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Eyebrow Mousse

  • Diane Kruger talks about perfect perfume and strong brows

    While reading up on the latest trends and heeding expert advice can be a great way to figure out which products you should add to your makeup bag, it's always fun to hear which items celebrities swear by. Recently Diane Kruger told InStyle.co.uk about a few of her beauty tips.

    "[I] boyfriend test [my perfume] with Josh," Kruger told the news source, referring to her man of four years, actor Joshua Jackson.

    It seems that once she selects a boyfriend-approved scent, the blonde beauty applies her fragrance very strategically. "I spray it on my wrists, d├ęcolletage and under my armpits as I'm allergic to deodorants."

    When asked about makeup, Kruger replied that she often plays up her arches. "Strong brows give me character," she added.

    Women who want to emphasize their arches can do so with blinc Eyebrow Mousse. The lightweight formula clings to even the finest hairs to naturally enhance the appearance of one's brows, making arches appear fuller, thicker and more deeply colored.

    American Spa magazine recently praised the product, stating that the Eyebrow Mousse "helps fill in sparse areas in the eyebrows, provides long-lasting color that does not fade or smudge, and can be easily removed with makeup remover."ADNFCR-3356-ID-19937836-ADNFCR

  • Easy ways to achieve a beautiful bold brow

    easy+ways+to+achieve+a+beautiful+bold+brow_3356_800080622_0_0_7062367_300According to fall runway shows, bold brows are a must this autumn. However, after years of thin-is-in arches, some women may find it difficult to execute this trend. Luckily, InStyle.com recently compiled a few tips to help any woman achieve this alluring look.

    Even if you aren't blessed with Brooke Shields-like arches, you can easily fake it with blinc Eyebrow Mousse, which fills in sparse brows and can add a bit of color. According to the news provider, tinting your brows is a great way to make them instantly more pronounced.

    "If you're a blonde, use a that's one or two shades darker than your brow hair. If you're a brunette, go one or two shades lighter," beauty expert Damone Roberts told the news outlet.

    Women with naturally thick brows can also benefit from Eyebrow Mousse. Camilla Belle's makeup artist Fiona Stiles recommends that all gals use a brow gel for a sleek finish. "You'll look put together, even without makeup," she told the news source.

    However, ladies with full brows should remember that proper maintenance is key. "Find a person you trust, and go for a shaping every few months," Stiles added. "Then follow the line at home to keep it clean."

  • Emphasize your brows before a glamorous night out

    emphasize+your+brows+before+a+glamorous+night+out_3356_800080633_0_0_7053729_300When preparing for a glamorous event, women often rely on a smoky eye or bold lip to create an unforgettable look. However, some ladies may want to consider emphasizing another feature instead - their brows.

    "At the Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps premiere in New York City, Carey Mulligan was amidst a lot of heavyweight actors," Georgie Eisdell, Mulligan's makeup artist, told InStyle.com. "As one of the only females in the movie, I wanted her to stand out and have a sexy edge to her look."

    To do this, the news source reports that Eisdell forwent the typical makeup applications in favor of highlighting the actress' eyebrows. "I extended and slightly darkened Carey's brows using a blond eye shadow," Eisdell added.

    However, if you are preparing for a long night out, you may prefer a product that is built to last, like blinc Eyebrow Mousse. This lightweight formula, which clings to each individual hair to create fuller, more luxurious brows, is water-resistant, so it won't smudge or fade no matter where the night takes you.

  • Brow guidelines for every woman

    brow+guidelines+for+every+woman_3356_800090494_0_0_7010016_300While finding one's perfect arch may often be based on facial measurements and face shape, it seems that there are some overarching guidelines that women should stick to when tweezing their brows.

    Most gals who desire strong, full brows have one idol and one idol alone - Brooke Shields - but there may be a few minor improvements that Shields could make to craft even lovelier arches.

    "It's hard to bash the 'Brooke Shields brow,'" beauty expert Sarah Uslan told MSN's Glo. "However, if her brows were a little bit more arched, yet still full, her face would look more lifted and awake."

    Ladies should also pay attention to brow color, as Uslan notes when looking at a picture of Gwyneth Paltrow, whose light arches are barely visible against her fair skin.

    "This is a case of camouflage brow," Uslan added. "She needs a tint. Brows frame the face, so if they're barely there, your best features can become lost."

    Women who want to tint their brows can use blinc Eyebrow Mousse, a long-lasting formula designed to naturally darken (or lighten) one's eyebrows while filling in sparse patches.

  • Flapper-esque makeup for spring 2011

    flapper+esque+makeup+for+spring+2011_3356_800127786_0_0_13084_300Fashion Week is always packed with a plethora of looks, and it can be tricky to select the trends that are sure to be big in the upcoming season. And at the Louis Vuitton show, models boasted a dramatic look that, with a bit of tweaking, will translate well from the runway and into real life.

    While spectators may have been expecting bright-colored makeup to ring in spring, they were instead treated to models that resembled 1920s flappers, with dark lipstick, penciled-in brows and shoulder-sweeping earrings. Their hair was pulled back into a twist and featured long, side-swept bangs.

    Though this look was engineered for the runway, women can prepare to rock a flapper-esque style come spring 2011. Instead of severe side parts and earrings that hang past their shoulders, ladies can don a more relaxed hairstyle and wear chandelier earrings that fall by their chin.

    When applying makeup, women don't have to rock highly saturated dark pouts and heavily lined brows - gals can wear a berry-colored lip stain and enhance their arches with eyebrow mousse, a light weight product that will emphasize brows without overwhelming one's face.

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