    deep+set+eyes+can+easily+be+enhanced+with+the+right+eye+makeup+application_3356_800739690_0_0_7042661_300If you have deep-set eyes that are situated far back in their sockets, you might be wondering about the best way to apply eye makeup to enhance the shape of your eyes. With proper eyeshadow shading techniques, liquid eyeliners and tube mascaras, you shouldn't have a problem playing up your features.

    According to Glamour Magazine's beauty blog, you should apply a light shade of eyeshadow all over your lids, then use a deeper shade on the crease of your eyes and just above the socket. Blend the shadow upward and outward for a flattering effect.

    Use liquid eyeliner from blinc along your upper lash line, staying as close to the lashes as possible. This will make your eyelashes look thicker and bring a bit of definition to the shape of your eye.

    With a heated eyelash curler, you can add a gorgeous curve to your lashes, opening up your eyes and making them appear wider. Finally, apply tube mascara to lengthen and volumize your lashes, drawing attention to your beautiful peepers.

  • Looking glamorous at your BFF's wedding with tube mascara

    looking+glamorous+at+your+bff+s+wedding+with+tube+mascara_3356_800743766_0_0_14007323_300It can be a bittersweet event to see your best friend walk down the aisle with the man of her dreams. While you might be happy that she has found her soul mate, married life means that she'll be engulfed in her relationship and spending less time with her friends - at least during the first year. Whether you're shedding tears of joy or showing a bit of sorrow at the wedding, you'll want to make sure you're wearing tube mascara that won't run or smudge.

    You might not be the one walking down the aisle, you should still make an effort to look glamorous for photos with your friend and the bridesmaids - especially if you are one! To prepare for the event, make sure you're wearing blinc's tube mascara to keep your eyes looking stellar. This mascara is designed to add length to your lashes with the need to wear fakes.

    To top off the entire look, use a little liquid eyeliner as well. Blinc's liquid eyeliners can give your peepers a dramatic effect that can't be beat. Furthermore, it won't run or smudge, even if you have some tears to dry at the ceremony.

  • Preparing for a busy day with liquid eyeliner and tube mascara

    preparing+for+a+busy+day+with+liquid+eyeliner+and+tube+mascara_3356_800743769_0_0_7042663_300There's nothing worse than finding yourself with a full schedule and having no time to change outfits in between. While your skirt suit might be appropriate for the office, it may be overkill if you intend to wear it to the PTA meeting at your child's school right after you leave work. If you are a busy woman who is always trying to balance out her schedule and look fabulous while doing it, there are a couple of ways you can stay prepared with a little liquid eyeliner and tube mascara in your purse.

    To start, take a look at your day planner and determine what you have on your upcoming schedule. This can help you prep for whatever comes your way, whether it's a board meeting or a get-together with your girlfriends for dinner.

    Once you know what you have coming up in the future, you can pack. Include liquid eyeliner and tube mascara in your purse for a quick makeup touch-up between work and your evening plans. You might also want to bring along a tote with a spare change of clothes and shoes.

    Although it can take a bit of planning, packing accordingly can help you look prepared for whatever you have on your busy schedule.

  • Giving yourself a quick makeover to boost your confidence

    giving+yourself+a+quick+makeover+to+boost+your+confidence_3356_800744669_0_0_7042662_300If you frequently peer in a mirror and find yourself less than pleased with your looks, you might want to think about the effect this is having on your self-esteem. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful - to change your attitude, you may want to think about giving yourself a makeover. With a little bit of liquid eyeliner, a new outfit and hair cut, you can quickly boost your confidence.

    Oprah.com reports that giving yourself a makeover doesn't have to involve spending an ample amount of cash on beauty treatments. Start small by using a nutrient-rich lotion to moisturize your skin and restore your natural glow.

    Try to go light on the makeup as well to revitalize your skin. Instead of layering on the foundation and blush, keep it simple with liquid eyeliner and tube mascara to bring attention to your eyes instead. Blinc's tube mascara and liquid eyeliner are designed to make your peepers truly shine without the need to wear false eyelashes.

    Finally, think about giving yourself a fake tan - it might sound cheesy, but it's a quick way to top off a makeover and prep your body for the summer season. Making a few small changes can go a long way when it comes to giving yourself a new look.

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