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1. Prime your lids with blinc's light tone eye shadow primer. Then, place a matte cream-colored eyeshadow on the brow bone and a shimmer cream colored eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes.

2. Using the same shader brush used in step 1, add a deep chocolate brown matte eyeshadow to the outer corner of the lid.

3. Next use a pencil brush to combine the deep chocolate brown eyeshadow with a burgundy eyeshadow and apply it to the crease.

4. Using  blinc's ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen create a thin winged liner look.

5. Intensify and define the lash line by prepping lashes with a base coat of blinc's black lash primer,

6. Apply 2 coats of blinc Mascara Amplified to finish off the look.

<![CDATA[Glamour details how to nab the Kardashian sisters' eye makeup ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 09:08:30 +0000 raveinfo Aside from the drama they create, The Kardashians are best known for their hip and edgy clothing boutique chain, called D-A-S-H, as well as their impeccable makeup. These ladies are nothing if not well groomed.

Glamour.com recently clued readers in as to the best way to score similarly impeccable eye makeup.

All three of the lovely ladies attended the Beach Bunny Swimwear runway show, and they seemed to have employed similar when it comes to eye makeup, according to the news provider.

Kourtney's look was the least intense of the three, and Khloe rocked the most dramatic style, the news source reports. All of them paired dark eyeliner with smudgy gray or black eyeshadow and sported long, thick eyelashes.

For a similar look, apply a liquid liner to your top and bottom lashes, angling the applicator as close to your lash line as possible. Next, sweep a dark gray shadow across your upper lid, toward the outer corners of your eyes.

Finally, apply an acrylic-based mascara like blinc tubing mascara to your lashes for a look that will last all night without fading or clumping.ADNFCR-3356-ID-19897778-ADNFCR

<![CDATA[Zooey Deschanel puts a twist on her eyeliner look ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 09:07:37 +0000 raveinfo Zooey Deschanel is the heroine of indie movie fans across the globe, and now that she has made her foray to the smaller screen, she made waves on the red carpet at Sunday night's Primetime Emmy Awards. The actress sported a unique eyeliner look that fashionistas everywhere should stop and take notice of.

Instead of surrounding the entire perimeter of her eyes with eyeliner, Deschanel opted to give her upper lids the full treatment and save something special for her lower ones. From her outer crease, she placed a thin layer that faded slightly once it reached the center of her eye.

By choosing to only go halfway with the eyeliner and then applying a healthy application of mascara, Deschanel made her lashes the focal point and used her other cosmetics as a means to frame them.

If you want a hassle-free eyeliner for any occasion, blinc Eyeliner is your best option. This product provides a water-resistant layer of color that won't fade or smudge throughout the day. Best of all, it can be taken off without the use of harsh makeup remover, making it ideal for ladies with sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers. 

<![CDATA[Eyeliner tips that will shine at your holiday party ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 09:06:45 +0000 raveinfo eyeliner+tips+that+will+shine+at+your+holiday+party_3356_800662470_0_0_14032708_300When you're looking for the perfect style for your upcoming office holiday party, you probably don't want to go over the top. Luckily, there are a number of ingenious ways to use liquid eyeliner and tube mascara to create a dazzling look that is sure to get rave reviews, according to Glamour.com.

If you're going to be wearing a bold lip color for your holiday bash, treat your eyes as your means of highlighting the rest of your look. Use a thin layer of liquid eyeliner to give your eyes added definition, and then use a soft eyeshadow to create shadowing on your inner creases and near your brow bone.

Conversely, if you're sporting a softer lip color, your eyes will immediately become the focal point of your look. Winged eyeliner has become a chic choice for many fashionistas, and you can choose to simply use a thin layer or flick it upwards to create an attention-grabbing look.

Best of all, if you use blinc liquid eyeliner, it is water-resistant so it won't smudge or fade throughout your busy evening, so you can concentrate on socializing instead of running to the bathroom to fix up your look!

<![CDATA[Tips to avoid potential bacterial infections from your eye makeup ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 09:05:56 +0000 raveinfo While your makeup collection may be filled with dazzling products like tube mascara and liquid eyeliner, having many products may not be best for their shelf life. Do you remember the last time you washed your brushes or how long that eyeshadow has been sitting there? To avoid the chances of bacterial infections or other health complications, you should follow these tips to keep them fresh, according to ABC.com.

First and foremost, you should keep a bit of rubbing alcohol or some kind of cleaning solution in your bathroom to clean off your brushes. Additionally, you should never share your brushes with other people to ensure that they don't spread any unwanted germs in the process.

Liquid products are most likely the those that will expire sooner, so be sure to keep your eyes on the expiration date to ensure that it is still providing an even application. This goes for dry products like eyeshadow, blush and powder as well.

Taking a few of these steps will ensure that your cosmetic products remain sanitary and your makeup stays fresh and brilliant for every social occasion on your calendar.

<![CDATA[Still shaking off New Year's? Use these products to give yourself a healthy glow ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 09:04:45 +0000 raveinfo still+shaking+off+new+year+s+use+these+products+to+give+yourself+a+healthy+glow_3356_800676253_0_0_7042633_300If you're like most people, you probably stayed up to watch the ball drop - and you may be experiencing dark circles as a result. Luckily, there are a few eye makeup products such as liquid eyeliner and a heated eyelash curler that can give your face a fresh quality that can last all day long, according to Glamour.com.

First and foremost, the quickest way to improve your eyes is to use a heated eyelash curler. More than any other facial feature, curled lashes give your face the appearance of being awake, so this can be a simple step to add to your morning regimen.

A bit of blush on your cheeks can put some color back onto your face and help you shake off the drowsy paleness that may show up this week. Lastly, a touch of liquid eyeliner along your upper lash line with a bit of tube mascara can give you a versatile style without a lot of hassle.

A bit of highlighter on your upper brow bone can also help to give your skin a healthy glow. While these products can certainly help, nothing beats a good night's sleep to improve your skin health!

<![CDATA[A unique place to put your liquid eyeliners ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 09:03:52 +0000 raveinfo You probably know that liquid eyeliners can do a lot to define your eyes and create a stunning makeup look, but did you know that there's a more exciting place to apply it than above your upper lash line?

Instead of defining your upper lashes, you may want to try using liquid eyeliners on your lower lash line. It's more unexpected and will give your look a fresh touch. Stars like Kim Kardashian and Zoe Saldana have been rocking the look with blue and purple liquid eyeliners, which add a fun pop of color and work with every eye shade.

To do it yourself, apply your makeup as usual, but forget about using liquid eyeliners on your upper lash line. Instead, use a black pencil to softly define your fringe, then use a bright shade of liquid eyeliner on your lower lash line. Keep it thin to avoid drawing too much attention to the switch.

Use a neutral eyeshadow color to give your eyes a bit of added depth, then apply mascara as usual to amp up your lashes. You'll notice that the new liquid eyeliner look makes your eyes trendy and glamorous.

<![CDATA[Do you struggle to get out of the door in the morning? Try some liquid eyeliner ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 09:03:07 +0000 raveinfo do+you+struggle+to+get+out+of+the+door+in+the+morning+try+some+liquid+eyeliner_3356_800676744_0_0_14007926_300If you're the kind of person who needs every bit of free time possible to get out of the door in the morning, maybe it's time to take a look at your makeup routine. If you're the kind of person who uses just a touch of eye makeup and a bright lip color, liquid eyeliner and a heated eyelash curler could be your secret to expediency in the morning.

Liquid eyeliner from blinc is a fabulous product that offers water-resistant qualities that will protect it from smudging and creasing throughout the day. Spread a layer over your upper lash line to instantly give your lids depth and a pop of color.

The best way to look awake in the morning is with well-manicured eyelashes, and a heated eyelash curler will get them in the perfect shape and keep them there! Always be sure to use your tube mascara after you've used a lash curler to ensure that your lashes stay in place all day long.

We'd all love to cut some time out of our morning regimens, so use these hassle-free cosmetics to perk up your look and make life a lot easier.

<![CDATA[Eyeshadow hues that will combine beautifully with your favorite eyeliner ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 09:02:08 +0000 raveinfo eyeshadow+hues+that+will+combine+beautifully+with+your+favorite+eyeliner_3356_800676746_0_0_7042657_300Now that the winter weather is in full swing, certain fashion trends will begin to gain a lot more traction. If you're fond of liquid eyeliner, you probably love combining it with your favorite eyeshadow hues, so consider these hot trends for 2012 that can combine beautifully with your favorite makeup, according to Fashionfor2012.net.

Winter is all about embracing the more demure hues of the color spectrum, but these hues can combine quite well with one another. Consider combining purple and gold - you can use the purple hue on the perimeter of your eyes while using the gold to highlight your inner creases and your upper lash line.

On the other hand, if you're a big fan of blue eye makeup, this is the time of year to break it out! Prep your eyelashes with a heated eyelash curler and coat the inside of your eyes with a light application of eyeshadow. You can then use a thin layer of liquid eyeliner to put a finishing touch on your ensemble.

Above all, you should experiment and find the perfect combination of winter shades that will work with your complexion.

<![CDATA[Fashion tips for ladies with thick eyebrows ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 09:01:26 +0000 raveinfo fashion+tips+for+ladies+with+thick+eyebrows_3356_800677828_0_0_7040300_300Thick eyebrows are nothing to be ashamed of, and frankly they can help to frame your makeup look far easier than other ladies. However, you need to go with a certain tact to pull off the perfect style. According to BoldSky.com, using dark eye makeup like liquid eyeliner and prepping with a heated eyelash curler will have you ready for any social occasion.

Smoky eye makeup is a natural pairing with thick eyebrows, so be adventurous with your color choices to create something perfect for winter. Try lining your upper lash line with blinc liquid eyeliner and then use your upper eyelid and brow bone to display metallic eyeshadow or a touch of shimmer for contrast.

Paying particular attention to your eyebrows can also help. The news source suggests using a dry toothbrush to gently remove any excess hairs and to make them look clean and well-shaped. You can then use an eyebrow pencil to get the specific shape you're looking for to create a dazzling look.

Big and bold eyebrows can actually help to jazz up your look with the right preparations, so use these cosmetics to your advantage to craft a carefree ensemble for your next night out.

<![CDATA[Applying liquid eyeshadow so that it lasts all day]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 09:00:48 +0000 raveinfo applying+liquid+eyeshadow+so+that+it+lasts+all+day_3356_800678770_0_0_7044520_300Keeping your makeup looking fresh throughout the day is easier said than done - anyone who has encountered the telltale smudges around their eyes before lunchtime can attest to this fact. However, it's entirely possible, and without the need for expensive accessories. If you're looking to take your makeup regimen to the next level, here's how to give yourself long-lasting eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner that will keep throughout the day, according to BoldSky.com.

First, apply a layer of primer to your eyelids, followed by a base makeup. Keep it neutral-toned for now - this is more of a "blanket" application. Roll in a bit of mascara (be sure to do this first so it has time to dry) and use darker shades to add some depth.

This should be enough to keep your eye makeup looking fabulous for the entire day, but you can take it one step further by using a heated eyelash curler to give your peepers an extra dash of vitality. By following these steps, you should have beautiful, intriguing eyes through the entire work day!

<![CDATA[Meet up with an old friend with confidence ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 09:00:08 +0000 raveinfo meet+up+with+an+old+friend+with+confidence_3356_800679580_0_0_14037145_300If you're meeting up with a friend who you haven't seen in a long time, chances are you're a little nervous about becoming re-acquainted. After all, a lot can change just over the course of a few years. People get married, change jobs and even have children - all of which can take a toll on your looks.

You might only have a few wrinkles and a couple of strands of gray hair, but every woman wants to look her best, especially when seeing someone for the first time in a while. The key to making a memorable first impression is to keep it simple. While there's no rule that says you can't cover up those lines with foundation, caking it on might make you seem self-conscious.

If you're concerned about your grays, give your hair a quick dye job at home with a product found at your local drug store. This is a cheaper, effective alternative to making an appointment at the salon.

Finally, don't forget to use your lash curler and liquid eyeliner pen on the big day. A lash curler can make your eyes more noticeable, while a liquid eyeliner pen can bring together a bold look.

<![CDATA[Learning to use a new lash curler and liquid eyeliner pen ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:59:14 +0000 raveinfo learning+to+use+a+new+lash+curler+and+liquid+eyeliner+pen_3356_800680716_0_0_7023445_300If you received your first liquid eyeliner tutorial at the mall in a department store, chances are, you didn't get a complete grasp of of how to properly use the product. Even after using a lash curler, your look might fail to come together if you don't know how to use the liquid eyeliner pen.

There are a couple of ways that you can make sure you don't embarrass yourself when using these valuable cosmetics. First, think internet when it comes to getting a better idea of how to use your makeup. Many people are nice enough to share their skills online through videos on websites such as YouTube. A quick liquid eyeliner tutorial from the Web might be just what you need to fine-tune your technique.

Next, make it a point to practice what you learn prior to heading out the door. If your appearance looks a little off once you apply your new makeup, chances are, you're onto something. Start from scratch if you have to until you get it right.

Trying new makeup for the first time can be stressful, but taking the time to learn about the products can help you get over the initial hiccups.

<![CDATA[Go bold like Emma Stone with a liquid eyeliner pen and lash curler ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:58:16 +0000 raveinfo go+bold+like+emma+stone+with+a+liquid+eyeliner+pen+and+lash+curler_3356_800683877_0_0_14020380_300If you feel like your makeup isn't doing justice to your face, you might want to change up your cosmetics and look for a little inspiration from Hollywood. After all, celebrities have access to the best makeup artists in the business.

Take a few cues from actress Emma Stone, for instance. Recently, the star showed up at the 17th Annual Critic's Choice Movie Awards with a glamorous look that any woman would envy. Stone's rosy lip gloss paired well with the bold, black eyeliner she had around her stellar eyes.

If you want a similar look without going to a professional to do your face, you might want to think about picking up blinc's lash curler and liquid eyeliner pen. These two cosmetics are all you need to look like a star.

The lash curler is a great way to give your lashes curve and make your eyes appear bigger than they really are. In combination with the liquid eyeliner pen, you can create a bold look that will turn heads, whether you're on a red carpet or walking down the sidewalk.

<![CDATA[Your skin quality can make or break your winter look ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:57:34 +0000 raveinfo The winter weather can be extremely damaging on your skin, and if you have a dry base to work with, your makeup is going to suffer. Along with using moisturizers to provide a fresh and vibrant backdrop for your liquid eyeliner and tube mascara, you may want to consider primer as a means of protecting your look, according to FocusOnStyle.com.

Before you head out in the morning, be sure to use a revitalizing cream on your face and neck. This will help to open up your pores, repair dry skin and provide a solid base to work with when applying cosmetics.

If you're wearing eyeshadow, be sure to use eyeshadow primer before you brave the cold. This will protect your eye makeup from running, smudging and creasing throughout the day, which is especially handy in the damp and snowy winter weather!

Now that your skin is light and refreshed, you can go for a bold winter classic - a bright lip color. With the neutral outerwear dominating seasonal fashion, this can be a fabulous way to add a chic focal point to your ensemble.

<![CDATA[Winged eyeliner is becoming more daring in the world of fashion ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:56:45 +0000 raveinfo Winged liquid eyeliner was a sensation during 2011, and it seems that the style is going big and bold for 2012. According to Glamour.com, the very winged-out eyeliner look is gaining traction on red carpets all around the world, and it seems that the more daring the style, the more appealing it will be!

Winged eyeliner is actually quite easy to throw together, and the style is only limited by how far you're willing to push it. It is done by using liquid eyeliner along the entirety of your upper lash line to your outer creases. Instead of stopping there, you need to drag the brush out and then flick upwards to create an alluring shape on the outside of your eyes.

This style has plenty of potential to create new and dynamic shapes on the perimeter of your eyes. Best of all, it also provides stunning contrast when paired with a bright shade of eyeshadow. Just be sure to use eyeshadow primer before you apply cosmetics to prevent your makeup from smudging or creasing throughout the day.

All in all, it looks like the Spring 2012 fashion season will be highlighted by the bold eye makeup trends that have already begun lighting up red carpets around the world.

<![CDATA[Going light with liquid eyeliners and tube mascara can make you look like a celeb ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:56:01 +0000 raveinfo going+light+with+liquid+eyeliners+and+tube+mascara+can+make+you+look+like+a+celeb_3356_800692382_0_0_13442_300Women who want to pick up liquid eyeliner tips to help them refine their makeup routine might want to spend some time watching red carpet events. Celebrities have access to the best makeup artists in the business, so it's no wonder they're gorgeous when attending everything from award shows to movie premieres.

One celebrity who recently showed up in style to the premiere of W.E. in New York City was Madonna. In addition to wearing an eye-popping black velvet gown with lace embellishments, the pop star chose to go light on the makeup to show off her natural beauty.

Madonna seemingly knows no age, and her choice of makeup at the event proved it. Instead of trying to cover her imperfections, the singer wore nothing more than a little eyeliner, silver eyeshadow and mascara.

If you want to take a cue from pop's finest, think about incorporating blinc's tube mascara and liquid eyeliners into your makeup routine. These cosmetics are all you need to look like a celebrity on a red carpet. You may not be Madonna, but you can look like her with the right makeup!

<![CDATA[Bridal makeup trends to look forward to in 2012 ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:55:11 +0000 raveinfo bridal+makeup+trends+to+look+forward+to+in+2012_3356_800693616_0_0_14018215_300With springtime on the horizon, brides-to-be all around the country are getting set to get ready for the biggest day of their lives. After they've picked out the perfect dress and designed their ceremony's decor, it's time to pick a makeup ensemble! Thankfully, many of this year's trends utilize water-resistant makeup like tube mascara and embrace a natural look, according to The Plain Dealer.

"For the most part, they're [makeup artists] showing very soft, romantic looks. Very feminine." Wendy Fitos, a makeup artist at Just Browsing Skincare and Makeup Services, told the news source. "The biggest goal for brides is that they want to look good for the groom, but they want to feel like themselves."

Fitos believes that brides should choose a focal point to accentuate and keep the rest of their look neutral. For instance, if a bride chooses to wear a brilliant eyeshadow, then she should keep her lips neutral. If she's wearing a bold lip color, a touch of liquid eyeliner and tube mascara is a striking eye makeup choice.

Ultimately, it comes down to the bride's tastes and what she feels comfortable in, so don't fret! Oftentimes, a toned-down look is best and one that will allow the bride's natural beauty to shine through.

<![CDATA[Selena Gomez sports a smudged eyeliner look at recent makeup event ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:54:19 +0000 raveinfo selena+gomez+sports+a+smudged+eyeliner+look+at+recent+makeup+event_3356_800694932_0_0_14020327_300The smoky eye look continues to be one of the most popular trends in the fashion world, and it seems that celebrities have taken it upon themselves to reinvent the look. At a recent makeup event, singer Selena Gomez put her own twist on the style by using smudged liquid eyeliner to her advantage.

This look is a rather easy way to create a smoky eye without the use of eyeshadow. First, you'll need to use a heavy coat of eyeliner on your upper and lower lids. Then, all you need to do is take a makeup brush and smudge the makeup to your liking around the perimeter of your eyes.

While liquid eyeliner is ideal for this style, you can also make it work with a eyeliner pencil, but you'll have to make sure that it's creamy enough to blend and provide enough coverage. Additionally, this style can work for many forms of colored eyeliner, so mix and match your favorites to find the right combo.

Blending is another important aspect to the look - while Gomez opted for a charcoal shadow, you can combine light and dark hues to invent an entirely new style for yourself!

<![CDATA[The London Eye could be a chic pairing with your club wear ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:52:44 +0000 raveinfo Originally made popular in the 1960s and worn by model Jean Shrimpton, the London Eye is a dazzling eye makeup look that has made a huge comeback in the fashion world. According to ThisIsLondon.co.uk, the look uses liquid eyeliner in similar shapes along the upper and lower lash lines to create a dynamic arrangement.

"Create an aerodynamic, Shrimpton-like shape that lifts the eye by mirroring the curve of the liner beneath the eye," MAC director of UK artistry, Terry Barber told the news source.

The style is quite easy to put together, but it may require a bit of trial and error to get the desired shape. All you need to do is put liquid eyeliner along your upper and lower lash line and then use a brush to manipulate it into the shape that you'd like.

To give your eye makeup a sensational finish, use a touch of silver eyeshadow on your inner creases and blend it together with your black eyeliner. The result will be a stunning transition from metallic to dark hues that will help your peepers become the focal point of your ensemble.

<![CDATA[Getting your Valentine's Day makeup right ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:51:17 +0000 raveinfo getting+your+valentine+s+day+makeup+right_3356_800697260_0_0_14008042_300Valentine's Day is only a few short weeks away, so if you've got a hot date lined up, you don't want to show up in your standard makeup ensemble. According to BoldSky.com, letting your natural complexion shine through and pairing a bold red lipstick with tube mascara and liquid eyeliner could be a stunning look for the occasion.

Even if you're going to be wearing a jaw-dropping dress, you want your facial features to be the star of your arrangement. Since you're looking to make a big impression on your date, skip the copious amounts of eyeshadow and other bright cosmetics. You want your complexion to look fresh and natural while adding visual interest with a few makeup choices.

When you've decided on the perfect lip color, consider finding an accessory to pair it with. A cocktail ring or a statement necklace are fabulous choices, and your mascara and eyeliner combination will provide wonderful contrast for the rest of your outfit.

While you may be stressing about your big Valentine's date, being sensible with your cosmetics choices will ensure that you make a big impression on that special someone.

<![CDATA[Metallic eyeshadow is a serious winter trend to try out ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:50:25 +0000 raveinfo metallic+eyeshadow+is+a+serious+winter+trend+to+try+out_3356_800698607_0_0_14001539_300The smoky eye look, made popular by reality stars like Kim Kardashian, was one of the biggest fashion crazes of 2011, but it looks like metallic eyeshadow could supplant it in 2012. According to InStyle.com, metallic eyeshadow is a fabulous choice for fashionistas stuck in the winter doldrums and can combine easily with tube mascara and liquid eyeliner.

After using eyeshadow primer to form a base for your makeup, you should start with a bit of black powder liner around the perimeter of your eyes and then smudge it to create a shadowing effect.

Next, all you need to do is put on a layer of black, glittering eyeshadow on your base to have a dazzling look that can combine with winter's hottest fashion trends. Since the look can be a bit intense, be sure to keep your lips nude or in a pale shade.

Best of all, you can pair this ensemble easily with neutral accessories. Try a chunky black cocktail ring or be daring with black nail polish. Whatever you choose, you're sure to make waves the next time you hit the town.

<![CDATA[Preparing for a large speaking event with the right tube mascara and liquid eyeliner ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:49:30 +0000 raveinfo preparing+for+a+large+speaking+event+with+the+right+tube+mascara+and+liquid+eyeliner_3356_800699402_0_0_7018297_300If you're slated to be a guest speaker, you'll want to make sure that you look as best as possible before appearing in front of an audience. Whether you're going to be talking to your child's class or the executive board, it's important to take a little extra time in the morning to prepare yourself for the event.

First, make sure you get enough sleep the night before the big day. Often, women underestimate the devastation dark under-eye circles can cause due to a lack of sleep. By getting at least eight hours, you can guarantee that you'll be energized and ready to take on the event.

Next, practice reading any speeches or note cards you have out loud before heading out the door. Stand in front of a mirror and recite your planned speech to shake off those extra nerves and up your confidence.

Finally, go light on the makeup. A tube mascara and liquid eyeliner might be all you need to show off your natural beauty. A liquid eyeliner tutorial beforehand can also give you the tips you need to apply the no-run makeup properly. If you're satisfied with how you look, you'll be more confident in your ability to speak to an audience.

<![CDATA[Making the easy decisions early in the wedding planning process ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:48:34 +0000 raveinfo making+the+easy+decisions+early+in+the+wedding+planning+process_3356_800699407_0_0_7051798_300If you were one of the many women who was proposed to over the holidays, chances are, you're already getting excited about the big day. There is an ample amount of planning that needs to go into making a wedding truly memorable, and forgetting one little thing can completely throw an event off.

However, you can make it easier on yourself by answering the simple questions early in the planning process. By getting these easy-to-answer questions out of the way, you can take care of a number of decisions and make sure nothing is put off until the end.

First, determine what type of wedding you want to have - outdoor or indoor. There are pros and cons to both, but making this decision early on can give you an opportunity to start focusing on a specific location or venue.

Next, create a solid number of guests that you would like to attend. Deciding whether you want to allow a plus-one can also simplify the invitation process.

Finally, choose the right makeup for your big day prior to your dress. Doing so is as easy as picking up blinc's liquid eyeliners and lash primer. Don't forget to look up a few liquid eyeliner tips prior to your wedding to make sure you look stunning!

<![CDATA[Blinc Trivia: Creating a pretty pink makeup ensemble for Valentine's Day ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:47:32 +0000 raveinfo blinc+trivia+creating+a+pretty+pink+makeup+ensemble+for+valentine+s+day_3356_800700583_0_0_7042664_300The biggest date night of the year is a lot closer than you may think, so you're probably hard at work trying to figure out the best makeup ensemble. If you're a fan of pink cosmetics, there are more than a few tasteful style choices you can pair with your liquid eyeliner on the big day to wow your date, according to BoldSky.com.

Pink blush is a fabulous way to perk up your complexion before your big date. However, this can be a strong hue depending on your skin tone, so weight the proportions of the makeup before your date night arrives. You should pair it with a simple eye makeup look of tube mascara and liquid eyeliner to accentuate the look of your blush.

On the other hand, if you're a big fan of pink lip color, you can be a bit more adventurous with your eye makeup. Go with a slightly subdued smoky eye by combining shades of mauve, violet or gray. This will provide fabulous contrast and give your peepers an alluring look.

Most importantly, make sure the proportions of your makeup are in good order. The last thing you want to do is scare away your date with tons of cosmetics, so embrace color while letting your natural complexion shine through.

Trivia Question: Which actress received Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Award this year? Go to facebook.com/blincinc to answer and win free blinc cosmetics!

<![CDATA[Makeup designer predicts the hottest trends for spring 2012 ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:46:34 +0000 raveinfo makeup+designer+predicts+the+hottest+trends+for+spring+2012_3356_800702457_0_0_7023443_300With spring weather on the horizon, the deep hues of winter will finally give way to the fun and bright eye makeup hues of the coming seasons. According to DNAInfo.com, makeup designer Yuui Ogawa believes that retro looks, orange and purple hues are going to be huge in 2012.

Orange and tangerine eyeshadow and lip color isn't exactly a new phenomenon, but it should be far more common this spring. Pairing this lip color with a soft eyeshadow is a wonderful way to make a statement - just be sure to use eyeshadow primer. This can provide a solid foundation for your cosmetics to prevent them from smudging throughout the day.

Retro styles always seem to rise and fall in the trending world, but giving a classic look a bit of modern panache is always a chic choice. For instance, you can sport one of the season's hottest styles in metallic eye makeup and then pair it with matte lips or a colorful scarf to give your look a retro aesthetic.

Finally, don't underestimate just how versatile purple can be! Whether it's used as a background color for your eye makeup or used as liquid eyeliner, it can provide a welcome boost for your look.

<![CDATA[Rachel McAdams creates a stunning not-so-smoky eye look ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:45:25 +0000 raveinfo rachel+mcadams+creates+a+stunning+not+so+smoky+eye+look_3356_800702455_0_0_14047996_300The smoky eye look has been a mainstay on red carpets all around the world, but the style can be difficult for ladies to pull off without a lot of practice. As a result, fashionistas and celebrities alike have begun to sport subdued versions of the style that allow them to wear their favorite liquid eyeliner and skip some of the dark eyeshadow, according to Glamour.com.

McAdams started by applying tube mascara to her upper and lower lash lines to give her lashes additional volume and presence in her look. Additionally, she used a soft touch of liquid eyeliner to line the perimeter around her eyes and create more visual interest. She then used a bit of foundation on her cheeks to give her skin a fresh and dewy glow.

What really caught the attention of best-dressed lists and fashion blogs was McAdams' choice of lip color. The bright tangerine hue was unmistakably the focal point of her ensemble, combining beautifully with her baby blue cocktail dress.

A bright lip color is a chic choice for the spring, but the proportions of your makeup are even more important. Finding the right balance between the strength of your color choices and their volume can help you craft a stunning outfit.

<![CDATA[Properly applying liquid eyeliners to create a bold, beautiful look ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:44:34 +0000 raveinfo properly+applying+liquid+eyeliners+to+create+a+bold+beautiful+look_3356_800703529_0_0_7023445_300If you've seen a liquid eyeliner tutorial and you have learned several tips over years of using the product, you might think you know everything about wearing it. However, if you think your liquid eyeliners could be doing more to heighten your natural beauty, you might be doing it all wrong!

There are a couple of liquid eyeliner tips you can take into consideration to make sure you apply it flawlessly every time. First, it's important to remember that you should never use liquid eyeliners on your bottom eyelid. This makeup is best used on the top lid to get the full effect - stick with a pencil on the bottom if you want further definition.

Try to apply liquid eyeliners as close to the lash line as possible, rather than using too much in an attempt to go bold. Over-application can make you look tacky and inappropriate in a formal setting.

Finally, don't skimp out and use a cheap liquid eyeliner to try to get the job done. Trust blinc's liquid eyeliners to make you look fabulous and flawless every day. This eyeliner is composed of a formula that won't run or smudge, giving you peace of mind.

<![CDATA[Tips to hide those under eye wrinkles ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:43:43 +0000 raveinfo If you're entering middle age, you may eschew the notion of wearing eye makeup because of a few fine lines that may have developed around your eyes. According to BoldSky.com, using liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow could be the answer to give your peepers a youthful and revitalized touch.

If you're interested in giving eye makeup another shot, try this regimen. Start by applying a concealer around your eyes to hide a few of your under eye wrinkles. Then use liquid eyeliner to trace a dark outline around the perimeter of your eyes. You can then choose an eyeshadow that pairs nicely with your skin color - be sure to pick a hue that can blend easily with your eyeliner.

However, before you apply your eyeshadow, be sure to use blinc eyeshadow primer. This will prevent your cosmetics from running or smudging and includes anti-aging ingredients that can reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Eye makeup is one of the most effective means of hiding your imperfections, and there are countless styles out there that can match your fashion sensibilities.

<![CDATA[Tweaking your liquid eyeliner routine to create a fresh look ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:42:52 +0000 raveinfo You might think you already know all of the liquid eyeliner tips out there, but if your look has been a little flat lately, you might want to re-think how you put on your liquid eyeliners. If you've had the same routine for years and it isn't helping you give your eyes a bold look, you may need to tweak your method.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when applying liquid eyeliners that can help you get that glamorous appearance in minutes. First, UnleashedBeauty.com notes that you should always apply small amounts, then gradually add more as your look comes together. Remember this rule of thumb - it can be difficult to remove liquid eyeliner once it's on, so start off small.

Next, you might want to get closer to the mirror in order to perfect your appearance. Tilt your head up as you're applying liquid eyeliner to make sure you're rounding off the edges of your eyes to your liking.

Finally, don't shy away from colored liquid eyeliners. They can help you create a bold, unique look for a fun weekend or hot date. These tips can help you revamp your makeup routine and give you a fresh appearance.

<![CDATA[Colored eyeliners continue to make a splash in Hollywood ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:42:05 +0000 raveinfo colored+eyeliners+continue+to+make+a+splash+in+hollywood_3356_800702392_0_0_14007292_300You may have already learned numerous liquid eyeliner tips over the years, but it's crucial to stay on top of the latest trends in order to put your knowledge to good use. Flip through a magazine and take a look at the ads - you might be surprised at what you pick up!

One trend that continues to make a splash is colored eyeliner. Liquid eyeliners that come in everything from hot pink to cool blue are being used by everyone from actresses to singers, and it's no wonder - these products can help give your eyes a unique, bold look.

Last year, actress and singer Zooey Deschanel sported pink eyeliner in her music video for the song, "Don't Look Back," according to Elle. Since then, people have been going crazy over the trend, which seems to be here to stay.

If you aren't crazy about the idea of colored eyeliner, you can still spice up your makeup routine with liquid eyeliners and tube mascara from blinc. These products can give your eyes definition and they won't run or smudge, making them ideal for long workdays and weekends alike.

<![CDATA[Blinc Trivia: Try runaway eyeliner with your t-shirt and jeans combo ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:41:23 +0000 raveinfo blinc+trivia+try+runaway+eyeliner+with+your+t+shirt+and+jeans+combo_3356_800704786_0_0_14001538_300With the weekend on the horizon, it can be tough to get all dolled up for a day of shopping or running errands. However, you don't want to look like you just rolled out of bed. Thankfully, by using liquid eyeliner, you can give your eyes added definition and a hint of color.

According to Glamour.com, the runaway eyeliner look has become especially popular. Whether flicked upwards to form a cat eye or a winged look, there are countless ways that the product can reinvent your style. Be adventurous and find a shape that works with your ensemble and facial features.

Pair your dark eyeliner with a soft lip color and be sure to finish your eye makeup with an application of tube mascara. This will encase your lashes in tubes and prevent your cosmetics from running or smudging throughout the day.

On a lazy Saturday, you can still look your best and get a lot accomplished with this carefree makeup style that won't take long to throw together.

Trivia Question: Which country singer was offered a role to star in Les Misérables but lost it to another actress? Go to facebook.com/blincinc to answer and win free blinc cosmetics!

<![CDATA[Makeup styles to avoid when heading out on a big date ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:40:31 +0000 raveinfo makeup+styles+to+avoid+when+heading+out+on+a+big+date_3356_800707988_0_0_14005915_300With a big date on the horizon, you may start to stress out about your makeup. According to Glamour.com, there are a few common cosmetic styles that can scare men away, so it's best to let your natural complexion shine through and simply opt for liquid eyeliner and a bit of tube mascara.

While your shimmering lipstick may give you a boost of confidence, using a bit too much may cause your look to go from pretty to trashy very quickly. Instead, opt for a simple lip gloss or a matte lipstick for a cool and composed look. Just make sure it doesn't have glitter - guys hate having a face full of glitter at the end of the night!

As your put on your foundation and powder, you may want to try and cover up every imperfection, but this could be a major turn-off. Not only will you look extremely high-maintenance, but he may be wondering what you look like under all that stuff!

Before you head out on your big date, use a bit of concealer to hide any big problems and use some neutral eye makeup. After all, if you're hiding the way you really look, you'll never know if he really likes you for who you are!

<![CDATA[Staving off the humid weather at your friend's destination wedding ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:39:48 +0000 raveinfo staving+off+the+humid+weather+at+your+friend+s+destination+wedding_3356_800707990_0_0_7052390_300Now that it's mid-February, many brides-to-be are going to be setting off to a tropical location to host their big ceremony. As one of the bridesmaids, you have plenty of preparations to make before you big day, but have you thought about the weather? Investing in some water-resistant products like tube mascara and liquid eyeliner may be the best way to beat the heat.

Humidity is a big factor in a tropical location, and if you've ever worn eyeshadow or foundation during a humid day, you know how quickly your makeup can run. If you're wearing eyeshadow during the ceremony, be sure to prep your skin with eyeshadow primer. This will provide a strong base for your makeup that will prevent it from running or smudging throughout your friends' nuptials.

Mascara can be another tricky issue on an especially hot day, so make sure you use an lash curler beforehand. This will ensure that your lashes have the perfect curl and help to spread the cosmetics evenly over them.

With all of the stuff you'll need to pack, your cosmetics should be the least of your worries. A few water-resistant blinc products could be one less thing to cross off your to-do list.

<![CDATA[Bold lip colors are a serious spring trend for 2012 ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:38:52 +0000 raveinfo bold+lip+colors+are+a+serious+spring+trend+for+2012_3356_800709286_0_0_14008042_300New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and many of the hottest outerwear and makeup combinations are on display. While many of the outfits are risk-taking ventures by some of today's hottest designers, bold lip colors paired with winged liquid eyeliner and tube mascara have emerged as common threads throughout the week's many fashion shows.

While winter is all about the perfect pouty red lips, spring gives ladies the chance to try out something a bit different. Thus far, some of the hottest lip hues have been tangerine, lavender and even varying shades of red. When paired with neutral eye makeup, it's the easiest way to make a statement with your ensemble.

The best part about these looks is that you can wear them during a night on the town or adapt them to your work ensembles. As long as you use a matte option or one that's not as shiny as other products, these lipsticks should blend with your outfit beautifully.

Spring is one of the most exciting times of year for fashion-forward individuals, so this is the perfect opportunity to stock up on lash curlers and other dynamic cosmetics in time for the season.

<![CDATA[Visit with a few makeup artists before you're ready to walk down the aisle ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:38:14 +0000 raveinfo With your wedding day on the horizon, you probably have more than enough things on your mind - from invitations to seating arrangements to planning out your reception menu. However, your makeup choices will be seen in your wedding photos for years to come, so make sure you stop in and visit more than one makeup artist to craft the perfect style.

When it comes to bridal makeup, conventional wisdom says that less is more. With this in mind, you're going to have to find a good mixture of tube mascara, liquid eyeliner and other cosmetics that won't detract from the look of your dress.

Ask around and try to find as many different opinions as possible. Visiting a few salons and getting a sense of what your skin will look like under varying light sources and when exposed to flashbulbs will be vitally important in planning out your bridal makeup.

Most importantly, have fun with the experience! It's not so often that you get to be pampered, not to mention the chance to try out new cosmetics, so enjoy every minute of the process to find the look that suits you.

<![CDATA[Pencil vs. Liquid - which type of eyeliner is truly the best? ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:37:27 +0000 raveinfo pencil+vs+liquid+which+type+of+eyeliner+is+truly+the+best_3356_800703532_0_0_7044518_300Many women are on the fence about which type of eyeliner is better - liquid or pencil. While most have a favorite, the truth of the matter is that there are advantages to both types.

Liquid eyeliners have grown in popularity because they are less prone to running and they can help you achieve an enchanting look. With liquid eyeliner, you can define your eyelids and turn them into works of art.

However, pencil eyeliners have their benefits, too. Although it may not be applied as smoothly, pencil eyeliner can help create the smokey eye look and give you a bolder appearance. However, pencil is prone to running due to moisture, so you might have to pay a little extra to invest in a waterproof liner.

If you don't want to deal with the hassle of sharpening and want a lasting look, you might want to stick to liquid eyeliners. The liquid eyeliner from blinc is designed to give your eyes definition and it won't run or smudge throughout the day.

Just remember to brush up on your knowledge through a liquid eyeliner tutorial before applying it. Although it's easy to glide on, there is room for error and you don't want to walk out the door looking like a raccoon!

<![CDATA[Exfoliating your skin can help your concealer do its job ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:36:34 +0000 raveinfo exfoliating+your+skin+can+help+your+concealer+do+its+job_3356_800710195_0_0_7023457_300When you're about to head out for the evening, you may want to cover up any imperfections with a touch of concealer before you put on eyeshadow primer or other cosmetics. According to BecomeGorgeous.com, one of the best things you can do to improve the strength of your concealer is exfoliate your skin beforehand.

The news source suggests using an effective facial cleanser to remove any dead skin cells, oils or other material from your face that could cause your cosmetics to run. When your face is ready, be sure to only use small amounts at a time - this will ensure that the makeup is spread evenly and won't begin to clump later in the evening.

You can use concealer right around your eyes to hide any dark circles and create a lifting effect that will improve your look. Additionally, applying it around your nose, mouth and chin can effectively cover up any trouble spots you may be dealing with.

With the perfect makeup base, you can then finish your ensemble with tube mascara or liquid eyeliner to give your eyes added definition.

<![CDATA[Choosing the ideal makeup look for a religious event ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:35:46 +0000 raveinfo choosing+the+ideal+makeup+look+for+a+religious+event_3356_800710185_0_0_7018575_300Spring's the time of year when many Christian religious ceremonies like communions and confirmations are held. If you've been invited to one of these events, your makeup ensemble will have to be a bit more toned down than usual. Thankfully, using a touch of tube mascara and a subtle eyeshadow shade should be perfect for the occasion.

If you're sticking to a neutral ensemble, opt for a subtle pop of color in your eye makeup or lip color. Avoid anything brash and bold and instead use a subtle color like mauve or light purple on your eyes prepped with eyeshadow primer. A dynamic red lip color may also look out of place at a religious ceremony, so stick with pale pinks and tangerine hues instead.

Above all, you're going to want to use minimal makeup coverage to allow your skin to look fresh and natural. Skip the heavy foundation and blush and instead use small bits of concealer to hide any imperfections.

Planning ahead and researching the dress code at the particular event will help you make a determination to create an appropriate look for the occasion.

<![CDATA[Office makeup that can easily carry over to your trip to the gym ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:34:25 +0000 raveinfo office+makeup+that+can+easily+carry+over+to+your+trip+to+the+gym_3356_800711060_0_0_7074478_300By now, you probably have a tried and true makeup ensemble that allows you to get out the door quickly in the morning and still look fashionable at the office. However, at the end of the day when it's time to hit the gym, it may take too long to remove your cosmetics. However, with water-resistant liquid eyeliner and tube mascara, you can skip this step, finish your workout and not worry about any unsightly smudges.

While you could opt for waterproof products, many of them can be extremely expensive and can go on a lot thicker than other designs. Products like blinc mascara will encase your lashes in tubes, preventing your lashes from running, clumping or smudging throughout the day.

Since most mascara brands will start to run at the appearance of sweat, this can lead to raccoon eyes and may even start to sting. These water-resistant products can handle the rigors of your active lifestyle

With a busy schedule, a workout circuit to complete and other activities on your schedule, you don't have any time to waste removing your makeup. Thankfully, these blinc products can make your daily routine a walk in the park.

<![CDATA[Liquid eyeliner tips to steal from New York Fashion Week ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:33:20 +0000 raveinfo If you're looking for new and exciting ways to wear your liquid eyeliners, New York Fashion Week has showcased many options to consider. Among the most noticeable trends was the use of colorful liquid eyeliners that were winged out in a cat eye shape.

According to Glamour magazine's beauty blog, models at the Anna Sui fashion show and The Blonds show strutted down the catwalk wearing bold, beautiful liquid eyeliners with interesting details. The Anna Sui models had bright liquid eyeliner with a dot of color in the center of their lower lids, while the models at The Blonds had reptilian-like iridescent shades.

You can easily tweak these high-fashion looks by taking them down a notch to make them wearable works of art. Just use blinc's liquid eyeliners to create a thick cat eye shape along your upper lash line, then follow up with tube mascara to define your lashes. Skip eyeliner on your lower lash line, and make sure the rest of your makeup stays neutral - your eyes should be the focus!

<![CDATA[Blinc Trivia: Eyeliner can be a wonderful alternative to the smoky eye look ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:32:07 +0000 raveinfo blinc+trivia+eyeliner+can+be+a+wonderful+alternative+to+the+smoky+eye+look_3356_800711062_0_0_7023442_300As fond as you may be of the smoky eye look, it's not exactly the type of makeup style that you can throw together as you're scrambling to get out the door in the morning. According to Glamour.com, using a bit of liquid eyeliner on your lower lash line, paired with tube mascara, can be a fabulous way to save time in the morning.

A water-resistant variety of liquid eyeliner is the best way to ensure that your makeup won't smudge or run throughout the day. You can also find the product in many different colors if you're feeling a bit daring or if you're wearing a similar hue.

The one shortcoming of this look is that dark circles can ruin it in a hurry! Make sure to have a concealer that matches your skin type and apply it around the base of your eyes. With your neutral backdrop set, your eyeliner will have a far more dramatic presence and will work to give your eyes added definition.

You have enough to worry about in the morning, so why not make your everyday regimen at bit easier?

Trivia Question: Which artist sang a tribute to Whitney Houston at this year's Grammy Awards? Go to facebook.com/blincinc to answer and win free blinc cosmetics!

<![CDATA[Hide your age and revitalize your skin with these savvy spring products ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:31:23 +0000 raveinfo hide+your+age+and+revitalize+your+skin+with+these+savvy+spring+products_3356_800712297_0_0_14030991_300With spring on the horizon, you're not going to be able to hide your face underneath a scarf much longer, so it may be time to pay particular attention to your skin quality. According to GalTime.com, using a combination of concealer and moisturizing primer with your tube mascara and liquid eyeliner can create a dynamic look for the office or a night on the town.

Skin imperfections can begin to arise in your middle age, as well as the increased appearance of dark circles. Before you apply eye makeup, make sure to use a moisturizing solution like blinc eyeshadow primer. This product can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, moisturize your skin and prevent your cosmetics from running or smudging.

Foundation is another go-to for middle-aged ladies, but be sure to consult a makeup expert to find the ideal match for your skin tone. You want your skin to have a natural glow that suits your complexion, so do your research when looking for the right product.

Your skin quality is just as important as that new shade of eyeshadow or lip color, so make sure your regimen is up to speed to give your skin a revitalized look.

<![CDATA[A brown smoky eye can work for just about any skin complexion ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:30:33 +0000 raveinfo a+brown+smoky+eye+can+work+for+just+about+any+skin+complexion_3356_800713787_0_0_7067032_300With spring on the horizon, you'll soon be able to experiment with the many new trendy eye makeup hues and other products that are finally in-season. However, if you're looking for a functional everyday look you can combine with your tube mascara and liquid eyeliner, a brown smoky eye could be the perfect change of pace, according to AccessHollywood.com.

The beauty of the brown smoky eye is the ability to combine myriad hues like tan, bronze and brown to your liking. For instance, if you're looking for a simple way to jazz up your work attire, go heavy on the brown and use tan eye makeup to soften your look. On the other hand, if you're ready to hit the town, amping up the bronze with a bit of clear shimmer will create a stunning look that will attract plenty of attention.

Of course, when you're trying out a new eyeshadow, be sure to prep your skin with blinc eyeshadow primer. This handy cosmetic will prevent your makeup from running, smudging and creasing and can be removed at the end of the day with a bit of warm water and pressure.

<![CDATA[Emerald green eyeshadow is a scintillating spring fashion trend ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:28:58 +0000 raveinfo emerald+green+eyeshadow+is+a+scintillating+spring+fashion+trend_3356_800714261_0_0_7042661_300New York Fashion Week is one of the most glamorous events of the year, and many of the featured styles on the runway find their way into department stores soon after. According to Allure.com, no look is hotter right now than emerald green eyeshadow, which could be a fabulous choice for fashionistas who still plan to wear plenty of winter clothing in the spring.

Renowned fashion designer Jason Wu used the cosmetics during his portion of the fashion show, and he put his own twist on the style. Along with a heavy coat of emerald eyeshadow on his model's upper lids, he opted for the winged eyeliner look by using a slightly darker shade of green around the ladies' brow bones to create an dazzling accent.

One of the best ways to make this look work for you is to pair it with liquid eyeliner for added definition, as well as prepping your skin with eyeshadow primer. This can help to prevent any creasing or smudging throughout the day and will moisturize your skin in the process. Finish with a bit of tube mascara and you'll be ready to face the day.

<![CDATA[Are you headed off to the tropics? Make sure you bring these cosmetics along with you ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:28:08 +0000 raveinfo are+you+headed+off+to+the+tropics+make+sure+you+bring+these+cosmetics+along+with+you_3356_800715651_0_0_14014634_300It's the end of February and it's certainly the time of year when people need a break from the frigid weather. If you're heading off to a tropical location in the near future, you're going to want to look your best when sunbathing on the beach. Keeping a bit of tube mascara and liquid eyeliner handy is a hassle-free way to look fabulous on the sand.

While it may seem tempting to invest in a few waterproof makeup products, these cosmetics typically have thick applications and can be tough to remove. Water-resistant blinc liquid eyeliner is something you can throw on in the morning, and it will stay in place even if you decide to splash around in the water or play a game of volleyball.

Wearing mascara on the beach may seem like a potential nightmare, but not with tube mascara. This product will encase your lashes in tubes and won't run, smudge or crease throughout the day. Now you won't have to worry about the dreaded raccoon eye!

Whether you're hitting the beach or the boardwalk, these versatile cosmetics will keep you looking glamorous and can hold up to the heat and humidity of a tropical environment.

<![CDATA[Three ways to change up your eyeliner ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:27:15 +0000 raveinfo Are you looking for a new way to make your eyeliner stand out? The same old routine can get boring after a while, and a new look is the perfect way to open yourself up to other changes in your life - like talking to that cute guy, taking a chance on a new job or finally getting a start on your workout routine. Here are three ways to inject a little something new into your eyeliner.

1. Switch to liquid eyeliner. Learning to apply liquid liner takes some practice, but you'll quickly find that the results are worth it. Liquid varieties create a thicker line that won't smudge or run, unlike many pencil liners.

2. Go retro. Add some volume to your lashes with this throwback trick: gently curve your liner upward as you approach the outer corner of your eye. The winged look is a classic - and a great way to stand out in the crowd.

3. Try colors. Black's not the only option when it comes to eyeliner! Try shimmery gold or silver for a night on the town, or try brown or navy blue for a daytime look that's noticeable without being brash.

<![CDATA[Blinc Trivia: Pull off Adele's dynamic liquid eyeliner style for your next formal event ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:26:24 +0000 raveinfo blinc+trivia+pull+off+adele+s+dynamic+liquid+eyeliner+style+for+your+next+formal+event_3356_800715659_0_0_14049972_300Adele has been sweeping awards shows all over the world in the past month, but it's her eye makeup that's been making waves as well in fashion circles. According to InStyle.com, her ravishing liquid eyeliner look is something that you can pull off quite easily.

To create a clean line on your eyes, start by drawing a line from your inner crease and stop halfway along the top of your lash line. Do the same thing from the opposite side of your eye and then meet in the middle to ensure an even application.

When you have the right shape and size set, you can then drag toward your outer creases while the makeup is still wet. You can make the shape as large or dramatic as you wish, so do a bit of experimenting to see what works best with your facial features. Finish with a lash curler and versatile tube mascara to have a dazzling ensemble for any social occasion.

Liquid eyeliner is one of the most versatile cosmetics to have in your beauty bag, and it's the most simple way to add depth and color to your lash line.

Trivia Question: What jersey number did Jeremy Lin wear when he played basketball at Harvard? Go to facebook.com/blincinc to answer and win free blinc cosmetics!

<![CDATA[Pulling off Sofia Vergara's classic bronze eyeshadow look ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:25:38 +0000 raveinfo pulling+off+sofia+vergara+s+classic+bronze+eyeshadow+look_3356_800719261_0_0_14012680_300Sofia Vergara doesn't need a lot of help to create a ravishing ensemble, but at the recent Vanity Fair Oscars party, the actress created a sensual pairing that's perfect for the spring. According to HollywoodLife.com, Vergara wore a dazzling mix of bronze and brown eyeshadow that was finished with tube mascara.

Best of all, fashionistas can pull off the look themselves without a lot of effort. Vergara's makeup artist Kayleen McAdams explained her method, and she says that ladies should start with a good base of foundation. Then, she used liquid eyeliner around the perimeter of Vergara's eyes then applied bronze and tan hues to her upper lids.

What really stood out about Vergara's look was a bronze winged accent that framed the corners of her eyes. McAdams's secret to making this work is using a bit of concealer on areas where she didn't want the heavy makeup look.

Of course, the silver lining of using bronze and other shades of brown eyeshadow is that they can blend with one another to create something truly unique. Experiment to find the right match to your skin tone to see if you can pull off a true A-lister look.

<![CDATA[Liquid eyeliner tips for your lower lash line ]]> Thu, 16 May 2013 08:24:58 +0000 raveinfo You probably know that the perfect smoky eye calls for liquid eyeliners to be perfectly blended on both the upper and lower lash lines. But have you mastered the art of application yet?

Glamour Magazine's beauty blog has a few words of wisdom from a celebrity makeup artist who might be able to help you figure out exactly how to get that perfectly-blended eyeliner.

First of all, a sultry smoky eye requires a dense, soft-bristled smudging brush that will quickly and easily blend a bit of dark shadow over your liquid eyeliner. This will ensure that there is a soft effect. When you're blending, use the brush to smudge the shadow a bit past the outer corner of your eye, so it can meet up with the shadow on top.

Next, use a lash curler from blinc to define your lashes and give them a bold curl. Follow up with a coat of lash primer, which will extend your lashes and prepare them for tube mascara. Finally, apply two coats of the tube mascara, combing your lashes in between coats to ensure that they're feathery - not spidery.