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Long Lash

  • How to get dramatic lashes for a night on the town

    how+to+get+dramatic+lashes+for+a+night+on+the+town_3356_800716202_0_0_14016494_300Making yourself stand out in the crowd doesn't have to be tough! Every gal wants to catch the eye of that cute guy at the bar, and - not surprisingly - the secret to stealing his heart is all in the peepers. Here's how to make sure your baby blues or soulful browns are impossible to miss next time you're out on the town.

    First, don't shy away from shimmer. A little bit of glitz is the perfect way to make yourself noticeable - but it's all about staying subtle. A nude shade with just a hint of shimmery shine is the perfect way to make your eyes the center of attention. Brown-eyed gals should try pinks and golds, while blue-eyed beauties can experiment with silver and white.

    The next step is making sure those lashes flutter whenever you bat your eye. Add some extra length with a lash primer, so you can get the most out of any mascara. Then use a heated lash curler to make sure that fringe is unstoppable.

    Finally, don't forget the eyeliner. Make sure your peepers are popping with a swipe of pencil eyeliner along your upper and lower lash lines. Stick to the waterline for a look that's dramatic without being overdone.

  • Can your lash curl last all day?

    gals+who+are+serious+about+making+their+eye+makeup+perfect+know+that+a+good+look+starts+with+a+good+curl_3356_800716205_0_0_7070087_300Gals who are serious about making their eye makeup perfect know that a good look starts with a good curl. But getting your lashes to reach skyward and stay that way can be tough. How can you make sure your eyelash curl lasts all day long?

    First, start with a heated lash curler. Like flat irons and hot rollers, heated lash curlers use the power of heat to give your lashes some serious curl. Just like the hair on your head stays curled longer when styled with heat, your lashes will reach for the sky all day if you start off styling them with a hot curler.

    To make your curl last, finish your look with a few generous swipes of mascara. A good mascara will help seal in your curl - kind of like what hairspray does for your tresses.

    For added length, apply a lash primer under your mascara. Your curl will be even more noticeable when your lashes are practically brushing your brows.

  • The three best things you can do for your lashes

    We put a lot of time and effort into taking care of the hair on top of our heads, so why do totally ignore our lashes? After all, they're one of our most feminine attributes - and they need a little TLC every once in a while, too. Here are three great things you can do to help your lashes look their best.

    1. Use a lash primer. Lash primer coats your fringe before you apply thick coats of heavy mascara, which means your hair won't be damaged by chemicals or additives. Plus, lash primer will help give your mascara a surface to adhere to - meaning it won't smudge or fade, even on your longest days.

    2. Use a heated lash curler. A big occasion calls for styled hair, so why not styled lashes? Like a curling iron, a heated lash curler uses hot metal to give you lashes a bend that'll last all day long. You can bat that fringe to your heart's content and it'll keep on pointing skyward.

    3. Use a good makeup remover. At the end of a long day, you lashes need a wash. Don't rely on soap and water - use a good makeup removing cleanser to get rid of all your eyeliner, mascara, shadow and whatever else you wear.

  • Can you make your lashes grow?

    can+you+make+your+lashes+grow_3356_800720472_0_0_7070088_300Not every is blessed with naturally long, thick lashes. But if you got the short end of the lash - er, stick - is there anything you can do about it?

    There are many prescription and over-the-counter drugs that claim to nourish lashes and help them grow long and strong. If you want your natural lashes to become thicker and more noticeable, you may want to speak to your doctor about these options. If you're not quite ready for that kind of intervention, however, you can fake it 'til you make it with the right cosmetics.

    The first thing you'll need to invest in is a lash primer. Lash primer is the base that your mascara will stick to, so your makeup can last all day. Plus, it adds some extra length and thickness to your fringe, so you can bat those lashes to your heart's content.

    The next step in achieving impossible lash length is a heated lash curler. This styling tool uses the power of heat to give your lashes a curl that won't fade or fall, no matter how long you day is!

    You might not be able to add real length to your lashes, but with these tricks, no one will know the difference.

  • Longer lashes without a prescription

    You've probably been hearing a lot of buzz about the new lash-lengthening products that you can get from your doctor. While the thought of having lush, luxurious lashes is definitely something that most women want, there are some downsides to prescription products.

    For starters, the cost of lash-growing prescriptions is pricey. Some cost around $120, and you have to keep using it everyday to maintain the length of your lashes - when you stop, they'll go right back to having the length and fullness that you started with. It also can take up to four months to see results.

    Some people have even experienced side effects like hyperpigmentation around the eyes, redness and irritation and even discolored irises, reports Eyelash-growth.com. Instead of shelling out the money to get these prescription lash treatments, try out blinc's Long Lash eyelash enhancer.

    Simply apply it twice a day to the base of your lashes, like you'd do with a liquid eyeliner. You should start noticing fuller, longer lashes in as little as two weeks! Long Lash, combined with lash primer and tube mascara, will have your lashes looking gorgeous in no time - no prescription necessary!

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