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  • Rachel McAdams creates a stunning not-so-smoky eye look

    rachel+mcadams+creates+a+stunning+not+so+smoky+eye+look_3356_800702455_0_0_14047996_300The smoky eye look has been a mainstay on red carpets all around the world, but the style can be difficult for ladies to pull off without a lot of practice. As a result, fashionistas and celebrities alike have begun to sport subdued versions of the style that allow them to wear their favorite liquid eyeliner and skip some of the dark eyeshadow, according to

    McAdams started by applying tube mascara to her upper and lower lash lines to give her lashes additional volume and presence in her look. Additionally, she used a soft touch of liquid eyeliner to line the perimeter around her eyes and create more visual interest. She then used a bit of foundation on her cheeks to give her skin a fresh and dewy glow.

    What really caught the attention of best-dressed lists and fashion blogs was McAdams' choice of lip color. The bright tangerine hue was unmistakably the focal point of her ensemble, combining beautifully with her baby blue cocktail dress.

    A bright lip color is a chic choice for the spring, but the proportions of your makeup are even more important. Finding the right balance between the strength of your color choices and their volume can help you craft a stunning outfit.

  • Properly applying liquid eyeliners to create a bold, beautiful look

    properly+applying+liquid+eyeliners+to+create+a+bold+beautiful+look_3356_800703529_0_0_7023445_300If you've seen a liquid eyeliner tutorial and you have learned several tips over years of using the product, you might think you know everything about wearing it. However, if you think your liquid eyeliners could be doing more to heighten your natural beauty, you might be doing it all wrong!

    There are a couple of liquid eyeliner tips you can take into consideration to make sure you apply it flawlessly every time. First, it's important to remember that you should never use liquid eyeliners on your bottom eyelid. This makeup is best used on the top lid to get the full effect - stick with a pencil on the bottom if you want further definition.

    Try to apply liquid eyeliners as close to the lash line as possible, rather than using too much in an attempt to go bold. Over-application can make you look tacky and inappropriate in a formal setting.

    Finally, don't skimp out and use a cheap liquid eyeliner to try to get the job done. Trust blinc's liquid eyeliners to make you look fabulous and flawless every day. This eyeliner is composed of a formula that won't run or smudge, giving you peace of mind.

  • Tips to hide those under eye wrinkles

    If you're entering middle age, you may eschew the notion of wearing eye makeup because of a few fine lines that may have developed around your eyes. According to, using liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow could be the answer to give your peepers a youthful and revitalized touch.

    If you're interested in giving eye makeup another shot, try this regimen. Start by applying a concealer around your eyes to hide a few of your under eye wrinkles. Then use liquid eyeliner to trace a dark outline around the perimeter of your eyes. You can then choose an eyeshadow that pairs nicely with your skin color - be sure to pick a hue that can blend easily with your eyeliner.

    However, before you apply your eyeshadow, be sure to use blinc eyeshadow primer. This will prevent your cosmetics from running or smudging and includes anti-aging ingredients that can reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

    Eye makeup is one of the most effective means of hiding your imperfections, and there are countless styles out there that can match your fashion sensibilities.

  • Tweaking your liquid eyeliner routine to create a fresh look

    You might think you already know all of the liquid eyeliner tips out there, but if your look has been a little flat lately, you might want to re-think how you put on your liquid eyeliners. If you've had the same routine for years and it isn't helping you give your eyes a bold look, you may need to tweak your method.

    There are a couple of things to keep in mind when applying liquid eyeliners that can help you get that glamorous appearance in minutes. First, notes that you should always apply small amounts, then gradually add more as your look comes together. Remember this rule of thumb - it can be difficult to remove liquid eyeliner once it's on, so start off small.

    Next, you might want to get closer to the mirror in order to perfect your appearance. Tilt your head up as you're applying liquid eyeliner to make sure you're rounding off the edges of your eyes to your liking.

    Finally, don't shy away from colored liquid eyeliners. They can help you create a bold, unique look for a fun weekend or hot date. These tips can help you revamp your makeup routine and give you a fresh appearance.

  • Colored eyeliners continue to make a splash in Hollywood

    colored+eyeliners+continue+to+make+a+splash+in+hollywood_3356_800702392_0_0_14007292_300You may have already learned numerous liquid eyeliner tips over the years, but it's crucial to stay on top of the latest trends in order to put your knowledge to good use. Flip through a magazine and take a look at the ads - you might be surprised at what you pick up!

    One trend that continues to make a splash is colored eyeliner. Liquid eyeliners that come in everything from hot pink to cool blue are being used by everyone from actresses to singers, and it's no wonder - these products can help give your eyes a unique, bold look.

    Last year, actress and singer Zooey Deschanel sported pink eyeliner in her music video for the song, "Don't Look Back," according to Elle. Since then, people have been going crazy over the trend, which seems to be here to stay.

    If you aren't crazy about the idea of colored eyeliner, you can still spice up your makeup routine with liquid eyeliners and tube mascara from blinc. These products can give your eyes definition and they won't run or smudge, making them ideal for long workdays and weekends alike.

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