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Lash Primer

  • Examining the numerous benefits of lash primer

    examining+the+numerous+benefits+of+lash+primer_3356_800703534_0_0_7042660_300If you've ever wondered how you could get fuller, longer lashes without wearing fake eyelashes, the answer may be as simple as lash primer. Women who constantly wear fake lashes or apply mascara might be hindering the health of their eyelashes and without knowing.

    Lash primer is a great way to condition eyelashes and provide them with the nourishment they need. CBS reports that lash primer can also be valuable to brittle lashes that have broken in the past. The ingredients in this product can add volume to eyelashes and potentially extend their length over time.

    After picking up a few liquid eyeliner tips and a reliable tube mascara from blinc, the next step is to incorporate lash primer into your makeup routine for a flawless look.

    By doing so, you will immediately see results in the form of fuller, healthier eyelashes. The lash primer from blinc will not irritate your eyes and it is enriched with vitamin E. This can be especially helpful for women who regularly use a heated eyelash curler and might benefit from giving their lashes a break.

  • Taking care of your eyelashes with lash primer

    You might love your tube mascara and the length it gives your lashes on a regular basis, but are you taking care of your eyelashes in between regularly wearing makeup? Just like other parts of our body, lashes require a certain amount of TLC in order to be beautiful and healthy.

    If you want to make sure you're not doing damage to your eyelashes and are treating them well, the first step is to consider your curling technique. If you have a manual lash curler without heat, don't apply too much pressure to get the curve you desire. This can cause lashes to become brittle and break.

    When you're not wearing tube mascara, make it a point to condition your lashes just as you would with the hair on your head. To do so, you can use the lash primer from blinc to restore your lashes to their natural, hydrated state. The lash primer can help shield your eyelashes from the stresses of the environment.

    While it might seem silly to care about some of the smallest hairs on your body, doing so can make sure you have long, healthy lashes throughout your lifetime.

  • Extend your anti-aging routine to your lashes and brows

    You probably know all about the benefits of anti-aging treatments for your facial skin. The right combination of cleaners, serums and creams can do a lot for your complexion and help make your face look younger. However, you're probably not doing justice to your lashes or eyebrows, which is why lash primer and eyebrow mousse from blinc might come in handy.

    Even if you apply an anti-aging eye cream each night, you might not be giving the beneficial ingredients to your eyelashes or eyebrows. Use lash primer to help your lashes grow longer and with more volume as you condition them. It'll also help to strengthen your lashes and make them less prone to breakage, which is important if you're curling them every day. Best of all, you can use lash primer underneath your tube mascara for a bigger, better base.

    Apply blinc's eyebrow mousse to your brows to give them enhancing color that's moisturizing and water resistant. The anti-aging ingredients will also help to condition your brows as well as the skin underneath, so you'll have healthier brows that will match your youthful face.

  • Maintaining the health of your eyelashes with lash primer

    maintaining+the+health+of+your+eyelashes+with+lash+primer_3356_800728507_0_0_7018297_300If you think that your eyelashes are completely healthy and shielded from the harshness of the environment on a regular basis, you might want to think again. Everything from pollution to expired mascara can have a negative effect on your gorgeous lashes. However, one item can help you repair them to their natural, beautiful state - lash primer.

    With the lash primer from blinc, you can provide your eyelashes with the nutrients they need to maintain their length and healthy shape. Before sweeping on your tube mascara, simply apply the lash primer to give your lashes the TLC they deserve.

    To make sure you have healthy eyelashes for years to come, it's important to take the proper preventative measures. This means steering clear of harsh manual lash curlers that can cause lashes to become brittle and break over time. Instead, opt for a heated lash curler to get the curve you desire.

    Try to avoid wearing fake lashes at all costs as well. The glue from fake eyelashes can cause your natural lashes to become weak and even tear off during removal - something no woman wants to have happen.

  • Maintaining the health of your eyelashes

    maintaining+the+health+of+your+eyelashes_3356_800744683_0_0_7012718_300If you can't get enough of your lash curler and tube mascara, you might want to think about giving your eyelashes a break once in a while. While blinc's tube mascara can help nourish your lashes, it's always a good idea to let your eyelashes rest when you don't need to be wearing makeup.

    As your age, your eyelashes are prone to breaking and becoming more brittle. If you want to fight these effects and maintain the health of your lashes, think about using the lash primer from blinc. This formula is designed to strengthen them and fight against the harmful effects of the environment.

    If you prefer to curl your lashes before applying your makeup, steer clear of manual curlers. These can add too much pressure on your lashes and cause them to break. Instead, opt for the heated eyelash curler from blinc to give your lashes a gentle curl.

    Although it might be scary to think about your lashes falling out at an alarming rate as you age, taking these precautionary measures and nourishing your eyelashes can prevent lasting damage. In the end, you'll have peace of mind and look beautiful at the same time.

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