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Eyebrow Mousse

  • Brows are like confidence: Fake it until you make it

    brows+are+like+confidence+fake+it+until+you+make+it_3356_800489497_0_0_7070086_300Strong, bold brows are a hot commodity in the world of beauty, but for many women, being blessed with naturally thick arches is less of a reality than a distant ideal.

    Perhaps you overplucked in your youth and you're dealing with the consequences, or maybe you just had a mishap with the tweezers and are waiting for their return. Some ladies have naturally sparse brows, and still others may be undergoing chemotherapy and could use some expert guidance to help rebuild their confidence.

    Cancer survivor and celebrity makeup artist Tim Quinn told the Kansas City Star that slow, steady increments of 45-degree angles will help you recreate the shape of your natural brow. Quinn recommends starting at the side of your nose (almost parallel to the inner corner of your eye) and rotate the pencil 45 degrees towards your temple to locate the arch. Continue with another 45 degree sweep toward the outer edge of your eye to find where it should end. Feather in some shape and color to complement your face and natural skin tone.

    Pencils aren't entirely foolproof, however, often betraying you through slips and smudges throughout the day. If you want high-performance color that can outlast anything, use blinc Eyebrow Mousse for unparalleled hold. The patented water-resistant formula adds color and volume to sparse-looking brows while lending conditioning and anti-aging properties to the skin below.

  • Blinc Trivia: The big wide world of shaping one's brows

    blinc+trivia+the+big+wide+world+of+shaping+one+s+brows_3356_800516894_0_0_7035423_300There's never been a better time to sport strong, bold, sexy brows, but that's easier said than done when you weren't naturally blessed with perfect arches. For all the rest of you out there, you're wont to explore a few options when it comes to shaping your brows.

    For women with an abundance of hair, the easiest option is to go get a wax. Once a professional shapes your brows just right, you can keep going back for maintenance or pluck stray hairs yourself for a groomed, flawless look.

    On the complete other end of the spectrum, those with sparse-looking brows as a result of genetics, aging or over-plucking have probably considered dying their brows to make the most of what they have. If so, you're not alone - Dita Von Teese confessed to The New York Times' T Magazine that she uses Just For Men hairdye to turn her naturally blonde arches a darker shade of jet black.

    Not all beauty experts would recommend this practice, and if the thought of using dye on your brows sort of makes you cringe, you should join the league of women who shape their brows using blinc Eyeshadow Phase One. Unlike many leading pencils and mascaras, the mousse lends color and volume to sparse-looking brows using a budge-proof formula and even lends conditioning and anti-aging properties to the skin below.

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  • Blinc Trivia: Eyebrows are no static affair in the world of hair makeovers

    blinc+trivia+eyebrows+are+no+static+affair+in+the+world+of+hair+makeovers_3356_800528424_0_0_7042684_300These days, it's not exactly unusual to see ladies reinventing their entire looks via the good graces of a bottle of hair dye. Blondes can rock deep brunette tresses (and vice versa) in a matter of moments, and don't even get us started on the latest redhead craze that's been sweeping the nation.

    Before you snap on your rubber gloves, however, give some forethought to those brows of yours. A drastic color change may or may not make those arches look out of place, and unless you're cool with rocking a slightly unnatural look, you may be wise to consider the following options.

    For those of you who aren't afraid to commit even further to your new look, getting your brows dyed or bleached is entirely on the table. It may be a good idea to get this professionally done, especially if you're going lighter.

    Feel uncomfortable with harsh chemicals so close to your eyes? Makeup provides an excellent non-permanent solution, but it's also never good to reach for a product that's so transient that it ends up all over your face. Blinc Eyebrow Mousse lends budge-proof color to brows in a stay-true formula, which also contains anti-aging ingredients to condition brows and benefit the skin below.

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  • Blinc Trivia: Are you prone to eyebrow mishaps?

    are+you+prone+to+eyebrow+mishaps_3356_800530717_0_0_7035423_300Let's be honest - not all women are blessed with naturally bold, perfectly-shaped arches. We're either quite out of luck when it comes to our brow genes, or we've messed it up along the way through the zealous use of our tweezers.

    No one ever denied that this wasn't why makeup was created, but that doesn't mean that we're immune from mishandling our fake-outs, either.

    "Because most women end-up with thin and 'chipped' eyebrows, makeup has become a perfect solution - however applying it correctly is essential," BecomeGorgeous.com points out. "The mistakes women usually make when it comes to reshaping or emphasizing their eyebrows are going for a hue which looks unnatural or extending the eyebrows more than necessary."

    To circumvent this issue, employ a high-quality product such as blinc Eyebrow Mousse to aid you in your quest toward arched perfection. The mousse lends color and volume to sparse-looking brows in a steadfast, budge-proof formula that contains conditioning and anti-aging properties to benefit the skin below.

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  • Best brow practices for the sweltering summer heat

    best+brow+practices+for+the+sweltering+summer+heat_3356_800545166_0_0_7070087_300Anyone who has ever sat through a melting mid-July heatwave knows that not all makeup is built to withstand the summertime. In this instance, foundation and mascara especially come to mind, but where do some of the less obvious details fit into the big sweaty picture?

    When it comes to brow maintenance, not all of us immediately wonder what will come of our pencils once the thermostat breaks 85 Fahrenheit. Much to the dismay of many fans of the strong, bold brow, many standard brow products look positively melty in the hot, hot heat.

    Fortunately, there's a market for water-resistant formulas where our arches are concerned, and blinc Eyebrow Mousse has sought to eliminate many of the same day-long concerns that blinc Mascara and blinc Eye Shadow Primer have successfully tackled.

    Unlike standard eyebrow pencils, blinc Eyebrow Mousse lends color and volume to sparse-looking brows in a budgeproof, water-resistant formula that maintains brow shape throughout the day. In addition, the formula is packed with conditioning and anti-aging properties to benefit the skin below.

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