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  • Use safe, harmless eye makeup products

    Makeup aisles are filled with a plethora of products, and with such a limitless variety, it's possible that a few items may be harmful to your eyes. Before you begin applying makeup, the American Academy of Ophthamology suggests to consider your eye health and choose reliable products whose safety has been proven.

    "Makeup is a part of many women's everyday routine, but they should be aware that improperly applied makeup is a risk to the eye… We want the public to know how to look your best without jeopardizing your eye health," Cynthia Bradford, a clinical correspondent for the American Academy of Ophthamology told

    Doctors advise not to share eye products and to replace cosmetics every six months to avoid bacterial buildup on the products, according to The Eye Digest.

    Keeping the doc's advice in mind, women may also want to swap their old mascara for a hypoallergenic type that has been clinically tested to be non-irritating to eyes.

    Women's Health magazine recommends blinc Mascara (formerly Kiss Me Mascara), a non-irritant formula for women whose eyes are prone to tearing or drying up.

  • Makeup tips for women over 40

    makeup+tips+for+women+over+40_3356_800162214_0_0_7059043_300While women may have covered their faces in colorful cosmetics when they were younger, some ladies tend to desire a more natural look that will minimize possible signs of aging as they grow older.

    Professional makeup artists Anthony Polvorosa and Simone Cohen-Smith, shared some of their advice for older women with The Winnipeg Free Press.

    To hide crows feet and enhance eye definition, women should use a matte eye shadow dabbed only up to their eyelid crease. If they desire a shimmery glow, the experts advise women to keep the glitter below the brow-bone.

    To create well-defined eyes, women are advised to apply a thin line of black or brown waterproof eyeliner.

    Clean eyebrows that are shaped more like"elongated commas" look best on older women instead of over-arched brows which can give an almost comical appearance, the experts told the news source.

    Older women whose eyelashes may be thinning can try blinc Long Lash, which can enhance the natural look and length of their lashes for an especially youthful and full lash look.

  • Red lips for the holiday season

    red+lips+for+the+holiday+season_3356_800203943_0_0_7066918_300Katy Perry may not be the only one rocking red lips over the next few months. The holiday season has brought crimson lip color back, according to But before attempting the look, apply a few other cosmetics to create a fantastic canvas for your attention-grabbing pout.

    Prepare your face with moisturizer and lip balm. Use a concealer to hide under eye darkness and a mineral foundation to cover any blemishes.

    Since the emphasis will be placed on your lips, keep eye makeup simple with a nude-colored shadow and a few coats of black mascara to subtly enhance your peepers. If you desire a bit more definition, line eyes softly with a brown pencil.

    Before you apply your lip color, use a bright, crimson-colored pencil to line your lips. This will help color last longer and prevent bleeding.

    Finally, slick on your favorite red gloss or lipstick to create a delicious pout. A blue-toned red is a great choice, as the undertones can make teeth look whiter.

  • New study reports that women spend days at the mirror

    new+study+reports+that+women+spend+days+at+the+mirror_3356_800205707_0_0_7040300_300Whether you are getting ready for work in the morning or touching up your mascara midday, it's not uncommon to spend a bit of time standing in front of the mirror. However, according to a new study from QVC Beauty, the amount of time women spend staring at their reflection may be surprising.

    According to the Daily Mail, the study found that British women stare at their reflections for an average of five hours a day. Additionally, the papers revealed that ladies from the U.K. use more than 880 gallons of foundation and 16 millions sweeps of a mascara wand.

    "Beauty products have the power to make people feel good about themselves," QVC Beauty head buyer Kate James told the news source, adding, "Beauty is an area which modern women feel passionately about."

    While these statistics may be staggering to some, women looking to cutdown on the amount of time they spend in front of the mirror may want to use an acrylic-based tubing mascara. The product won't smudge or flake, so gals won't have to worry about touching up their makeup throughout the day.

  • Dark makeup inspired by vampires and Disney villains

    dark+makeup+inspired+by+vampires+and+disney+villains_3356_800210408_0_0_7064727_300Villainous, vampish looks are jumping out of the television and onto the runways. Vampire series such as Twilight and True Blood appear to have inspired makeup looks that have been popping up in high-fashion shows all season, The Globe and Mail reports. The trend includes Disney-villain inspired concepts such as Cruella de Vil's bold, red lips and Snow White's Evil Queen's darkly defined eyes.

    But makeup artists warn that overly intense makeup can make you look more gauche than glam. Instead they recommend choosing one feature to focus on and keeping the rest of the face neutral.

    "If you choose to wear a strong lip, make your lips the focus of your makeup," makeup artist Caitlin Callahan told the news source. She added that for a lip-focused face, mascara and some blusher were enough to complete the look.

    On the other hand, if you're hoping to define your peepers, one color of eyeshadow should be applied darkest at the lash line then blended outwards no further than the crease, Angie Semple, an industry expert, told the news source.

    Women who want to try smoky eye makeup can work to balance their gaze with an eyebrow mousse that fills in sparse eyebrows and defines their arches.

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