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Long Lash

  • Quit faking it with false lashes and improve the health of your natural ones instead

    quit+faking+it+with+false+lashes+and+improve+the+health+of+your+natural+ones+instead_3356_800627531_0_0_7018297_300False eyelashes may be a go-to for some ladies, but in many ways they simply aren't worth the effort it takes to maintain them. Whether you go for expensive lengthening treatments or use false lashes, it can be a wasted expense when there are so many better options out there to jazz up the look of your eyes.

    These fake lashes require quite a bit of preparation to pull off, so they're not exactly something that you'll go for in the morning when you're trying to get out the door.

    Worse yet, you will have to be extra careful to find mascara and other eye makeup that is water-based. Oil in some cosmetics can cause the adhesive to break down, so this could be an additional investment in time and money.

    Revitalizing your lashes and giving them natural length is the ideal way to go, so try blinc Long Lash. This groundbreaking product can be used up to twice a day to dramatically enhance the thickness and length of your lashes. You will begin to see results in as little as two to three weeks!

  • Lash curlers - do they really work?

    If you're looking to pump up the drama on your lashes, you have lots of options. From thickening mascaras to prescription drugs, there are plenty of methods that promise to give you the lashes you long for - but there's an easier way! With a lash curler, you can open up your eyes and add sexy, feminine beauty in a single step.

    No girl's beauty arsenal is complete without a lash curler, yet many don't realize just how much this simple tool can do for them. By clamping the curler over your lashes for just a few a seconds, you can achieve lashes that reach for the sky - immediately showcasing those pretty peepers.

    For best results, curl your lashes after applying eyeliner and shadow but before applying any tube mascaras. Eyeliner can make eyes look narrower, but curly lashes will open them up instantly. And if you apply mascara after you curl, you can set your style instantly.

    Once your lashes are taken care of, you can work on the rest of your look!

  • Dramatic lashes for a wintertime soiree

    dramatic+lashes+for+a+wintertime+soiree_3356_800670930_0_0_7070088_300Are you looking for a way to make a big splash at your next party? Want to be the center of attention without even opening your mouth? If you want to get noticed the next time you're out and about, it makes sense to start with the first thing everyone sees - your eyes.

    Making sure your peepers command attention starts with making sure they're unique. But that doesn't mean you have to have lavender irises a la Elizabeth Taylor. No matter your eye color, you can steal a few glances by applying a shimmery shadow that's impossible to ignore. Opt for a nude color that's subtle while still being sultry and sophisticated.

    Next, really make your eyes stand out by applying a few coats of tube mascara. This will widen your eyes and darken your lashes, making your pretty peepers the star of the evening. Applying a little liner around the corners of your eyes will make them pop even more.

    So bat your lashes at the next cute guy you see - he won't be able to resist your charm!

  • Do you need a lash comb?

    do+you+need+a+lash+comb_3356_800672894_0_0_7070088_300Some gals dismiss them as frivolous accessories, but others swear they're absolutely necessary if you want that perfect red carpet look for a big night on the town. Is a lash comb something you should invest in?

    Some mascaras are known to cause lumps and clumps, no matter how carefully you apply them - especially if you're already blessed with thick, long lashes. If your lashes are constantly getting tangled, a lash comb is an excellent way to separate them, so that each lash stands out even more beautifully than before.

    Using a lash comb is an easy way to make your eyes look wider, brighter and more youthful in just a few seconds. With no clumps or tangles, your lashes can reach for the sky all day long.

    Don't want to mess around with combs? You can also try tube mascara, which is less likely to clump than a traditional one. Since tube mascaras are, like lash combs, designed to separate and highlight individual lashes, they're perfect for women who want a polished look every time.
    For results that are truly out of this world, use a lash comb before applying tube mascara. That way, nobody will be able to ignore your pretty peepers.

  • Mix and match

    mix+and+match_3356_800672895_0_0_14043694_300There are a few essential staples in any makeup bag - blush, eyeliner, lipstick, a good foundation, maybe some concealer and, of course, mascara. But if you only have a single type of mascara, you may be missing out. The pros have a big secret - mix-and-match mascara can yield amazing results!

    Looking for length and volume? You don't have to settle for just one mascara. Try two separate types, one designed to lengthen and one designed to add lots and lots of volume. That way, your peepers will be framed by a fringe so long and thick, one bat of those pretty lashes will be enough to have any guy head over heels.

    Apply the first mascara and allow to dry - it's best to start with the lengthening product. Then follow up with the second mascara, and sweep away excess with a clean mascara wand. Use a lash comb if you find that the two mascaras tend to clump or tangle.

    You can also mix regular mascara with tube mascara. Just be sure to apply the tube mascara first, and use a gentle touch when adding a second product for added thickness and length.

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