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Eyebrow Mousse

  • Blinc Trivia: Groomed brows are 'key' this spring

    blinc+trivia+groomed+brows+are+key+this+spring_3356_800461275_0_0_14005343_300If there were ever a facial feature that didn't get the credit it deserves, brows would surely be up there. The fact that they frame your face, convey all sorts of expressions and, when done right, can make you the sultriest goddess in the room, is plenty to get excited about.

    This season, however, our attention will surely be focused on these gaze-framers, as professionals in the business have been buzzing about them.

    Makeup artist Kiralee Hubbard told the Indianapolis Star that groomed brows are "key," as long as they're not too dark.
    "Most people are really surprised by the brow shadow I pick for them," she told the news source, noting that her clients tend to pick darker shades than she normally would.

    For a great product that does more than just enhance your brows, use blinc Eyebrow Mousse. The revolutionary formula adds volume and color to sparse-looking brows while lending conditioning and anti-aging properties to the skin below.

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  • Blinc Trivia: When was the last time you payed attention to your brows?

    blinc+trivia+when+was+the+last+time+you+payed+attention+to+your+brows_3356_800467532_0_0_7035423_300Some of us may spend so much time fretting over the precision of our lip and eye makeup applications, we don't realize we've just committed what's arguably the biggest beauty blunders of all time.

    "People don't pay enough attention to their brows, and they're so important because they frame your whole face," makeup artist Joy Pomante explained to Rochester-Rochester Hills Patch. And let's face it - brows deserve to be tended to, what with all of those expressive qualities they give you.

    To properly tend to this feature, get them professionally waxed and shaped and take care to tweeze any stray hairs following your treatment.

    Strong, bold brows are also majorly big in fashion these days, so use a product to create the illusion of thickness if you're not so naturally endowed. Use blinc Eyebrow Mousse for unparalleled color variety and hold, as well as added conditioning and anti-aging properties to benefit the skin below.

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  • Lashes, brows, shadows, oh my: Balancing your eye makeup equation

    lashes+brows+shadows+oh+my+balancing+your+eye+makeup+equation_3356_800474926_0_0_14011504_300Thick feathery lashes have always been a big deal, and strong, bold brows are equally in vogue. Tie those in with the staggering array of eye shadow colors to choose from, and you've got an equation that requires a delicate balancing act.

    You want to be able to emphasize your assets without going overboard, we get it. Sometimes going heavy on all three things can be too much, so how do you know where to draw the line?

    Consider the following - strong brows can enhance your looks in virtually any situation, so in most cases, you'll be swapping either the dark dramatic shadow or the extra thick fringe. Then again, what better way to keep a smokey eye looking demure and understated than by going for a minimal look with your lashes and brows?

    The latter is a great exception for the nighttime, but a great staple for your everyday look would entail the exact opposite - emphasize your natural features and let some light shimmery shadows do their job.

    Use blinc Eyebrow Mousse to add color and volume to sparse-looking brows - the high quality formula contains anti-aging properties and conditioners to benefit your brows and the skin below.

  • Blinc Trivia: Weathering the extremes of eyebrow trends

    blinc+trivia+weathering+the+extremes+of+eyebrow+trends_3356_800477670_0_0_14006161_300While it's true that most trends tend to sway to one extreme or the other, it seems that this spring's brow lookbook is pulling us in two directions. On one hand, the strong, bold brow is as ravishing as ever, but some fashion designers have gone the complete opposite way and shown us all how interesting a bleached, barely-there brow can look.

    "First, there is the uber-natural trend...with brows looking fuller," BecomeGorgeous.com explains. "On the other hand, there are certain designers...who bleached the eyebrows, yet maintain their natural, dense shape. Bleaching brightens up your look and emphasizes the color of your eyes."

    While both these looks might sound slightly crazy to some, it's been proven that going to extremes can reap some serious beauty benefits, at least when it comes to brows.

    If you're still on Team Bold Brow, at least you won't have to reach for any tricky bleach products to master your look. A few swipes of blinc Eyebrow Mousse, and you'll be all set. This patented formula is designed to lend color and volume to sparse-looking brows while offering conditioning and anti-aging benefits for the skin below.

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  • Think before you tweeze

    We know, we know - sometimes you're desperate for a change, and it's all too tempting to tweak your arches with a nip here and there to instantly open up your gaze. But if this were a fail-proof strategy, would there really be a prevailing cliche of the startled stare, the ghostly surprise or the overplucked hen?

    BellaSugar.com lists brow tweezing as one of the top 10 beauty moves that should be weighed carefully before committing.

    "Put down the tweezers," the website commands. "Best-case scenario, you look okay. Worst-case scenario, you damage your eyebrows and they never grow back or come back all patchy. Go see a professional."

    For those considering a more stream-lined visage, consider this - thick, natural-looking brows have never been more of a hot-ticket item than they are today, so would you really want to throw away that bold goodness, especially considering how many women would die to have their natural brows back?

    If you hail from this last category, not all hope is lost. There are better fixes than eyebrow pencils - specifically, we're referring to blinc Eyebrow Mousse. The patented formula lends color and volume to sparse-looking brows in a unique long-lasting mousse formula that will excel at battling all of the day's stresses.

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