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  • Blinc Trivia: Lash care tips to stay fabulous during any season

    blinc+trivia+lash+care+tips+to+stay+fabulous+during+any+season_3356_800567123_0_0_7070090_300Mary Schook has been an eye lash specialist since 2004 when she become a full-time makeup artist. Since then, she has worked on the eye makeup styles of models and celebrities and has found some common threads that every women should take to note of to sustain their ravishing and voluminous lashes, according to LifeGoesStrong.com.

    Schook believes that good lash health is an indicator of overall health, so making sure that you're healthy and taking the right vitamins can help exponentially. Biotin is one such supplement - this is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin that can be found in any nutritional store and can increase circulation to deliver needed nutrients to your lashes.

    Lastly, Schook believes that waterproof mascara and constantly painting your lashes can harm your look. She recommends avoiding waterproof mascara and giving your lashes a day off every once and awhile.

    For contact lens wearers and ladies with sensitive eyes, blinc Mascara could be the ideal choice. This product will protect your makeup from running, flaking and smudging throughout the day and can be taken off without harsh makeup remover.

    Daily Trivia Question: Who plays the voice of "Smurfette" in the new Smurfs movie? Go to facebook.com/blincinc to answer and win free blinc cosmetics!

  • Kate Middleton shows a royal take on voluminous lashes

    kate+middleton+shows+a+royal+take+on+voluminous+lashes_3356_800587846_0_0_7074040_300Kate Middleton's style choices have been put under the microscope far more than any public figure in recent memory, and thankfully the Dutchess has the chops to dress to impress for any social event. According to HollywoodLife.com, the Princess has been extremely fond of a clean and dark mascara look that works beautifully with her brunette locks.

    Middleton has taken a bit of flak recently from the British press for her unabashed use of eyeliner, so she's toned it down a bit and instead shifted her focus to her lashes. While not a completely smoky look, Middleton has embraced lash-lengthening mascara in a clean application that highlights each one.

    To top it off, she has also been using a bit of dark eyeshadow on her upper lid and forgoing the heavy eyeliner look of the past. All in all, Middleton is growing into her role as the Dutchess of Cambridge, and she seems to be even more stunning with every social appearance.

    If you'd like a no frills lash look, try blinc Mascara. This innovative product encases your lashes in tubes which will prevent your makeup from flaking, running and smudging throughout the day.

  • Picking the right mascara for your lash type

    picking+the+right+mascara+for+your+lash+type_3356_800590553_0_0_7042660_300Not every mascara is created equal, so when you're shopping for the perfect type for your lashes, there are a few things to keep in mind. According to Hello Magazine, different lashes require a change of mascara, so keep your eyes open when shopping for cosmetics.

    Short and thick lashes will need a product that can give them added volume. Thin lashes require two coats, one at the roots and then another for the full lash. Thick lashes only need a bit near the base and can be highlighted at the tips.

    Longer lashes are a bit different as thinner ones will need a gradual application while long and thick lashes will need a bit of separation to help them shine through. Lastly, don't underestimate how effective a lash curler can be - it can help to lengthen and add extra definition without having to pile on cosmetics.

    If you're in the market for no-hassle eye makeup, blinc Mascara could be your best bet. This innovative product encases your lashes in tubes which will protect them from running, smudging or flaking throughout the day.

  • A college-tested mascara look that is perfect for on campus

    a+college+tested+mascara+look+that+is+perfect+for+on+campus_3356_800591728_0_0_7070089_300College students are extremely busy people. After scrambling from class to class, heading to the gym and then for a night on the town, your makeup look could fall by the wayside. Mascara in particular is one product that every college female can't do without, but those who live an active lifestyle will need something that can keep up with them.

    Waterproof mascaras have become very popular for ladies who are constantly on-the-go and can sometimes work up a sweat. However, these products can apply in extremely thick layers, and you'll have to compensate with the rest of your outfit.

    The best solution for active females is to find a product that can stay in place all day while still giving their lashes the definition and protection they need. Blinc Mascara is the ideal choice for today's on-the-go fashionistas that will encase their lashes in beauty tubes. This will protect their makeup from flaking or smudging throughout the day and can be removed at night with warm water and pressure, making it ideal for ladies with sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers.

  • Perfecting your office eye makeup look for the fall

    perfecting+your+office+eye+makeup+look+for+the+fall_3356_800592478_0_0_7066916_300Now that fall weather is finally here, fashions and cosmetics styles will be changing just as quickly as the temperatures outdoors. Fall fashion is much like spring where you can effectively bridge between two seasons, so finding a style that works for you is all a matter of preference.

    Autumn fashion is known for its deep and bold colors that can be incorporated in everything from eyeshadow to lip color. Some of the hottest styles this fall are bronze, light brown and mauve eyeshadow, and the best part about these hues is that they can easily be combined with other shades for a personalized touch.

    Pairing your new shade of eye makeup with mascara is a chic way to perk up your fall style. However, since fall temperatures can be warm one day and cold the next, you need a product that can keep up with the fickle weather.

    Blinc Mascara is one of the best products on the market that will encase your lashes in tubes to protect your makeup from running, flaking or smudging. It's ideal for ladies with active lifestyles and can be taken off at the end of the day without harsh makeup remover.

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