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1. Prime your lids with blinc's light tone eye shadow primer. Then, place a matte cream-colored eyeshadow on the brow bone and a shimmer cream colored eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes.

2. Using the same shader brush used in step 1, add a deep chocolate brown matte eyeshadow to the outer corner of the lid.

3. Next use a pencil brush to combine the deep chocolate brown eyeshadow with a burgundy eyeshadow and apply it to the crease.

4. Using  blinc's ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen create a thin winged liner look.

5. Intensify and define the lash line by prepping lashes with a base coat of blinc's black lash primer,

6. Apply 2 coats of blinc Mascara Amplified to finish off the look.

<![CDATA[Would you match your eye shadow to your hair? ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:58:18 +0000 raveinfo In light of our recent exploration of all the ways one can complement her irises through the strategic pairing of eyeshadow colors, we're wondering how many of you ever think to match or contrast it to your hair color.

For blondes, this would mean going for shimmery golds, taupe or champagne shadows - and if you're anything like Lady Gaga, maybe neon yellow every now and then. Brunettes would dazzle in burnt umber, cofffee or chocolate tones, while redheads could have a little fun with crimson, burgundy and berry shades.

For those who are turned off the idea of being too matchy-matchy, you can apply the same principle of contrasting your eye color and go for shadows that are totally opposite the hue of your luscious tresses. That means blondes might zing in black or blue shadows, redheads would do it up in all hues of greens, and brunettes may have a bit more open-ended approach, going for everything from white, frosty hues to maybe lavender or pink.

No matter what you choose to go with, blinc Eyeshadow Phase One will be behind every choice you make, ensuring that your color stays long and fast.

<![CDATA[Spring conversion: The vibrant smokey eye ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:57:25 +0000 raveinfo spring+conversion+the+vibrant+smokey+eye_3356_800493769_0_0_7070091_300Winter is gone, and so is the dull, dreary landscape, the mass of black overcoats and (hopefully) the sight of your shovels and snowblowers. That being said, why not update your shadow to match the general lift in mood?

According to WTEN News, an ideal way to embrace the seasonal shift is to update your usual smokey eye to a vibrantly colored one. "Intense-colored eye shadows, including purples, pinks and yellows are what feel freshest this season," the news source reports.

Though the website recommends experimenting with colors by using green, wine or navy liners, those who are feeling a bit bolder can go all the way with any range of pastel or neon tints. Simply sweep the desired color over your lid and blend into the crease, taking care to shade just a little along your lower lash line. This will give you the same sexy, smudged look that a standard smokey eye does, but with a refreshing pop of color.

Of course, all of this putzing around with color requires a strong, sturdy base to work with. Applying a coat of blinc Eyeshadow Phase One to your lids prior to any and all experimentation will help make sure your shadow stays where you want it to.

<![CDATA[It's never too late to play with your makeup ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:56:25 +0000 raveinfo it+s+never+too+late+to+play+with+your+makeup_3356_800491849_0_0_14012677_300So many of us grow up only to forget our once youthful, childlike curiosity. Remember those long afternoons spent playing in your mama's makeup cabinet? You'd never go for those colors now, but what's stopping you? A sense of being too old? To that, we say, pshh.

Fun and vibrant eye makeup colors are perfectly acceptable for grownups, as long as you're not still using the same application techniques as when you were 5. That being said, here's a couple ways to do a grown-up take on whimsical colors.

Glamour.com recently pointed out that Selena Gomez does a great job with this balancing act. Her secret? "Use the brightest color along your lashes," the news source suggests.

Shadows can also look off when they smudge and crease throughout the day, which can make that teal shimmery dust look all kinds of wrong once it's endured the stress of your workday. To combat this issue, apply blinc Eyeshadow Phase One as a base - consider it your insurance against any form of budging.

<![CDATA[Operating on a grayscale ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:55:31 +0000 raveinfo operating+on+a+grayscale_3356_800491851_0_0_14003455_300When you think of eye makeup looks of a certain color, do you automatically envision yourself using one monochromatic shade? If that's the case, we're asking you think in shades of gray (somewhat literally).

Not that there's anything wrong with a basic, one-color shadow look - one of this season's hottest trends involves neon pastels, drawn on as one thick band along the lash line.

That being said, it's always oh-so-alluring when you see an artful blend of varying shades on someone's eyelids, like Camilla Belle.

"If you look closely you'll notice that her her bottom lash line starts out a dark metallic gray on the outer eye and gradually fades to a bright, shimmery silver towards the tear duct," Glamour.com points out. "The effect really opens up her eyes and makes them seem even whiter and bigger."

This goes for virtually any two (or three)-toned shadow look and is the basis behind most smokey-eyed looks. There's usually a base color and a darker shade that's worked into the crease, as well as a light, highlighting hue that's sometimes applied to the browbone and the lower lash line.

No matter what your palette looks like, start off on the right foot with blinc Eyeshadow Phase One. This works as a great base for any eyeshadow masterpiece you could possibly cook up.

<![CDATA[How to wear this season's jewel-toned shadows ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:54:30 +0000 raveinfo how+to+wear+this+season+s+jewel+toned+shadows_3356_800505518_0_0_7042661_300Ever since the weather started smiling upon us a little more brightly, the eye shadows have changed accordingly - namely in the form of bright, jewel-toned hues that are now gracing the lids of ladies far and wide.

"Put away the browns and grays and feast your eyes on this season's jewel-toned shadows," the Star Tribune encourages. "Regal purple, watery blues and seafoam green are the new neutrals. Use them as eyeliner for a pop of color, or layer on lids for a seasonally adjusted smoky eye."

All's good and well, but if your carefully-applied band of turquoise liner goes astray, you can wind up with a 6-carat mess. Bright shadows may be more fun to play with, but they also come with a much greater risk of subjecting you to a major makeup faux pas.

To stay abreast of this situation, always prep your eye makeup with blinc Eyeshadow Phase One. This one-of-a-kind product works as an excellent base for any eye shadow masterpiece, keeping your skillful techniques intact all day lest they crease, smudge or fade away.

<![CDATA[Blinc Trivia: Eye primer a must-have for mature skin ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:53:37 +0000 raveinfo blinc+trivia+eye+primer+a+must+have+for+mature+skin_3356_800506664_0_0_7054279_300We never stop growing and learning, and likewise, our makeup should never stop evolving and adapting to our changing bodies. It goes without saying that it's thoroughly important for women to update their makeup routines as they age - but when was the last time you got any direction in that department?

Fortunately, there's a good answer to solve the dilemma of why your eyeshadow just doesn't look as good on you as it used to. For one, metallics are generally best suited for younger skin, and two, you may just need an eye primer to give you a better base to work off of. Celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter told USA Today that a good eyeshadow base is the ultimate secret to great eye makeup, no matter what your age.

Not only will a high-performance base such as blinc Eyeshadow Phase One work to prevent feathering and creasing, but it'll also help even out the tone and texture of your eyelids, which are prone to wrinkling and discoloration as you age.

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<![CDATA[Matte is back ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:52:55 +0000 raveinfo matte+is+back_3356_800508973_0_0_7018296_300If you thought you'd never see the end of shimmery, iridescent, metallic eye shadows, get ready to count your blessings. Sleek, matte shadows are due to reign big this summer, so bust out those simple hues for a look that's totally elegant and grown-up.

"For a look that's full of impact, eschew glitter and shimmer altogether and go for an opaque pastel shade," BellaSugar.com advises. "Be sure to apply liberally, from above the crease to below the lower lash lines, for maximum boldness."

This goes hand in hand with the sidewalk-chalk pastel craze that we've been seeing so much leading into spring. Many of these uber-intense pastel shades rely on their chalky finish to create this sophisticated look.

Of course, for a look that won't lose its impact throughout the day, you'll need a strong, high-performance eye shadow base. Use blinc Eyeshadow Phase One to create a sturdy foundation for whatever eyeshadow masterpiece you dream up. The formula is built to resist all kinds of environmental stresses throughout the day to leave you with smudge and crease-free lids.

<![CDATA[Blinc Trivia: Can you paint with all the colors of your eye shadow? ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:51:45 +0000 raveinfo blinc+trivia+can+you+paint+with+all+the+colors+of+your+eye+shadow_3356_800523203_0_0_7013114_300The world of professional makeup artistry knows no bounds, and this is certainly no less the case with makeup genius Katie Alves.

Alves has been taking the beauty world by storm thanks to her amazingly-rendered eyelids featuring detailed Disney scenes. Think the Mad Hatter's tea party, an Aladdin sunset or a swirly Nightmare Before Christmas masterpiece - all painted on one's lids in the utmost detail. As Fashionista.com puts it, "the girl can do with make-up what most people can barely do with paint, let alone on a tiny patch of fragile skin."

We're sure it takes an extra-skilled set of fingers to pull off something like this, but even those with slightly less impressive masterpieces to impose on their eyelids can make use of a good eye shadow primer like blinc Eyeshadow Phase One. We're willing to bet Alves couldn't have made her creations stick without a smudge and crease-resistant base.

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<![CDATA[Summer solutions to eyeshadow mishaps ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:50:50 +0000 raveinfo summer+solutions+to+eyeshadow+mishaps_3356_800528432_0_0_7042658_300You're rushing to work (or whatever other enviable event you've got on your social calendar), you successfully navigate throngs of people and crowded, sweltering subway tunnels and finally arrive at your destination only to realize your eye makeup is a total disaster. Sound familiar?

Fortunately, there's no unwritten rule that says you have to be a slave to summer makeup mishaps. With a bit of guided insight and careful strategizing, you, too, can be the picture of balmy summer goddess perfection.

"If you're brave enough to dabble in eye makeup, stick to hues or gold, ivory and light gray which are less likely to become horrific if they shift out of place," Ology.com recommends.

While light, fail-proof hues are always a safe bet, you shouldn't have to sacrifice your favorite bold shadows - and you won't, given you've got blinc Eyeshadow Phase One in your arsenal. This patented formula works as an ideal base for any and all of your eye makeup looks and works to prevent creasing and smearing throughout the day.

<![CDATA[For eyeshadow that will never crease again ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:49:36 +0000 raveinfo for+eyeshadow+that+will+never+crease+again_3356_800530714_0_0_7042633_300Tired of eyeshadow that crumples up like your 150-thread count sheets on a sleepless night? The last thing you need is eye makeup that won't hold true to your higher beauty ideals, so here's a few steps you can take to get smooth, crease-free lids every time.

The beauty experts at Allure.com recommend testing eyeshadow on your wrist to determine whether it's prone to makeup mishaps throughout the day. If you bend your hand back and forth several times only to discover tell-tale creases on your wrist, chances are you should keep the search going. This same basic strategy can apply to virtually any makeup product, up to and including eyeliner, which you can lightly smudge on your hand to see how it will hold up on your lid.

If you're not so game for skipping out on your favorite eyeshadows over a bit of faulty product design, use blinc Eyeshadow Phase One to get uniformly budge-proof results, no matter which dollar-store shadow you feel like wearing today. The formula is designed to provide a steadfast base for eye makeup that won't crease or smudge throughout the day.

<![CDATA[Blinc Trivia: Makeup tips to improve your look in holiday photos ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:46:56 +0000 raveinfo blinc+trivia+makeup+tips+to+improve+your+look+in+holiday+photos_3356_800660267_0_0_7004168_300With the holiday season in full swing, you're undoubtedly going to put on your tube mascara and liquid eyeliner and pose for your fair share of pictures. However, when it comes to your foundation and other cosmetics, you will need to take extra care to avoid your face shining or looking very obvious in photographs, according to The National Post.

With the quality of digital cameras these days, it's a lot harder to hide imperfections behind your cosmetics. One ingredient you should look for in your makeup selection is titanium dioxide - this substance is found in many products and can cause your face to shine when a flashbulb is going off.

A matte look is probably your best bet - avoid heavy powder and use eye makeup as your main source of color. This will allow you to use neutral hues on your lips and cheeks, giving you a more natural complexion in photographs.

Taking the perfect picture is just one of the many things you have to worry about during the holidays, but by following these tips, you can smile for the camera and not have to worry about an embarrassing photo.

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<![CDATA[Applying liquid eyeshadow so that it lasts all day ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:46:10 +0000 raveinfo applying+liquid+eyeshadow+so+that+it+lasts+all+day_3356_800678770_0_0_7044520_300Keeping your makeup looking fresh throughout the day is easier said than done - anyone who has encountered the telltale smudges around their eyes before lunchtime can attest to this fact. However, it's entirely possible, and without the need for expensive accessories. If you're looking to take your makeup regimen to the next level, here's how to give yourself long-lasting eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner that will keep throughout the day, according to BoldSky.com.

First, apply a layer of primer to your eyelids, followed by a base makeup. Keep it neutral-toned for now - this is more of a "blanket" application. Roll in a bit of mascara (be sure to do this first so it has time to dry) and use darker shades to add some depth.

This should be enough to keep your eye makeup looking fabulous for the entire day, but you can take it one step further by using a heated eyelash curler to give your peepers an extra dash of vitality. By following these steps, you should have beautiful, intriguing eyes through the entire work day!

<![CDATA[Your skin quality can make or break your winter look ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:45:19 +0000 raveinfo The winter weather can be extremely damaging on your skin, and if you have a dry base to work with, your makeup is going to suffer. Along with using moisturizers to provide a fresh and vibrant backdrop for your liquid eyeliner and tube mascara, you may want to consider primer as a means of protecting your look, according to FocusOnStyle.com.

Before you head out in the morning, be sure to use a revitalizing cream on your face and neck. This will help to open up your pores, repair dry skin and provide a solid base to work with when applying cosmetics.

If you're wearing eyeshadow, be sure to use eyeshadow primer before you brave the cold. This will protect your eye makeup from running, smudging and creasing throughout the day, which is especially handy in the damp and snowy winter weather!

Now that your skin is light and refreshed, you can go for a bold winter classic - a bright lip color. With the neutral outerwear dominating seasonal fashion, this can be a fabulous way to add a chic focal point to your ensemble.

<![CDATA[Winged eyeliner is becoming more daring in the world of fashion ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:44:23 +0000 raveinfo Winged liquid eyeliner was a sensation during 2011, and it seems that the style is going big and bold for 2012. According to Glamour.com, the very winged-out eyeliner look is gaining traction on red carpets all around the world, and it seems that the more daring the style, the more appealing it will be!

Winged eyeliner is actually quite easy to throw together, and the style is only limited by how far you're willing to push it. It is done by using liquid eyeliner along the entirety of your upper lash line to your outer creases. Instead of stopping there, you need to drag the brush out and then flick upwards to create an alluring shape on the outside of your eyes.

This style has plenty of potential to create new and dynamic shapes on the perimeter of your eyes. Best of all, it also provides stunning contrast when paired with a bright shade of eyeshadow. Just be sure to use eyeshadow primer before you apply cosmetics to prevent your makeup from smudging or creasing throughout the day.

All in all, it looks like the Spring 2012 fashion season will be highlighted by the bold eye makeup trends that have already begun lighting up red carpets around the world.

<![CDATA[Pairing eye makeup choices with your accessories ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:43:15 +0000 raveinfo pairing+eye+makeup+choices+with+your+accessories_3356_800695868_0_0_14009407_300There's nothing worse than an outfit that looks a bit too "put-together," which is why many ladies opt to avoid pairing their eye makeup with their accessories. However, fashion mogul Sofia Vergara recently wore the style to the recent Screen Actor's Guild Awards and the result was simply spectacular, according to HollywoodLife.com.

Vergara wore a selection of purple accessories that were set in silver, so her makeup artist set about trying to find a pairing with her eye makeup. She eventually settled on a dark plum eyeshadow that she paired with tube mascara and a touch of liquid eyeliner.

Vergara's makeup artist first applied the eyeshadow to her upper and lower lids and used a bit of eyeshadow primer beforehand. This helps to protect the cosmetics from running or smudging and maintains a superior hold. Finally, the makeup artist used a bit of mauve eyeshadow on Vergara's inner creases as a final touch to add visual interest.

A good rule of thumb when pairing makeup with accessories is to go with a complementary hue or a darker or lighter shade of the same color. This will create dazzling contrast that will wow others at your next social occasion.

<![CDATA[Taylor Swift's eye makeup turning heads in London ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:42:23 +0000 raveinfo Taylor Swift has been taking time off from touring and hitting all the hot spots as she spends time in London, England. Not surprisingly, fans and media alike have been following her every move, and they've been struck by her dazzling take on the smoky eye look with lighter eyeshadow and a touch of tube mascara, according to Cosmopolitan.com.

In what can only be described as the "foggy" eye, Swift has crafted a fabulous daytime makeup option that could be ideal for a day in the park or heading off to work. To recreate the look, start with one of your lightest colors as a base - creams, pale peach or opal are great options to cover your upper lid. Use a bit near your inner crease to act as an additional focal point.

Next, use a bit of mid-level color like gray, violet or anything else you'd like to try. The trick to the look is the darkest hue - instead of using liquid eyeliner which could be a bit too striking during the day, Swift used the darkest eyeshadow in her palette to add visual interest to the perimeter of her eyes.

When you're experimenting with eyeshadow, you don't want the perfect style to fall by the wayside during the day, so be sure to prep your skin with eyeshadow primer. This will protect your cosmetics from running, flaking and smudging throughout the day.

<![CDATA[Metallic eyeshadow is a serious winter trend to try out ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:40:30 +0000 raveinfo The smoky eye look, made popular by reality stars like Kim Kardashian, was one of the biggest fashion crazes of 2011, but it looks like metallic eyeshadow could supplant it in 2012. According to InStyle.com, metallic eyeshadow is a fabulous choice for fashionistas stuck in the winter doldrums and can combine easily with tube mascara and liquid eyeliner.

After using eyeshadow primer to form a base for your makeup, you should start with a bit of black powder liner around the perimeter of your eyes and then smudge it to create a shadowing effect.

Next, all you need to do is put on a layer of black, glittering eyeshadow on your base to have a dazzling look that can combine with winter's hottest fashion trends. Since the look can be a bit intense, be sure to keep your lips nude or in a pale shade.

Best of all, you can pair this ensemble easily with neutral accessories. Try a chunky black cocktail ring or be daring with black nail polish. Whatever you choose, you're sure to make waves the next time you hit the town.

<![CDATA[Makeup designer predicts the hottest trends for spring 2012 ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:38:23 +0000 raveinfo makeup+designer+predicts+the+hottest+trends+for+spring+2012_3356_800702457_0_0_7023443_300With spring weather on the horizon, the deep hues of winter will finally give way to the fun and bright eye makeup hues of the coming seasons. According to DNAInfo.com, makeup designer Yuui Ogawa believes that retro looks, orange and purple hues are going to be huge in 2012.

Orange and tangerine eyeshadow and lip color isn't exactly a new phenomenon, but it should be far more common this spring. Pairing this lip color with a soft eyeshadow is a wonderful way to make a statement - just be sure to use eyeshadow primer. This can provide a solid foundation for your cosmetics to prevent them from smudging throughout the day.

Retro styles always seem to rise and fall in the trending world, but giving a classic look a bit of modern panache is always a chic choice. For instance, you can sport one of the season's hottest styles in metallic eye makeup and then pair it with matte lips or a colorful scarf to give your look a retro aesthetic.

Finally, don't underestimate just how versatile purple can be! Whether it's used as a background color for your eye makeup or used as liquid eyeliner, it can provide a welcome boost for your look.

<![CDATA[Tips to hide those under eye wrinkles ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:36:48 +0000 raveinfo If you're entering middle age, you may eschew the notion of wearing eye makeup because of a few fine lines that may have developed around your eyes. According to BoldSky.com, using liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow could be the answer to give your peepers a youthful and revitalized touch.

If you're interested in giving eye makeup another shot, try this regimen. Start by applying a concealer around your eyes to hide a few of your under eye wrinkles. Then use liquid eyeliner to trace a dark outline around the perimeter of your eyes. You can then choose an eyeshadow that pairs nicely with your skin color - be sure to pick a hue that can blend easily with your eyeliner.

However, before you apply your eyeshadow, be sure to use blinc eyeshadow primer. This will prevent your cosmetics from running or smudging and includes anti-aging ingredients that can reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Eye makeup is one of the most effective means of hiding your imperfections, and there are countless styles out there that can match your fashion sensibilities.

<![CDATA[Are you daring enough to wear green eyeshadow? ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:35:58 +0000 raveinfo are+you+daring+enough+to+wear+green+eyeshadow_3356_800710190_0_0_7067026_300With spring on the horizon, makeup and attire will make a marked change from deep hues to the playful shades of the new season. According to BecomeGorgeous.com, green eye makeup is expected to be a major trend this year, so make sure you have liquid eyeliner and tube mascara to finish this dynamic shade.

Green eyeshadow can pair with nearly every skin tone and eye color, and they will give your look a sensual feel that people will surely notice. The shade pairs beautifully with a pale pink lip color and can be used simply as a highlighting hue or the basis for your entire outfit.

When wearing a new shade of eyeshadow, it's best to prep your skin with eyeshadow primer. This is one of the best-kept secrets of Hollywood makeup artists that can prevent your makeup from running, smudging or creasing throughout the day. It also contains skin moisturizing and anti-wrinkle properties that can revitalize your skin.

Spring is almost here, so now is the time to stock up on new and exciting cosmetics that can give your makeup ensembles a noticeable boost.

<![CDATA[Hide your age and revitalize your skin with these savvy spring products ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:34:23 +0000 raveinfo hide+your+age+and+revitalize+your+skin+with+these+savvy+spring+products_3356_800712297_0_0_14030991_300With spring on the horizon, you're not going to be able to hide your face underneath a scarf much longer, so it may be time to pay particular attention to your skin quality. According to GalTime.com, using a combination of concealer and moisturizing primer with your tube mascara and liquid eyeliner can create a dynamic look for the office or a night on the town.

Skin imperfections can begin to arise in your middle age, as well as the increased appearance of dark circles. Before you apply eye makeup, make sure to use a moisturizing solution like blinc eyeshadow primer. This product can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, moisturize your skin and prevent your cosmetics from running or smudging.

Foundation is another go-to for middle-aged ladies, but be sure to consult a makeup expert to find the ideal match for your skin tone. You want your skin to have a natural glow that suits your complexion, so do your research when looking for the right product.

Your skin quality is just as important as that new shade of eyeshadow or lip color, so make sure your regimen is up to speed to give your skin a revitalized look.

<![CDATA[A brown smoky eye can work for just about any skin complexion ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:20:52 +0000 raveinfo a+brown+smoky+eye+can+work+for+just+about+any+skin+complexion_3356_800713787_0_0_7067032_300With spring on the horizon, you'll soon be able to experiment with the many new trendy eye makeup hues and other products that are finally in-season. However, if you're looking for a functional everyday look you can combine with your tube mascara and liquid eyeliner, a brown smoky eye could be the perfect change of pace, according to AccessHollywood.com.

The beauty of the brown smoky eye is the ability to combine myriad hues like tan, bronze and brown to your liking. For instance, if you're looking for a simple way to jazz up your work attire, go heavy on the brown and use tan eye makeup to soften your look. On the other hand, if you're ready to hit the town, amping up the bronze with a bit of clear shimmer will create a stunning look that will attract plenty of attention.

Of course, when you're trying out a new eyeshadow, be sure to prep your skin with blinc eyeshadow primer. This handy cosmetic will prevent your makeup from running, smudging and creasing and can be removed at the end of the day with a bit of warm water and pressure.

<![CDATA[The right lighting can make a huge difference when choosing lipstick and eyeshadow ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 06:01:42 +0000 raveinfo Now that spring is on the horizon, fashion will begin a monumental shift away from the deeper hues of winter to the fun and cheery colors of the new season. When you're out shopping for new lipstick, tube mascara or that trendy new shade of eyeshadow, be sure to look at the makeup in varying light sources to see how it really pairs with your skin tone.

According to Glamour.com, various colors of lipstick is one of the easiest ways to fool yourself into buying the product that only looks great when you're in the store but may look questionable when you leave. A good rule of thumb when picking out a bright shade of lipstick is to apply a bit onto the back of your hand and then step out into the sunlight. This will give you a better indication of what it will look like under natural lighting conditions.

This also pertains to eyeshadow, which could look one way beneath the subtle department store lights and quite differently in your bathroom. Before you commit to a shade, take a few samples home and try them out - this will give you a much better idea of which product will work for you.

Makeup can sometimes be a huge investment, so make sure your next purchase is one that you can live with for a long time.

<![CDATA[Emerald green eyeshadow is a scintillating spring fashion trend ]]> Wed, 15 May 2013 13:35:46 +0000 raveinfo emerald+green+eyeshadow+is+a+scintillating+spring+fashion+trend_3356_800714261_0_0_7042661_300New York Fashion Week is one of the most glamorous events of the year, and many of the featured styles on the runway find their way into department stores soon after. According to Allure.com, no look is hotter right now than emerald green eyeshadow, which could be a fabulous choice for fashionistas who still plan to wear plenty of winter clothing in the spring.

Renowned fashion designer Jason Wu used the cosmetics during his portion of the fashion show, and he put his own twist on the style. Along with a heavy coat of emerald eyeshadow on his model's upper lids, he opted for the winged eyeliner look by using a slightly darker shade of green around the ladies' brow bones to create an dazzling accent.

One of the best ways to make this look work for you is to pair it with liquid eyeliner for added definition, as well as prepping your skin with eyeshadow primer. This can help to prevent any creasing or smudging throughout the day and will moisturize your skin in the process. Finish with a bit of tube mascara and you'll be ready to face the day.

<![CDATA[Why eyeshadow primer is key to youthful eyes ]]> Wed, 15 May 2013 13:20:57 +0000 raveinfo eye+shadow+primer+is+the+key+to+youthful+eyes_3356_800743661_0_0_7042633_300If you're diligent about anti-aging products and are constantly looking for ways to boost your skin's youthfulness, you're probably focusing on your eyes. After all, these features are what most people look at when they're talking to you, so they need to appear their best. While heated eyelash curlers and tube mascaras can help to make your eyes seem wider and more awake, it's eyeshadow primer than can really help, reports Allure Magazine.

A tiny bit of eyeshadow primer placed on your eyelids before you apply shadow not only makes it last all day (no matter what), but it can help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles that might make your makeup prone to smudging and creasing. This is much better than using a greasy cream to prep your lids.

"I see women put eye cream on their lids in the hopes of smoothing out their lines," one makeup artist told the source. "But all it does is make all the eye makeup bleed and turn into a hot mess."

Instead, use blinc's fountain of youthful color™ eyeshadow primer. This product conceals and fills out any lines and wrinkles you might have, making your shadow glide on smoothly and evenly. With added anti-aging ingredients, you can also expect to notice a decrease in those lines and an increase in your skin's hydration.

<![CDATA[Blinc Trivia: Kendall Jenner's eye makeup style shines at New York Fashion Week ]]> Sun, 20 May 2012 14:48:07 +0000 raveinfo blinc+trivia+kendall+jenner+s+eye+makeup+style+shines+at+new+york+fashion+week_3356_800598377_0_0_14028597_300Kendall Jenner is the younger half sister of the Kardashian girls, but the young lady is already making waves in the fashion world. Jenner was one of the many models to grace the runway at the Sherri Hill Spring 2012 fashion show, but it was her eye makeup style that stole the spotlight, according to HollywoodLife.com.

Makeup artist Rudy Miles explained that Jenner's brown and gold eyeshadow were all about creating a bright and bold look.

"I don't want the 'I've been out all night' look, so I just did one look that was all about the luminous skin and an eye that was defined without being overly smoky," Miles told the news source.

Miles blended the two hues to create a fabulously functional look for any social occasion. If you're thinking of trying it on for size, he suggests using a soft lip color to ensure that you don't detract from your chic eye makeup.

When you're wearing eyeshadow this fall, make sure it stays brilliant with blinc Eye Shadow Primer. This innovative product protects your cosmetics from running and smudging and can actually help to moisturize your skin after only a week's use.

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