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  • How to mask oversleeping with heated eyelash curlers and liquid eyeliners

    how+to+mask+oversleeping+with+heated+eyelash+curlers+and+liquid+eyeliners_3356_800678541_0_0_4000876_300There's nothing worse than oversleeping, whether you forgot to set your alarm or you hit the snooze button one too many times. However, you still have to get to work, and you'll need to find a way to make yourself look fabulous quickly. Here are a few tips to take into consideration if you're in a rush.

    First, apply a little leave-in conditioner in your hair if you don't have time to hop in the shower. This will tame your luscious locks and prevent frizzing, which is a common side effect of bed head. No one will ever know you overslept!

    Next, go through your cosmetics bag and find your blinc heated eyelash curlers and liquid eyeliners. These are all you need to make your eyes pop and draw the attention away from those dark circles. The heated eyelash curlers will instantly add elegance to your lashes, and the liquid eyeliners won't run throughout the day.

    Finally, dab a little shimmery foundation on your face for a radiant morning glow, along with some lip gloss. You'll be ready to take on the work day, regardless of how much sleep you really got.

  • Liquid eyeliners and heated eyelash curlers are perfect for family reunions

    liquid+eyeliners+and+heated+eyelash+curlers+are+perfect+for+family+reunions_3356_800678542_0_0_7042663_300If you're attending a family reunion, chances are, you haven't seen many of your relatives in quite some time. Everyone will likely be commenting on how much you've changed over the years, in addition to things like your job, relationship and lifestyle.

    Your family is bound to accept you no matter what, but that doesn't mean you have an automatic excuse to skip out on makeup at the big event. You'll want to look your best when you approach people you haven't seen in a long time. After all, it may be the last impression you have to make on them for a while.

    Don't go overboard and cake on the powder - you want to be recognizable to your own family members. Instead, go light with a shimmery foundation or a peach blush to accentuate your cheek bones.

    The blinc heated eyelash curlers and liquid eyeliners can also go a long way. With heated eyelash curlers, you can give your lashes eye-catching curves. The liquid eyeliners can give you a bold look that won't run throughout the day. Play it safe with these tactics to make a memorable impression at your next reunion!

  • What's the best pairing for your red lipstick? Luscious lashes!

    As winter fashion gives way to the darker and more sensual colors of the season, ladies will be looking for that extra pop of color in their makeup to help their ensembles stand out. However, even with the perfect shade of lip color, using a lash curler can help to give your eyes the perfect shape and definition whether you're heading to work or a night on the town.

    A lash curler is a fabulous investment that will give you the perfect curl each time and will allow your mascara to set more evenly for a superior hold. Always follow the order of curler first and mascara second - doing it the opposite could smudge your cosmetics and lead to clumping.

    When you have the ideal shape in your lashes, don't stop there. You can also use a bit of eyeliner on your upper lash line to give your lids some added depth. Give the edge of the wand a flick at your crease to try the winged look for an evening!

    With perfectly-manicured lashes, you'll have a fabulous backdrop to pull off a dynamic lip color and pull your entire outfit together.

  • Makeup tips that will help moms get out the door sooner

    makeup+tips+that+will+help+moms+get+out+the+door+sooner_3356_800680932_0_0_7042663_300With the kids back in school after the long holiday and a to-do list a couple of miles long, getting your makeup right in the morning can be a huge hassle as a busy mother. By using a lash curler and a few other makeup tricks, you can get out the door sooner and feel more confident in your appearance.

    First off, instead of simply applying moisturizer and foundation, use a tinted moisturizer to combine the best of both worlds. This will give your skin a healthy glow and you can use a colorless highlighter underneath your eyes, your brow bone and your cheek bones to liven up your look.

    If you're a big fan of mascara, be sure to use a lash curler beforehand to get the perfect curl before you apply your cosmetics. Always go in this order to ensure that your mascara sets appropriately, and use a thin brush to separate each individual lash to avoid clumping.

    As a busy mom, you have enough to worry about each day, and your makeup shouldn't be one of your chief concerns. By following these steps, you can take some time out of your morning routine and feel beautiful in your own skin.

  • Tips to make your wedding makeup ensemble unforgettable

    As the new year dawns, many brides-to-be are facing the reality of their upcoming nuptials and they'll start to pack up their lash curlers and other beauty products and get ready to plan their ensembles. According to the Huffington Post, the following tips will help make planning your cosmetics far easier when the big day rolls around.

    You should start by visiting a professional makeup artist who will handle you and your bridal party's makeup before the ceremony. You can then go over a variety of different makeup styles to know exactly what you want on the day of the wedding.

    While you may be tempted to go with your usual stylist, this may not be the best choice. Since your wedding party will have a wide range of tastes and hairstyles, going with a professional full-scale salon may be the best way to appeal to everyone's beauty needs.

    Oftentimes, less is more when choosing the perfect bridal makeup, so consulting a professional could be the ideal way to find that perfect balance to give yourself a dazzling glow. After all, you're happy and in love, and that's the easiest way to look beautiful.

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