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Lash Primer

  • Get dolled up before heading out on Black Friday

    get+dolled+up+before+heading+out+on+black+friday_3356_800644327_0_0_7050273_300Stores are expected to open bright and early on Black Friday, which is when most people will be out doing their holiday shopping and trying to cash in on the best deals. However, you might be a little worn out after Thanksgiving, which can make it difficult to roll out of bed and look glamorous the following morning.

    If you're one of those bargain hunters who wakes up at the crack of dawn on Black Friday, don't go out looking like a mess with the same old runny mascara around your eyes! Instead, brace yourself for the holiday shopping rush with blinc products.

    To make sure you have a look that doesn't fade, apply the blinc lash primer to give your eyes a bold, appealing look. Follow it up with the tube mascara from blinc to further define your lashes. Unlike other makeup out there, you don't have to worry about this tube mascara running! The lash primer will also give you peace of mind, knowing your beautiful eye makeup is there to stay after the initial application.

    You might be lacking sleep when you head out the door on Black Friday, but no one has to know it when you get dolled up with blinc cosmetics!

  • Tube mascara can create bold eyes in an instant

    If you're having trouble making your eyes stand out despite caking on the eyeliner and lash primer, you might not be using the right mascara. Eyelashes that are not defined and full of volume can make your appearance fall flat, which is something no woman wants to happen, especially on a hot date.

    There are a number of mascaras to choose from on the market, but not all of them are meant to last. Oftentimes, mascara will run and smudge over time - even the brands that cost an arm and a leg. Don't be fooled by the claims of long-lasting wear on these tubes.

    If you're ready to treat your eyelashes to something new and worthwhile, it's time to pick up blinc's tube mascara. This product won't let you down with a formula that is resistant to smudging and running. The tube mascara extends your lashes and gives them a bold look that cannot be replicated by a product found at your local drug store.

    Want to take it up a notch? Consider using the heated eyelash curler prior to applying the tube mascara for eyes that make a memorable impression.

  • Use lash primer to add volume and boldness to your lackluster lashes

    The average weekday is often a busy one for those who have a full-time job. When you're constantly on your feet, running to and from the office, it can begin to show - specifically on your face. If you wear makeup that is prone to running and smudging, you probably look like a mess come lunchtime.

    But what do you do if you're in love with your mascara and giving your eyes more definition? If you want to make sure your lashes have the lasting volume and boldness that you're looking for throughout the day, it might be time for you to start using the blinc lash primer.

    This product is designed to make your eyes pop by adding volume to your lashes, which can be beneficial if you weren't blessed with naturally long ones. In addition to helping you make a memorable first impression, the product can also provide your lashes with beneficial nutrients and vitamins.

    To make a big impact, you might also want to use a heated eyelash curler before applying lash primer and mascara. This can give your lashes an elegant curve and draw more attention to your gorgeous eyes.

  • Aging gracefully with lash primer, tube mascara and proper skincare

    aging+gracefully+with+lash+primer+tube+mascara+and+proper+skincare_3356_800663999_0_0_7042662_300As we age, it can begin to show in numerous ways. In addition to finding more gray hairs, you may start to notice fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Many women feel inclined to start using more makeup, but there are a few habits that you can get into to prevent the problem from getting worse while doing a little damage control.

    First, make sure you're moisturizing your skin properly on a regular basis. When you step out of the shower, apply lotion to your entire body to keep your skin hydrated and silky smooth. Check the bottle to ensure that you're using the right type of moisturizer for your skin, whether it's oily or sensitive.

    Next, try to make time to de-stress at the end of each day to prevent wrinkles from making an unsightly appearance. Take a bath or curl up with a good book to eliminate anxiety.

    With age, you may start to notice that your eyelashes are thinning. While this is natural and common, you might want to start using blinc lash primer to give your eyes a bold look. The lash primer can add volume to your thinning lashes and provide them with much-needed nutrients, which is crucial as you age. Use the blinc tube mascara to help add further definition as well.

  • Go natural during the holidays with lash primer and tube mascara

    go+natural+during+the+holidays+with+lash+primer+and+tube+mascara_3356_800665089_0_0_7042659_300If you're going to be spending the holidays with your beau's family for the first time, you'll want to make sure you make a good first impression. It can be nerve-wracking to meet your significant other's loved ones, especially if you're in a serious relationship.

    To make sure you don't blow it, there are a few dos and don'ts to abide by during the holidays. First, it's important to make eye contact when greeting his family and make it a point to remember their names. This will show that you're paying attention to detail and you're genuinely interested in them.

    Next, leave your revealing clothing at home. Even if you're not a fan of cashmere sweaters, they are a more fitting option compared to a cocktail dress that may show too much cleavage at the dinner table.

    Finally, make sure you go light on the makeup. Apply a little blinc lash primer and tube mascara for an eye-catching, natural look. The lash primer will give you the volume you're looking for, while the tube mascara can emphasize the sparkle in your eyes.

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