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Eye Shadow Primer

  • Pairing eye makeup choices with your accessories

    pairing+eye+makeup+choices+with+your+accessories_3356_800695868_0_0_14009407_300There's nothing worse than an outfit that looks a bit too "put-together," which is why many ladies opt to avoid pairing their eye makeup with their accessories. However, fashion mogul Sofia Vergara recently wore the style to the recent Screen Actor's Guild Awards and the result was simply spectacular, according to HollywoodLife.com.

    Vergara wore a selection of purple accessories that were set in silver, so her makeup artist set about trying to find a pairing with her eye makeup. She eventually settled on a dark plum eyeshadow that she paired with tube mascara and a touch of liquid eyeliner.

    Vergara's makeup artist first applied the eyeshadow to her upper and lower lids and used a bit of eyeshadow primer beforehand. This helps to protect the cosmetics from running or smudging and maintains a superior hold. Finally, the makeup artist used a bit of mauve eyeshadow on Vergara's inner creases as a final touch to add visual interest.

    A good rule of thumb when pairing makeup with accessories is to go with a complementary hue or a darker or lighter shade of the same color. This will create dazzling contrast that will wow others at your next social occasion.

  • Taylor Swift's eye makeup turning heads in London

    Taylor Swift has been taking time off from touring and hitting all the hot spots as she spends time in London, England. Not surprisingly, fans and media alike have been following her every move, and they've been struck by her dazzling take on the smoky eye look with lighter eyeshadow and a touch of tube mascara, according to Cosmopolitan.com.

    In what can only be described as the "foggy" eye, Swift has crafted a fabulous daytime makeup option that could be ideal for a day in the park or heading off to work. To recreate the look, start with one of your lightest colors as a base - creams, pale peach or opal are great options to cover your upper lid. Use a bit near your inner crease to act as an additional focal point.

    Next, use a bit of mid-level color like gray, violet or anything else you'd like to try. The trick to the look is the darkest hue - instead of using liquid eyeliner which could be a bit too striking during the day, Swift used the darkest eyeshadow in her palette to add visual interest to the perimeter of her eyes.

    When you're experimenting with eyeshadow, you don't want the perfect style to fall by the wayside during the day, so be sure to prep your skin with eyeshadow primer. This will protect your cosmetics from running, flaking and smudging throughout the day.

  • Metallic eyeshadow is a serious winter trend to try out

    The smoky eye look, made popular by reality stars like Kim Kardashian, was one of the biggest fashion crazes of 2011, but it looks like metallic eyeshadow could supplant it in 2012. According to InStyle.com, metallic eyeshadow is a fabulous choice for fashionistas stuck in the winter doldrums and can combine easily with tube mascara and liquid eyeliner.

    After using eyeshadow primer to form a base for your makeup, you should start with a bit of black powder liner around the perimeter of your eyes and then smudge it to create a shadowing effect.

    Next, all you need to do is put on a layer of black, glittering eyeshadow on your base to have a dazzling look that can combine with winter's hottest fashion trends. Since the look can be a bit intense, be sure to keep your lips nude or in a pale shade.

    Best of all, you can pair this ensemble easily with neutral accessories. Try a chunky black cocktail ring or be daring with black nail polish. Whatever you choose, you're sure to make waves the next time you hit the town.

  • Makeup designer predicts the hottest trends for spring 2012

    makeup+designer+predicts+the+hottest+trends+for+spring+2012_3356_800702457_0_0_7023443_300With spring weather on the horizon, the deep hues of winter will finally give way to the fun and bright eye makeup hues of the coming seasons. According to DNAInfo.com, makeup designer Yuui Ogawa believes that retro looks, orange and purple hues are going to be huge in 2012.

    Orange and tangerine eyeshadow and lip color isn't exactly a new phenomenon, but it should be far more common this spring. Pairing this lip color with a soft eyeshadow is a wonderful way to make a statement - just be sure to use eyeshadow primer. This can provide a solid foundation for your cosmetics to prevent them from smudging throughout the day.

    Retro styles always seem to rise and fall in the trending world, but giving a classic look a bit of modern panache is always a chic choice. For instance, you can sport one of the season's hottest styles in metallic eye makeup and then pair it with matte lips or a colorful scarf to give your look a retro aesthetic.

    Finally, don't underestimate just how versatile purple can be! Whether it's used as a background color for your eye makeup or used as liquid eyeliner, it can provide a welcome boost for your look.

  • Tips to hide those under eye wrinkles

    If you're entering middle age, you may eschew the notion of wearing eye makeup because of a few fine lines that may have developed around your eyes. According to BoldSky.com, using liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow could be the answer to give your peepers a youthful and revitalized touch.

    If you're interested in giving eye makeup another shot, try this regimen. Start by applying a concealer around your eyes to hide a few of your under eye wrinkles. Then use liquid eyeliner to trace a dark outline around the perimeter of your eyes. You can then choose an eyeshadow that pairs nicely with your skin color - be sure to pick a hue that can blend easily with your eyeliner.

    However, before you apply your eyeshadow, be sure to use blinc eyeshadow primer. This will prevent your cosmetics from running or smudging and includes anti-aging ingredients that can reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

    Eye makeup is one of the most effective means of hiding your imperfections, and there are countless styles out there that can match your fashion sensibilities.

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