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  • Dark makeup inspired by vampires and Disney villains

    dark+makeup+inspired+by+vampires+and+disney+villains_3356_800210408_0_0_7064727_300Villainous, vampish looks are jumping out of the television and onto the runways. Vampire series such as Twilight and True Blood appear to have inspired makeup looks that have been popping up in high-fashion shows all season, The Globe and Mail reports. The trend includes Disney-villain inspired concepts such as Cruella de Vil's bold, red lips and Snow White's Evil Queen's darkly defined eyes.

    But makeup artists warn that overly intense makeup can make you look more gauche than glam. Instead they recommend choosing one feature to focus on and keeping the rest of the face neutral.

    "If you choose to wear a strong lip, make your lips the focus of your makeup," makeup artist Caitlin Callahan told the news source. She added that for a lip-focused face, mascara and some blusher were enough to complete the look.

    On the other hand, if you're hoping to define your peepers, one color of eyeshadow should be applied darkest at the lash line then blended outwards no further than the crease, Angie Semple, an industry expert, told the news source.

    Women who want to try smoky eye makeup can work to balance their gaze with an eyebrow mousse that fills in sparse eyebrows and defines their arches.

  • Arabian eye makeup

    arabian+eyes_3356_800211457_0_0_7072693_300Arabian eyes are the pride of Arab women worldwide. Because the ladies have had to conceal their faces for cultural and religious reasons, they have focused much of their efforts toward the beautification of their eyes using heavy kohl, eyeliner and lots of mascara.

    In the land of the deserts, women in Arabia wore face-coverings in order to protect their faces from the sun's harsh rays. Soon after, with the advent of Islam, the religion encouraged ladies to be modest in their garments. Many people of the era took this advice to heart and began to use what is called a niqab - a veil which only reveals a woman's eyes to society. It was due to these factors that women began to use kohl, a thick, black substance, to line their eyes.

    Today, women attending weddings and parties still use kohl but have added to it a pure black eyeshadow which is smudged around the eyes to create a heavy, smoky eye look.

    In order to achieve the look, the women start with a foundation that is typically one shade lighter than their natural skin tone. They then apply a black eyeshadow and blend it, often with many colors, around their eyelids. Eyeliner is commonly placed on top of the shadow in order to heighten intensity right around the eyes.

    To complete the dark eye look, women apply a thick layer of mascara to lengthen their lashes to the maximum.

  • Makeup tips for a job interview

    makeup+tips+for+a+job+interview_3356_800214325_0_0_7072553_300Job interviews may be hard to come by so women who are granted the chance to interview will likely be aiming to make the perfect first impression. Makeup artist Zethina recently shared some makeup interview tips with ABC15.com, which can help women look sophisticated and qualified for the job.

    Because eye contact is important during the interview, ladies should choose makeup that will accentuate their eyes and avoid colors that can shift attention away from their peepers. When using mascara, Zethina advises to keep it simple.

    "It's best to not over apply mascara, you need just enough to enhance your lashes but not so much that you look like you need a scrub down," she said.

    Though many women may be tempted to match the colors of their eyeshadow or lipstick to their chosen outfit for the meeting, Zethina says that colors should be selected based on their ability to flatter your eye, skin and hair color.

    Avoid glitter, and don't let interviewers see you touch up your makeup - they may perceive you to be superficial, Zethina advises. Women should also do a last-minute once-over in a mirror, to make sure that makeup looks impeccable and that there isn't any lipstick on their teeth!

  • How to store your makeup for best results

    Has your makeup turned clumpy or started to irritate your skin? According to the Inquirer Lifestyle Beta, makeup products have an expatriation date and must be stored properly.

    Though most women tend to keep their makeup in the bathroom, this may be a bad idea because of the humidity your products will be exposed to. Bathroom moisture can change the composition of your makeup and turn it soft and pasty.

    The news source advises using a cosmetic box to prolong your products' life and protect their quality, and to keep the box away from direct sunlight, which can lead to makeup degeneration.

    You should also be aware of your makeup's shelf life. Though it can be difficult to part with your favorite products, once it's past its expiration date its time to say goodbye.

    The first rule of keeping your collection fresh is to get rid of any product you haven't used in six months.

    Use your nose to determine when it's time to toss lipstick and mascara. The news outlet reports that expired lipstick boasts an unpleasant pasty stench and mascara will begin to smell like acetone.

    In a dry environment, eyeshadow can last three years though it is important to keep it properly closed to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and dust. Eye and lip liner will also last three years if sharpened regularly.

  • Tricks for creating a perfect pout

    Impeccably applied lipstick can make or break a look, but painting a pout perfectly can be tricky. Luckily, InStyle magazine came up with a few tips on how to get the ideal look without a lot of effort.

    With a plethora of colors to choose from, finding the perfect pink for your lips may seem overwhelming. However, selecting a color can actually be quite simple as long as you use your gums as a guide.

    "Just smile," the news source suggests. "Your perfect shade is about the same color as your gums - no lighter."

    To ensure that your lipstick lasts all day, fill your entire lip with a neutral pencil and then apply lip color. Blot excess color using a lint-free paper, reapply the product, and then blot again to create a durable lip stain.

    Though women often want their lipstick to look the same on their lips as it does in the tube, the natural color of their pout can alter the lipstick's hue. To avoid this, the news provider recommends that ladies prime their lips with a foundation, which will give them a blank canvas.

    Armed with the perfect pout, women who want to subtly emphasize and define their eyes to fade can try an acrylic-based mascara that will lengthen their lashes and intensify eyes.

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