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Eyebrow Mousse

  • A smoky eye for the Belle of the ball

    a+smoky+eye+for+the+belle+of+the+ball_3356_800361778_0_0_7062061_300In case you haven't tired yet of reading about smoky shadow, there's a new rendition that's catching everyone's eyes.

    Camilla Belle recently stepped out with a smoldering gaze that showed everyone a new take on the eye makeup classic. Belle managed to wear a dark shadow on her lower lids without looking bruised, and finished off the whole look without any obvious edges.

    What's the secret behind her softness? Belle swept gray shadow along her upper and lower lash line and kept the application of her ultra-thin black eyeliner fairly minimal. She blended a dusty rose color into her crease, and kept things light with a shimmery champagne color on the inner corners of her eyes. Ultimately, Belle was a master blender, as the colors all ran seamlessly together with no harsh lines in sight.

    To keep things a little structured, ladies looking to recreate her look should use blinc Eyebrow Mousse to lend shape and volume to sparse brows.

  • SAG favorite: Winona's pink smoky eye

    sag+favorite+winona+s+pink+smoky+eye_3356_800376241_0_0_14004946_300If there's anyone who knows how to completely wow us with her eye-popping looks, it's darling Winona Ryder, and she did it again at the 2011 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

    Winona is one of those ladies that can take a classic and put a surprising twist on it without losing any of its timeless elegance. Look no further than her Sunday night appearance, when she showed up rocking a pinkish-plum smoky eye with a rather sophisticated ponytail up-do. It looks as though she blended a cabernet eyeshadow into her creases and lined both of her lash lines with a purplish brown shadow, a sophisticated style paired with a strong brow and a soft touch of pink on her lips and cheeks.

    To pull off this smoldering look, you'll want to angle the wine-colored shadow so that it touches your brow near the inner corners of your eyes and slopes down diagonally toward the edges, creating the illusion of deep-set eyes that are still rocking plenty of femininity.

    Use blinc Eyebrow Mousse to create perfectly groomed arches that off-set this dramatic look. Its unique formula lends volume and color to sparse brows and contains beneficial conditioning properties for the skin below.

  • Take a page out of J. Lo's book

    Jennifer Lopez is the purveyor of tight pants, big hair and that ultra sultry, honey-blonde complexion. But one thing we can't help but notice is that she pulls it off all the better thanks to her strong, well-groomed brows, which frame her face perfectly and prevents her from looking washed out, a risk for many ladies who rock hairdos that are the same shade of tan as their skin.

    J. Lo often defines her eyes with dark brown eyeliner and sticks to pink or beige tones on her already sunkissed cheeks and lips, which don't need a whole lot of additional color. We're guessing she probably grooms her brows a little too, as many ladies may be blessed with naturally strong brows, but the ones that really stand out usually shine thanks to extra touch-ups.

    For stand-out brows that frame your face with sophistication, use blinc Eyebrow Mousse to add color and volume to sparse brows.

    Its revolutionary formula not only enhances the shape of your brows, but it lends moisturizing and anti-aging benefits for the skin below and comes with water-resistant properties to keep brows looking flawless all day.

  • The favorable aspects of having a grey day

    Forget all those associations with rain and gloom - there's many a silver lining when it comes to the color grey, especially when it comes to your eye makeup.

    Camilla Belle demonstrated this all too well when she showed up to a recent event sporting dove-grey lids. The starlet kept her look luminous by blending the grey with shades of metallic silver, using the light pearly shadow to highlight her browbone and the inner corners of her eyes and blending the darker color into her creases. She balanced the neutral tones with petal pink lipstick and soft, rosy blush.

    Take a tip from Camilla and make a big statement with grey by balancing the light with the dark.

    You don't need to go with silver if the metallic look isn't your thing, but a super soft hue of gray pigment would work just as well in this case. Sweep the light shade all over your lid and up to your browbone, dusting it lightly along your lower lash line and on the inner corners of your eyes. Apply the darker shade to your crease and blend to make a seamless transition.

    To make a stunning impression, finish by grooming your brows to perfection. You can achieve Camilla's enviable brows by using blinc Eyebrow Mousse - the revolutionary conditioning formula gives color and volume to sparse brows.

  • In hot pursuit of Anne Hathaway's glittery lashes

    in+hot+pursuit+of+anne+hathaway+s+glittery+lashes_3356_800439455_0_0_14008375_300Okay, so maybe it was hard to keep track of Anne Hathaway's gazillion costume swaps at Sunday's Academy Awards show, but did you or did you not immediately devote your rapt attention to the screen when she kicked off the ceremony with those sparkly lashes?

    It was hard to tell whether she had chunks of sparkles in her eyeliner or if they were actually part of her mascara, but whatever it was, Anne had an extra special twinkle in her eye each time she batted those perfect porcelain doll lashes at us.

    According to BellaSugar.com, makeup artist Kate Lee added some "diamante lash clusters" to Anne's lashline, which, if it's what it sounds like, could be the secret behind her fairytale look.

    Either way, ladies at home can recreate her twinkle with some loose glitter applied to wet black liquid eyeliner. A winged, cat-eyed look works best with this trick, so extend the liner out past the corners of your eyes.

    Of course, the unsung heroes of all of Anne's Oscars makeup success were her perfectly arched brows. Pair any glittery look with some blinc Eyebrow Mousse to add color and volume to sparse-looking brows.

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