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  • A look fit for Royals - Dramatic Purple and Gold Cat Eye!


    1. Prepare your lids for this look by applying a thin, even coat of blinc's light tone eye shadow primer.

    2. Using blinc's all over shadow brush, apply a gold shade of eye shadow to the inner corners of the eye and along the inner ¾ of your lid.

    3. Using blinc’s all over shadow brush add a deeper shade of gold to the outer corners of your lid.

    4. Using a shader brush, apply a garnet shade of eyeshadow along the lower edge of your crease.

    5. Using a freshly sharpened blinc eyeliner pencil in the color purple, line along your crease, starting above the inner corner of your eye and ending past the outer edge, aligning with your iris. Using the same blinc eyeliner pencil, line beneath your lower lashes. Use a clean cosmetic cotton tip to blend the crease line as well as smudge the lash line.

    6. Apply a purple eyeshadow, similar in shade to blinc’s purple eyeliner pencil, using a sweeping motion, apply eye shadow over entire eyeliner base. Lastly, use blinc’s eye shadow blending brush to soften the crease and blend the color upward toward your highlight.

    7. Create a precise winged liner look using blinc's ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen.

    8. Curl your lashes with blinc's heated lash curler. Then, prep your lashes with a coat of blinc’s lash primer. Finish off the look by tubing your lashes with blinc's black mascara amplified.

  • Feeling BROWbeaten?

    Brow Blog ImageIt's time to take your brows back...

    Allow the hairs closest to your existing brow line to grow in, once they have achieved a blendable length, begin growing in the next row, repeat this cycle until your desired
    fullness is achieved - To keep things looking neat throughout the process use blinc’s Micro Trimmer to carefully groom beneath the new growth, keeping strays at bay!

    Thin or sparse eyebrows can be the result of over-plucking, a medical condition, or genetics.
    Exfoliating with a spooly may help and doing so will slough off dead skin cells, increases blood flow and stimulate growth. After washing your face, gently “scrub” your brows using
    blinc’s brow & Liner Duo Brush

    blinc’s Long Lash double duties as a brow serum - the same peptides that dramatically enhance the look of lashes work on brows as well. When used twice daily results can be seen in as little as 2-4weeks!

    Just because your brows are growing out doesn’t mean you can’t have the beautiful face-framing brows you’re dreaming of.  Fill in the sparse areas and shape your entire brow with blinc eyebrow mousse, which simultaneously treats the underlying skin with a moisturizing, anti-aging peptide!

  • Rose Gold Shadow compliments any skin tone!

    Rose Gold copy

    1. Using blinc's grey eyeliner pencil, create your thick winged liner look starting at the beginning of your lashes on the inner corner of your eye. Keep the line thin for the first few centimeters of your lash line then dramatically increase the thickness and you move towards the outer portion of your lid. Create your triangle on the outer corner of your eye to create your wing, then fill in. For more precision your can use blinc's brow and liner duo brush to create your line.

    2. Apply blinc's flesh tone eye shadow primer to the areas of your lid
    surrounding your eyeliner look with blinc's shadow primer brush.

    3. Add a rose gold shade of eyeshadow only to your lid and crease, leaving your lid bare. To apply your eye shadow you can use blinc's all over shadow brush.

    4. Prep you lashes with blinc lash primer.

    5. For an eye opening finish, coat your lashes with black blinc
    mascara amplified.

  • A simple Cut Crease - 5 easy steps!



    1. Apply a thin, even layer of blinc's light tone eyeshadow primer to your lid, extending it out past your eye.

    2. With blinc's all over shadow brush apply a matte peach toned eyeshadow to your entire lid and out past the outer corner of your eye.

    3. Using a mini shader brush, create a curved line along your crease. Once you've reached the outer edge of your lid, place a shadow shield against your skin from the end of your crease and angle it upwards. As you hold the shield apply the navy shadow to create a sharp angled line. Next, lower your shadow shield and create a second angled line starting along your lower lash line keeping a small space between the parallel lines. Then, shade along the outer portion of your upper lash line.

    4. Apply a generous coat of blinc's lash primer to prep your lashes.

    5. Add blinc mascara amplified in the color black for long, dark, voluminous lashes.

  • Create a dramatic smokey eye in 5 simple steps!


    1. Begin by applying blinc’s Light Tone Shadow Primer over entire lid (not shown).

    2. Use a fluff brush to apply silver shadow below your crease.

    3. Using a pencil brush, apply black shadow to the outer corner of your lid blending it out slightly past your eye, along your lower lash line and into your crease. Finish by blending above your crease in an upward motion creating a soft edge leading toward your brow bone.

    4. Apply blinc's liquid eyeliner pen along your lash line. While
    holding your lid taught, start from the inner corner of your eye,
    gliding the pen outwards, once you reach the outer corner bring the tip out and up.

    5. Finish off by applying blinc's black mascara amplified.

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