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  • Still shaking off New Year's? Use these products to give yourself a healthy glow

    still+shaking+off+new+year+s+use+these+products+to+give+yourself+a+healthy+glow_3356_800676253_0_0_7042633_300If you're like most people, you probably stayed up to watch the ball drop - and you may be experiencing dark circles as a result. Luckily, there are a few eye makeup products such as liquid eyeliner and a heated eyelash curler that can give your face a fresh quality that can last all day long, according to Glamour.com.

    First and foremost, the quickest way to improve your eyes is to use a heated eyelash curler. More than any other facial feature, curled lashes give your face the appearance of being awake, so this can be a simple step to add to your morning regimen.

    A bit of blush on your cheeks can put some color back onto your face and help you shake off the drowsy paleness that may show up this week. Lastly, a touch of liquid eyeliner along your upper lash line with a bit of tube mascara can give you a versatile style without a lot of hassle.

    A bit of highlighter on your upper brow bone can also help to give your skin a healthy glow. While these products can certainly help, nothing beats a good night's sleep to improve your skin health!

  • A unique place to put your liquid eyeliners

    You probably know that liquid eyeliners can do a lot to define your eyes and create a stunning makeup look, but did you know that there's a more exciting place to apply it than above your upper lash line?

    Instead of defining your upper lashes, you may want to try using liquid eyeliners on your lower lash line. It's more unexpected and will give your look a fresh touch. Stars like Kim Kardashian and Zoe Saldana have been rocking the look with blue and purple liquid eyeliners, which add a fun pop of color and work with every eye shade.

    To do it yourself, apply your makeup as usual, but forget about using liquid eyeliners on your upper lash line. Instead, use a black pencil to softly define your fringe, then use a bright shade of liquid eyeliner on your lower lash line. Keep it thin to avoid drawing too much attention to the switch.

    Use a neutral eyeshadow color to give your eyes a bit of added depth, then apply mascara as usual to amp up your lashes. You'll notice that the new liquid eyeliner look makes your eyes trendy and glamorous.

  • Do you struggle to get out of the door in the morning? Try some liquid eyeliner

    do+you+struggle+to+get+out+of+the+door+in+the+morning+try+some+liquid+eyeliner_3356_800676744_0_0_14007926_300If you're the kind of person who needs every bit of free time possible to get out of the door in the morning, maybe it's time to take a look at your makeup routine. If you're the kind of person who uses just a touch of eye makeup and a bright lip color, liquid eyeliner and a heated eyelash curler could be your secret to expediency in the morning.

    Liquid eyeliner from blinc is a fabulous product that offers water-resistant qualities that will protect it from smudging and creasing throughout the day. Spread a layer over your upper lash line to instantly give your lids depth and a pop of color.

    The best way to look awake in the morning is with well-manicured eyelashes, and a heated eyelash curler will get them in the perfect shape and keep them there! Always be sure to use your tube mascara after you've used a lash curler to ensure that your lashes stay in place all day long.

    We'd all love to cut some time out of our morning regimens, so use these hassle-free cosmetics to perk up your look and make life a lot easier.

  • Eyeshadow hues that will combine beautifully with your favorite eyeliner

    eyeshadow+hues+that+will+combine+beautifully+with+your+favorite+eyeliner_3356_800676746_0_0_7042657_300Now that the winter weather is in full swing, certain fashion trends will begin to gain a lot more traction. If you're fond of liquid eyeliner, you probably love combining it with your favorite eyeshadow hues, so consider these hot trends for 2012 that can combine beautifully with your favorite makeup, according to Fashionfor2012.net.

    Winter is all about embracing the more demure hues of the color spectrum, but these hues can combine quite well with one another. Consider combining purple and gold - you can use the purple hue on the perimeter of your eyes while using the gold to highlight your inner creases and your upper lash line.

    On the other hand, if you're a big fan of blue eye makeup, this is the time of year to break it out! Prep your eyelashes with a heated eyelash curler and coat the inside of your eyes with a light application of eyeshadow. You can then use a thin layer of liquid eyeliner to put a finishing touch on your ensemble.

    Above all, you should experiment and find the perfect combination of winter shades that will work with your complexion.

  • Fashion tips for ladies with thick eyebrows

    fashion+tips+for+ladies+with+thick+eyebrows_3356_800677828_0_0_7040300_300Thick eyebrows are nothing to be ashamed of, and frankly they can help to frame your makeup look far easier than other ladies. However, you need to go with a certain tact to pull off the perfect style. According to BoldSky.com, using dark eye makeup like liquid eyeliner and prepping with a heated eyelash curler will have you ready for any social occasion.

    Smoky eye makeup is a natural pairing with thick eyebrows, so be adventurous with your color choices to create something perfect for winter. Try lining your upper lash line with blinc liquid eyeliner and then use your upper eyelid and brow bone to display metallic eyeshadow or a touch of shimmer for contrast.

    Paying particular attention to your eyebrows can also help. The news source suggests using a dry toothbrush to gently remove any excess hairs and to make them look clean and well-shaped. You can then use an eyebrow pencil to get the specific shape you're looking for to create a dazzling look.

    Big and bold eyebrows can actually help to jazz up your look with the right preparations, so use these cosmetics to your advantage to craft a carefree ensemble for your next night out.

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