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Eye Shadow Primer

  • Create the perfect eye for fall!

    SM Look_10_16

    1. Prime your lids with blinc's light tone eye shadow primer. Then, place a matte cream-colored eyeshadow on the brow bone and a shimmer cream colored eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes.

    2. Using the same shader brush used in step 1, add a deep chocolate brown matte eyeshadow to the outer corner of the lid.

    3. Next use a pencil brush to combine theĀ deep chocolate brown eyeshadow with a burgundy eyeshadow and apply it to the crease.

    4. UsingĀ  blinc's ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen create a thin winged liner look.

    5. Intensify and define the lash line by prepping lashes with a base coat of blinc's black lash primer,

    6. Apply 2 coats of blinc Mascara Amplified to finish off the look.

  • Would you match your eye shadow to your hair?

    In light of our recent exploration of all the ways one can complement her irises through the strategic pairing of eyeshadow colors, we're wondering how many of you ever think to match or contrast it to your hair color.

    For blondes, this would mean going for shimmery golds, taupe or champagne shadows - and if you're anything like Lady Gaga, maybe neon yellow every now and then. Brunettes would dazzle in burnt umber, cofffee or chocolate tones, while redheads could have a little fun with crimson, burgundy and berry shades.

    For those who are turned off the idea of being too matchy-matchy, you can apply the same principle of contrasting your eye color and go for shadows that are totally opposite the hue of your luscious tresses. That means blondes might zing in black or blue shadows, redheads would do it up in all hues of greens, and brunettes may have a bit more open-ended approach, going for everything from white, frosty hues to maybe lavender or pink.

    No matter what you choose to go with, blinc Eyeshadow Phase One will be behind every choice you make, ensuring that your color stays long and fast.

  • Spring conversion: The vibrant smokey eye

    spring+conversion+the+vibrant+smokey+eye_3356_800493769_0_0_7070091_300Winter is gone, and so is the dull, dreary landscape, the mass of black overcoats and (hopefully) the sight of your shovels and snowblowers. That being said, why not update your shadow to match the general lift in mood?

    According to WTEN News, an ideal way to embrace the seasonal shift is to update your usual smokey eye to a vibrantly colored one. "Intense-colored eye shadows, including purples, pinks and yellows are what feel freshest this season," the news source reports.

    Though the website recommends experimenting with colors by using green, wine or navy liners, those who are feeling a bit bolder can go all the way with any range of pastel or neon tints. Simply sweep the desired color over your lid and blend into the crease, taking care to shade just a little along your lower lash line. This will give you the same sexy, smudged look that a standard smokey eye does, but with a refreshing pop of color.

    Of course, all of this putzing around with color requires a strong, sturdy base to work with. Applying a coat of blinc Eyeshadow Phase One to your lids prior to any and all experimentation will help make sure your shadow stays where you want it to.

  • It's never too late to play with your makeup

    it+s+never+too+late+to+play+with+your+makeup_3356_800491849_0_0_14012677_300So many of us grow up only to forget our once youthful, childlike curiosity. Remember those long afternoons spent playing in your mama's makeup cabinet? You'd never go for those colors now, but what's stopping you? A sense of being too old? To that, we say, pshh.

    Fun and vibrant eye makeup colors are perfectly acceptable for grownups, as long as you're not still using the same application techniques as when you were 5. That being said, here's a couple ways to do a grown-up take on whimsical colors.

    Glamour.com recently pointed out that Selena Gomez does a great job with this balancing act. Her secret? "Use the brightest color along your lashes," the news source suggests.

    Shadows can also look off when they smudge and crease throughout the day, which can make that teal shimmery dust look all kinds of wrong once it's endured the stress of your workday. To combat this issue, apply blinc Eyeshadow Phase One as a base - consider it your insurance against any form of budging.

  • Operating on a grayscale

    operating+on+a+grayscale_3356_800491851_0_0_14003455_300When you think of eye makeup looks of a certain color, do you automatically envision yourself using one monochromatic shade? If that's the case, we're asking you think in shades of gray (somewhat literally).

    Not that there's anything wrong with a basic, one-color shadow look - one of this season's hottest trends involves neon pastels, drawn on as one thick band along the lash line.

    That being said, it's always oh-so-alluring when you see an artful blend of varying shades on someone's eyelids, like Camilla Belle.

    "If you look closely you'll notice that her her bottom lash line starts out a dark metallic gray on the outer eye and gradually fades to a bright, shimmery silver towards the tear duct," Glamour.com points out. "The effect really opens up her eyes and makes them seem even whiter and bigger."

    This goes for virtually any two (or three)-toned shadow look and is the basis behind most smokey-eyed looks. There's usually a base color and a darker shade that's worked into the crease, as well as a light, highlighting hue that's sometimes applied to the browbone and the lower lash line.

    No matter what your palette looks like, start off on the right foot with blinc Eyeshadow Phase One. This works as a great base for any eyeshadow masterpiece you could possibly cook up.

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