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  • Visit with a few makeup artists before you're ready to walk down the aisle

    With your wedding day on the horizon, you probably have more than enough things on your mind - from invitations to seating arrangements to planning out your reception menu. However, your makeup choices will be seen in your wedding photos for years to come, so make sure you stop in and visit more than one makeup artist to craft the perfect style.

    When it comes to bridal makeup, conventional wisdom says that less is more. With this in mind, you're going to have to find a good mixture of tube mascara, liquid eyeliner and other cosmetics that won't detract from the look of your dress.

    Ask around and try to find as many different opinions as possible. Visiting a few salons and getting a sense of what your skin will look like under varying light sources and when exposed to flashbulbs will be vitally important in planning out your bridal makeup.

    Most importantly, have fun with the experience! It's not so often that you get to be pampered, not to mention the chance to try out new cosmetics, so enjoy every minute of the process to find the look that suits you.

  • Pencil vs. Liquid - which type of eyeliner is truly the best?

    pencil+vs+liquid+which+type+of+eyeliner+is+truly+the+best_3356_800703532_0_0_7044518_300Many women are on the fence about which type of eyeliner is better - liquid or pencil. While most have a favorite, the truth of the matter is that there are advantages to both types.

    Liquid eyeliners have grown in popularity because they are less prone to running and they can help you achieve an enchanting look. With liquid eyeliner, you can define your eyelids and turn them into works of art.

    However, pencil eyeliners have their benefits, too. Although it may not be applied as smoothly, pencil eyeliner can help create the smokey eye look and give you a bolder appearance. However, pencil is prone to running due to moisture, so you might have to pay a little extra to invest in a waterproof liner.

    If you don't want to deal with the hassle of sharpening and want a lasting look, you might want to stick to liquid eyeliners. The liquid eyeliner from blinc is designed to give your eyes definition and it won't run or smudge throughout the day.

    Just remember to brush up on your knowledge through a liquid eyeliner tutorial before applying it. Although it's easy to glide on, there is room for error and you don't want to walk out the door looking like a raccoon!

  • Exfoliating your skin can help your concealer do its job

    exfoliating+your+skin+can+help+your+concealer+do+its+job_3356_800710195_0_0_7023457_300When you're about to head out for the evening, you may want to cover up any imperfections with a touch of concealer before you put on eyeshadow primer or other cosmetics. According to BecomeGorgeous.com, one of the best things you can do to improve the strength of your concealer is exfoliate your skin beforehand.

    The news source suggests using an effective facial cleanser to remove any dead skin cells, oils or other material from your face that could cause your cosmetics to run. When your face is ready, be sure to only use small amounts at a time - this will ensure that the makeup is spread evenly and won't begin to clump later in the evening.

    You can use concealer right around your eyes to hide any dark circles and create a lifting effect that will improve your look. Additionally, applying it around your nose, mouth and chin can effectively cover up any trouble spots you may be dealing with.

    With the perfect makeup base, you can then finish your ensemble with tube mascara or liquid eyeliner to give your eyes added definition.

  • Choosing the ideal makeup look for a religious event

    choosing+the+ideal+makeup+look+for+a+religious+event_3356_800710185_0_0_7018575_300Spring's the time of year when many Christian religious ceremonies like communions and confirmations are held. If you've been invited to one of these events, your makeup ensemble will have to be a bit more toned down than usual. Thankfully, using a touch of tube mascara and a subtle eyeshadow shade should be perfect for the occasion.

    If you're sticking to a neutral ensemble, opt for a subtle pop of color in your eye makeup or lip color. Avoid anything brash and bold and instead use a subtle color like mauve or light purple on your eyes prepped with eyeshadow primer. A dynamic red lip color may also look out of place at a religious ceremony, so stick with pale pinks and tangerine hues instead.

    Above all, you're going to want to use minimal makeup coverage to allow your skin to look fresh and natural. Skip the heavy foundation and blush and instead use small bits of concealer to hide any imperfections.

    Planning ahead and researching the dress code at the particular event will help you make a determination to create an appropriate look for the occasion.

  • Office makeup that can easily carry over to your trip to the gym

    office+makeup+that+can+easily+carry+over+to+your+trip+to+the+gym_3356_800711060_0_0_7074478_300By now, you probably have a tried and true makeup ensemble that allows you to get out the door quickly in the morning and still look fashionable at the office. However, at the end of the day when it's time to hit the gym, it may take too long to remove your cosmetics. However, with water-resistant liquid eyeliner and tube mascara, you can skip this step, finish your workout and not worry about any unsightly smudges.

    While you could opt for waterproof products, many of them can be extremely expensive and can go on a lot thicker than other designs. Products like blinc mascara will encase your lashes in tubes, preventing your lashes from running, clumping or smudging throughout the day.

    Since most mascara brands will start to run at the appearance of sweat, this can lead to raccoon eyes and may even start to sting. These water-resistant products can handle the rigors of your active lifestyle

    With a busy schedule, a workout circuit to complete and other activities on your schedule, you don't have any time to waste removing your makeup. Thankfully, these blinc products can make your daily routine a walk in the park.

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