Eye Makeup Beauty Tips

  • Makeup for puffy eyes

    puffy+eyes+don+t+have+to+be+a+problem_3356_800753861_0_0_7018296_300Most women have had the experience of waking up one morning and looking in the mirror only to discover that their eyes are puffy with sleep. This can happen if you're not sleeping on an elevated pillow and fluids have the chance to accumulate in the area. Unfortunately, puffy eyes can put a damper on the attractiveness of your tube mascara and liquid eyeliner application.

    Luckily, Allure Magazine has a few suggestions for making your makeup look better on puffy eyes. First, you should avoid wearing eyeshadow that's dark, shimmery or bright. While these effects are nice for grabbing your eyes attention, they'll only highlight the puffiness.

    Instead, opt for a matte shade of shadow that's only a bit darker than your skin tone. Apply it all over your lids and underneath your lower lash line to make your puffy eyes less obvious. From there, you can apply a thin line of liquid eyeliner to define your upper lash line, then use blinc's tube mascara to keep the focus on your luxuriously long lashes. No one will ever know that you woke up with puffy eyes!

  • Antioxidants: your key to youthful eyes

    antioxidant+creams+can+help+you+achieve+youthful+looking+eyes+in+no+time_3356_800753846_0_0_5583_300Although you may be diligent about showing your eyes a little love with liquid eyeliners and tube mascaras, it takes more than glamorous makeup to give your peepers a youthful appearance. Aside from taking off your makeup every night and wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes, you need powerful antioxidants to help battle the effects of aging.

    According to Allure Magazine, you should be using an antioxidant-rich cream twice a day, in the morning and at night. This will aid your skin in its effort to combat the effects of free-radical damage, which is caused by the sun as well as pollution in the environment. Some of the best antioxidant ingredients to look for include coffeeberry, green tea and idebenone, but there are a wide variety of others that work great too.

    Of course, it will also help to keep eating those fruits and veggies, as many of these sources are rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that your skin needs. Blueberries, pomegranates and acai berries are particularly potent.

    Once you've beefed up your antioxidant intake, you'll have a smoother canvas on which to apply your favorite blinc tube mascara, liquid eyeliner and eyebrow mousse.

  • What your nighttime routine may be missing

    looks+like+she+remembered+her+retinol_3356_800753855_0_0_7047510_300If your nighttime beauty routine involves a great face wash and rich moisturizers, you might think that you're all set when it comes to effective skincare methods. However, if your eyes aren't looking as bold and youthful as you'd like and your tube mascaras and liquid eyeliners are falling a bit flatter than usual, it might be time to introduce a new aspect to your nightly skincare routine: retinol.

    According to Allure Magazine, retinol is the only ingredient that's been proven to stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you don't already have a cream or serum with this powerful ingredient, it's time to get one. The source suggests buying one in an aluminum tube or an opaque container, as this helps to keep the retinol stable and effective.

    Once you've added retinol to your daily routine, you should start to notice a difference in the way your eyes look. The surrounding area will likely be smoother and more even, which the perfect surface for your blinc tube mascara and liquid eyeliner. You'll have no trouble showing off your bold peepers now!

  • Looking fabulous on Sunday after a big Saturday night

    looking+fabulous+on+sunday+after+a+big+saturday+night_3356_800753644_0_0_7028998_300There's nothing like spending Saturday night with your friends, and having fun until the wee hours of the morning. However, waking up the next day can be another story. After a lack of sleep, you might need a little tube mascara and a diligent face wash formula to restore your radiant glow.

    Sunday is a day for rest and relaxation, but that doesn't mean you won't have to hit the town to run a few errands the morning after a big night. If you look less than fabulous once you roll out of bed, you can hide your signs of exhaustion in a few ways.

    First, use a face wash formula to clean your pores and rejuvenate your skin. Moisturizing your skin can help improve your complexion and mask your exhaustion.

    Next, make sure you eat a hearty breakfast to give your body the energy it needs to push through the day, especially if you didn't get much sleep.

    Finally, apply blinc's tube mascara and liquid eyeliner to steer attention away from the dark circles under your eyes and give them a dramatic look. These cosmetics are perfect for the morning after a big night and can last all day without smudging.

  • Enduring the rain with the right tube mascara

    enduring+the+rain+with+the+right+tube+mascara_3356_800753648_0_0_7003628_300No one likes going out on a rainy day, especially if it's pouring and you just applied your liquid eyeliner. However, with the right no-run makeup and waterproof attire, you can take on the rain on any given day of the week.

    Whether you're heading to work or running errands on a Saturday, having a handy pair of rainboots in your closet is a must. Galoshes can help keep your feet dry and prevent you from looking like a mess once you show up at your destination. Keep a pair of spare shoes to switch into in your bag once you arrive and you'll be all set.

    Next, make sure you have an umbrella on you that you can pop open when it really starts to pour. As an added preventative measure, you might want to purchase a rain slicker or a trench coat to keep yourself warm and dry during an unexpected thunderstorm.

    Finally, don't forget to apply your no-run, no smudge liquid eyeliner and tube mascara from blinc. These cosmetics are designed to resist the elements and can even withstand sweat.

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