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Eye Makeup Beauty Tips

  • Simple ways to sex up your look

    these+simple+tricks+can+instantly+turn+up+your+sexiness_3356_800767551_0_0_7007561_300Looking sexy isn't just about attracting the gazes of guys - it's also about boosting your confidence and feeling good about the way you look. Even if you're just going to run a few errands, it never hurts to amp up your sexiness factor. Here are a few simple ways you can do just that.

    1. Wear red. According to a study at the University of Rochester, men view women in red as more attractive. Whether it's a dress or a T-shirt, crimson will do you good.

    2. Play up your eyes. Use blinc's tube mascaras and liquid eyeliner to define your lashes and make your peepers pop. Then, make as much eye contact as possible.

    3. Don't slouch! If you walk confidently with your shoulders thrown back and your head held high, more people are likely to notice you, reports Allure Magazine.

    4. Throw on some heels. Sandals, pumps, espadrilles, you name it - heels can not only boost your height, but also your overall appeal. Not to mention, they make your legs look longer!

    5. Wear a subtle perfume. Allure recommends choosing a fragrance that can only be detected within close range. This will encourage people to get closer to you.

  • Great effects you can achieve with eyeliner

    you+can+achieve+several+effects+with+different+eyeliner+applications_3356_800768841_0_0_14013814_300You know that liquid eyeliner is great for thickening your lash lines and making your eyes look dramatic, and tube mascara enhances the effect. However, there are a lot of ways you can use pencil eyeliner to your advantage when it comes to your inner rims, reports The Beauty Department.

    While it's not a good idea to use liquid eyeliners on this part of your eye, pencil eyeliners can do the trick and will make your liquid eyeliners and tube mascaras look even more gorgeous. While black seems to be the standard because it adds instant drama and makes your gaze a bit more piercing, it's not the only choice!

    White eyeliner on your inner rims creates the illusion of bigger eyes because it seems to elongate the whites of your eyes. Nude eyeliner achieves the same thing, but it's less obvious and more natural-looking than white.

    Of course, there are also colorful eyeliners like green, blue and purple, which are fun if you're feeling a bit daring while you're getting ready for a night out. Just use these shades for a pop of color on the bottom lids, with your liquid eyeliner along your upper lash line.

  • Bold liquid eyeliner: the perfect complement to neon fashions

    bold+liquid+eyeliner+is+the+perfect+complement+to+neon+fashions_3356_800770417_0_0_14058664_300The fashion world's been buzzing lately about the neon color trend, which can manifest itself in everything from shoulder bags to belts to shoes to clothes. Pretty much any neon color can be introduced to an outfit, as long as there are a few neutrals involved or solely brights, reports The Beauty Department. But what about your makeup?

    Using neon shades of eyeshadow or lipstick would be a bit too matchy-matchy, especially if multiple aspects of your ensemble are embracing the trend. That's why neutral lip and cheek color paired with bold liquid eyeliner and tube mascara is your best bet. Black liner and tube mascara will enhance the shape of your eyes and the curve of your fringe, especially since it'll likely be the darkest part of your outfit, grabbing tons of attention.

    Try creating a retro winged-out liquid eyeliner look by flicking your line up a bit past your outer corners. You can make the line thin or thick depending on your preference, but be sure the lines are neat and clean by following up with a cotton swab dipped in a bit of makeup remover (not everyone has a steady hand!).

    Once that's done, curl your lashes with a heated eyelash curler, apply blinc's tube mascara and slick on a peachy lip gloss. That's all it takes!

  • An easy trick to make your eye color pop

    certain+colors+help+bring+out+your+eyes_3356_800772925_0_0_7042661_300Sometimes the best way to flatter your favorite features (your eyes, obviously!) doesn't rely on the trendiest new ways to wear liquid eyeliner or the coolest new eyeshadow colors. Instead, it's all about making the natural shade of your eyes stand out. Doing so is a piece of cake!

    According to The Beauty Department, the best way to make your eyes pop is to choose hues that are directly opposite from your eye color on the color wheel. For example, if your eyes are blue, you would choose something that's in the orange color family, like red-orange, yellow-orange, rust, rose gold or peach. Brown eyes would be flattered by blueish shades, green would do well with reddish ones and hazel would look totally awesome with purple.

    Once you've picked up a few colors that fit into the category that would complement your eyes, all it takes is some tube mascara and liquid eyeliner from blinc to define the shape of your eyes and make your lashes longer. Now that's a great look!

  • Brown liquid eyeliner and tube mascara: mauve's perfect complements

    mauve+lips+work+best+with+brown+liquid+eyeliner+and+tube+mascara_3356_800773816_0_0_14027965_300There are a lot of trendy lipstick shades being tossed around lately, but perhaps the most universally flattering one is mauve. This rosy shade can work on the lips of ladies with any skin tone, and it's pared-down enough for everyday wear, reports Glamour Magazine's beauty blog. But what kind of makeup should you pair it with?

    For cheeks, you should choose a matching mauve blush that will subtly add color without distracting from the rest of your look. Just sweep a bit onto the apples of your cheeks for a bright, fresh appearance.

    As for eyes, blinc's liquid eyeliners and tube mascaras are the perfect complement. Before you begin applying your makeup, use a heated eyelash curler to give your fringe lasting curve. Then, sweep a bit of shimmery brown eyeshadow onto your lids before applying brown liquid eyeliner along your upper and lower lash lines. Finish up with two coats of brown tube mascara, and you've got an office-appropriate look that's attractive enough for the weekend, too!

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