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  • To coat or not to coat: Should you use mascara on your bottom lashes?

    Applying makeup is fun - especially when you consider how many different options you have! If you want to make a dramatic impression at a fancy soiree, you may want to go for a smoky eye that's impossible to ignore. On the other hand, if you're just heading into the office for another day of meetings, a nude eye with just a tad of shimmer is all the occasion requires. And when it comes to applying mascara, you have a key choice to make: Should you coat your bottom lashes?

    If you want to make sure your peepers pop, applying mascara to both your top and bottom lashes is a great way to make your eyes look wider and brighter. If you wear eyeliner on the bottom of your eye, a swipe or two of tube mascara on your lower lashes is a great way to open up your eyes.

    However, if you get a little overzealous with the mascara, you could wind up with a "Clockwork Orange" look. Make sure you use a light touch on your bottom lashes, or skip them altogether if you want all the focus to be on your eyeshadow and eyebrows.

  • How do heated lash curlers work?

    how+do+heated+lash+curlers+work_3356_800672898_0_0_14042160_300Not everybody is naturally blessed with lashes that curl towards the sky without the aid of some special cosmetic tools. If you're like most of us and need a little help to make that fringe look fantastic, you're in luck - a heated lash curler is your ticket to dramatic lashes that make your peepers pop. But why, exactly, do heated lash curlers work so well?

    As it turns out, the reason that a heated lash curler works so well is the same reason that your blowdryer turns your wavy locks pin-straight. Heat breaks down the bonds that give hair its shape, allowing you to remold it any way you like - not unlike how hot candle wax is easy to manipulate, but cold candle wax is totally solid.

    Your eyelashes actually aren't much different from the hair on your head. And just like a curling iron can give you pretty waves all evening long, a heated lash curler can give your lashes a lasting curl that won't fade as the day (or night) wears on.

    If you've been on the hunt for an easy to give your makeup routine a little extra oomph, start off with a lash curler that uses heat for maximum styling potential. Apply a coat or two of mascara after curling for unbelievably dramatic eyes in no time.

  • What can lash primer do for you?

    Do you have thin, sparse lashes? If so, a good deal of your makeup routine is probably devoted to trying to make that fringe darker, thicker and longer. But no matter how hard you work to make your lashes stand out, you might notice that your makeup is fading by midday. But don't fret - lash primer can help!

    Like primer for your face and eyelids, lash primer is designed to help your makeup last longer and look better doing it. Lash primer coats your lashes and provides a surface for your favorite mascara to adhere to, so it'll last all day long - even through rubbing, watery eyes, rain and anything else life can throw at you.
    To make sure your eyes stand out and look beautiful, start with your favorite liner and shadow. Once that's finished, apply lash primer to both your upper and lower lashes. Allow to dry, then follow up with your favorite mascara. Use tube mascara for added length and volume that's completely smudge-proof!

    Great eye makeup starts with the right base, so don't skip the lash primer if you're looking for a fringe that's fantastic from morning 'til night.

  • The three products you need to create sultry, sexy eyes

    What does it take to create eyes that no guy can resist? As it turns out, you don't necessarily need a plethora of expensive makeup products to make peepers that pop. We'll tell you the three products every gal should have if she wants a fringe that's fabulous.

    1. Liquid eyeliner. Unlike pencil liners, liquid liners won't smudge, fade or run. Once they're set, you can count on 'em looking great all day long. The only issue is application - making a straight line takes some practice, but it's worth it.

    2. Shimmery shadow. Sexy shadow in a few of your favorite colors will really help take your look to the next level. If you're a natural gal, opt for neutral pinks, golds and silvers. If you're a little more bold with your cosmetics, try bright blues, purples and greens. And if you want a tried-and-true bedroom look, you can't go wrong with smokey greys and blacks.

    3. Mascara. Lash primer, tube mascara and a heated lash curler are all you need to take your lashes from drab to fab. Start with the curler, then apply primer. Once it's dry, finish off with your favorite mascara.

  • Who needs false lashes when you've got lash primer?

    Ever been tempted by the fake lashes at your local drug store? Who hasn't? They promise to create length and volume in seconds, for just a few bucks. But there's actually a much easier way to achieve the dream fringe you desire - all it takes is lash primer and tube mascara.

    False lashes require a messy glue that sticks to your fingers all day long. Plus, if they're off by just a centimeter or two, you'll be uncomfortable for the duration of your event. And you're always at risk of having one fall off - what could be more awkward than walking around with a false eyelash dangling off your face, or worse yet, catching one in your hand while in the middle of a conversation?

    Luckily, you can achieve a false lash look without a single squirt of eyelash glue thanks to lash primer. Starting out with this ingenious product coats your lashes in a wear-resistant gel, giving your mascara something to adhere to so it won't fade or smudge as you go about your day.

    Plus, using tube mascara over your lash primer will give you unbelievable volume and length - and you won't have to worry about it slipping or sliding like a false lash might!

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