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Lash Curler

  • Staving off the humid weather at your friend's destination wedding

    staving+off+the+humid+weather+at+your+friend+s+destination+wedding_3356_800707990_0_0_7052390_300Now that it's mid-February, many brides-to-be are going to be setting off to a tropical location to host their big ceremony. As one of the bridesmaids, you have plenty of preparations to make before you big day, but have you thought about the weather? Investing in some water-resistant products like tube mascara and liquid eyeliner may be the best way to beat the heat.

    Humidity is a big factor in a tropical location, and if you've ever worn eyeshadow or foundation during a humid day, you know how quickly your makeup can run. If you're wearing eyeshadow during the ceremony, be sure to prep your skin with eyeshadow primer. This will provide a strong base for your makeup that will prevent it from running or smudging throughout your friends' nuptials.

    Mascara can be another tricky issue on an especially hot day, so make sure you use an lash curler beforehand. This will ensure that your lashes have the perfect curl and help to spread the cosmetics evenly over them.

    With all of the stuff you'll need to pack, your cosmetics should be the least of your worries. A few water-resistant blinc products could be one less thing to cross off your to-do list.

  • Curling your lashes properly can prevent them from falling out prematurely

    curling+your+lashes+properly+can+prevent+them+from+falling+out+prematurely_3356_800702400_0_0_7044520_300Many women believe that using a lash curler causes their eyelashes to fall out, but this isn't necessarily true, according to Eyelashes.org. When used properly, lash curlers can give eyelashes volume and make them appear longer.

    It's important to recognize that poor treatment of lashes is typically what leads to them falling out - it's not always the products that are used on them. If your eyelashes are unhealthy, they may be more prone to falling out and will be slow to grow back.

    A balanced diet with plenty of proteins and vitamins can make sure that your eyelashes are here to stay. Avoiding sticky cosmetics and taking the time to correctly curl your lashes can also maintain the health of your lashes.

    Furthermore, it's important to remember that as you age, you're prone to losing more eyelashes - this is completely natural.

    For long-looking lashes, apply a little of blinc's liquid eyeliner and tube mascara after looking up a couple of liquid eyeliner tips. These products are safe for your eyelashes and can help you achieve a bold appearance.

  • Make the switch to a heated lash curler this spring

    make+the+switch+to+a+heated+lash+curler+this+spring_3356_800709293_0_0_14042160_300Fashionistas everywhere are getting ready for the spring season, the time of year when they can combine the compelling neutrals of winter with the bright and bold shades of spring. While your attire will certainly make or break your look, you may want to consider investing in tube mascara and a heated lash curler to amp up your look this season.

    One of the greatest advantages of a heated lash curler over the old design is that it will curl your lashes easily without risking damage to your eyelids. Since a traditional lash curler will require additional pressure to achieve the perfect curl, it could result in lash breakage or bring tears to your eyes.

    Many heated lash curlers are U-shaped and come with special pads that can protect the surface of your eyelids. This gentle design will work far faster than the old design and can help your curl last twice as long.

    Of course, always use your curler before you apply mascara. This will ensure that your cosmetics have a superior hold throughout the day. That means spending less time in front of the mirror and more time heading out to enjoy everything spring has to offer!

  • Examining the pros and cons of heated eyelash curlers

    examining+the+pros+and+cons+of+heated+eyelash+curlers_3356_800714404_0_0_7044518_300When it comes to lash curlers, many women think that there isn't much of a difference between heated and non-heated versions. However, the fact of the matter is that heated eyelash curlers can make the process simpler and yield better results.

    EyelashesZone.com reports that treating your lashes with a heated eyelash curler can make sure that your look lasts throughout the day. Heat can shape your eyelashes easily and cut curling time in half.

    However, many people prefer the standard lash curler without heat because it can easily be thrown into a purse for convenience. It does not need batteries and can serve as a reliable tool on the go.

    If you still want to invest in a heated eyelash curler to make your morning a little easier in front of the mirror, look to blinc for all of your needs. The heated eyelash curler from blinc is specifically designed to give your lashes shape in a matter of minutes, and it won't cause them to break.

    Manual lash curlers can be hard on eyelashes and applying too much pressure can result in damage. Heated eyelash curlers eliminate this concern and give women the curve they want.

  • Patience and the right lash curler can help you get the eyelashes of your dreams

    patience+and+the+right+lash+curler+can+help+you+get+the+eyelashes+of+your+dreams_3356_800714405_0_0_7042661_300It can be difficult to perfect your eyelashes, even with reliable tube mascara, but there are a few tips and tricks you can keep in mind to make your mornings in front of the mirror a little easier. If you're willing to be patient when it comes to applying your makeup, you can ensure that you'll look beautiful every day before you head out the door.

    First, it's important to make sure that your lashes are completely dry and free of any other makeup before applying tube mascara. If you have applied lash primer, give it at least one minute to fully dry prior to making any more moves.

    Next, invest in a reliable lash curler to accentuate the curve of your eyelashes. While tube mascara can help you create depth and volume, a lash curler is the key to perfecting your look.

    Finally, coat your top lashes twice with tube mascara to get the appearance you desire. Allow it to fully dry (keep your eyes from blinking if you can) before heading out the door. These small tips can have a big impact when it comes to looking beautiful on a daily basis.

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