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Lash Primer

  • Give your lashes the VIP treatment this year

    If you're trying to spice up your beauty routine for the upcoming year, you're not alone. Many women use the new year as an excuse to sort through their makeup collection, throw out old products and update their looks. If you're ready to give your lashes the treatment they deserve for once, blinc lash primer is the perfect addition to your stash.

    With repeated curling and mascara application, your lashes may be hurting more than you think. So much irritation can make your lashes thinner and more brittle, making them prone to breakage. Lash primer can reverse these effects and protect your lashes from further damage with healing, anti-inflammatory ingredients.

    As if that weren't enough, the lash primer also gives you a better base to work with when you're applying your makeup. Your lashes will be fuller and thicker, giving your mascara more to work with. It'll continue to moisturize your eyelashes and make them look long and lush for hours, only coming off when you use a bit of warm water and gentle pressure. Your lashes will never want to go without again.

  • Add lash primer to your nighttime beauty regimen

    You probably know that your body needs rest to rejuvenate itself and prepare for another active day. Your skin is no different - it takes advantage of the time you spend sleeping by working to increase cell turnover and repair any damage. As a result, most beauty treatments work best at night, and lash primer is no exception.

    Lash primer can not only offer you a great base to work with for your mascara, but it can give you moisturized, conditioned and strong lashes. You won't have to worry about damaging your eyelashes with rubbing, curling or exposure to the elements. It even works great to hydrate your eyebrows and keep them healthy.

    Before you go to bed, take your time brushing your teeth, washing your face and applying your nighttime skin cream. Afterwards, coat your lashes and eyebrows with blinc lash primer, then wait 30 seconds for it to dry. You may want to repeat with another coat. You'll wake up with gorgeous lashes that are ready to endure a full day's activities.

  • Do your lashes always clump together? Use these tips to sort them out

    There's nothing worse than going through the entire process of using your heated eyelash curler and lash primer only to have mascara that goes on clumpy and completely ruins your look. However, there are a few tricks of the trade out there that can help you create well-manicured lashes without having to add an extra hour to your morning routine.

    First and foremost, you should always use your lash curler before you apply mascara. This will ensure that your lashes are at the perfect shape before you apply your finishing touch, and it will spare your lashes from damage.

    You should also be sure to dab your mascara brush on a tissue to get rid of any extraneous cosmetics that may be left behind. Another tip is to apply from the base of your lashes in a side-to-side motion. This can apply much of the color at the base of your lashes instead of at the tips where they can clump together.

    If you're still having problems, consider investing in an eyelash comb. This will get into the fine spaces between your lashes to create a neat and tidy look that you can use everyday.

  • Eat a nutritional diet for healthy lashes and eyebrows

    a+healthy+diet+can+make+your+lashes+and+eyebrows+fuller_3356_800675455_0_0_5729_300Just like your skin benefits from a healthy diet, your hair also requires certain nutrients to remain thick and healthy. This goes for the locks on your head, your eyelashes and your eyebrows, too. While lash primer and lash curlers can work wonders to make your lashes and brows look stunning, it all starts with a healthy diet.

    According to Ladies' Home Journal, good hair nutrition starts with getting plenty of protein, which is what makes up the majority of your hair. Complex carbohydrates are also necessary for putting those proteins together. Other important vitamins and minerals include A, B12, folic acid, biotin and zinc.

    To get the most gorgeous lashes around, use blinc's lash primer to condition and nourish each lash before you apply the rest of your makeup, then add a few healthier foods to your diet. This includes salmon, dark green vegetables, beans and lentils, eggs, whole grains, poultry, oysters and low-fat dairy products. Sounds easy enough, right?

    After a few weeks of eating healthier foods, you should notice that your lashes, eyebrows and locks are thicker, shinier and overall more manageable. No more brittle hairs prone to breakage!

  • Blinc Trivia: Pairing bronze eyeshadow with luscious lashes is a fabulous combination for New Year's Eve

    blinc+trivia+pairing+bronze+eyeshadow+with+luscious+lashes+is+a+fabulous+combination+for+new+year+s+eve_3356_800674452_0_0_14004068_300New Year's Eve is one of the most glamorous nights of the year, so you're probably thinking long and hard about the perfect makeup look. This year, why not opt for bronze eyeshadow? It pairs beautifully with liquid eyeliner and will look even better with lashes treated with lash primer and finished with tube mascara.

    To get the perfect combination of color and definition on your lids, start by outlining the perimeter of your eyes with bronze eyeshadow and stop just below your brow bone. Then, use liquid eyeliner to paint a thin line along your upper lash line to create a distinct look that is sure to impress.

    Next, it's time to prep your lashes. Start by using a heated eyelash curler to get the perfect shape and then use blinc lash primer to achieve the ideal strength and fullness from your lashes. Then, you can finish with tube mascara to maintain your superior hold throughout the evening.

    Pair your bronze eye makeup with a neutral look and let bright accessories provide your pop of color. You'll be more than ready to turn a few heads when you hit the town for New Year's Eve!

    Trivia Question: What is the name of Rob Schneider's new, upcoming TV series? Go to facebook.com/blincinc to answer and win free blinc cosmetics!

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