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Long Lash

  • Do extra long lashes call for glasses adjustments?

    Eyelashes are becoming one of the main focal points of many women's faces, thanks to inventions like tube mascara, fake lashes and products like blinc's long lash  eyelash enhancer. While lengthening your lashes is certainly a gorgeous way to update your look, it might cause a bit of annoyance when you put on your favorite frames.

    According to Allure Magazine, opticians have been experiencing an increase in the amount of women coming in for eyeglass adjustments to accommodate lengthy fringe. It's certainly not comfortable to have your lashes dragging on the lenses of your glasses every time you blink, so it's no wonder ladies have been seeking a fix.

    If you've been using long lash or simply have lens-grazing lashes when you wear your tube mascara, all you need is a quick adjustment. An optician will simply adjust the pantoscopic tilt of your glasses, moving the top of the frames father away from your face and the bottom rim closer to your cheeks, reports the news source. Feel free to put on those glasses and blink away!

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