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1. Prime your lids with blinc's light tone eye shadow primer.

2. Then using a shader brush place Gypsum eyeshadow on the brow bone and on the inner corner of the eyes.

3. Next, using light handed, short strokes apply blinc Eyebrow Mousse across the length of the brows.

4. Using  blinc's ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen create a thin winged liner look.

5. Intensify and define the lash line by prepping lashes with a base coat of blinc's black lash primer,

6. Apply 2 coats of blinc Mascara Amplified to finish off the look.

<![CDATA[Go Green this Hoiday Season!]]> Fri, 19 Dec 2014 20:52:40 +0000 nicoleteriaca SM-Look_12_19

1.     Begin by applying blinc's flesh tone eyeshadow primer to the entire lid and along the lower lash line.

2.     Place a white shimmer eye shadow on the inner corner of the eye, along the brow bone to highlight the arch of the brow, and along the outer corner of the lower lash line extending out past the eye.

3.     Apply a nude peach tone eye shadow to the inner half of the lid.

4.     Add a shimmer green eye shadow to the outer half of the lid, blending outward past the eye. Then place the same green eyeshadow along the lower lash line.

5.     Blend a brown shimmer eye shadow into the crease of the eye and then blend the shadow into the lower lashes with an angled liner brush.

6.     Create your favorite winged liner look with blinc's ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen.

7.     Swipe on a few coats of blinc's black lash primer for bigger, bolder, darker lashes.

8.     Finish off with blinc's black mascara amplified.

<![CDATA[Navy is the new black!]]> Mon, 17 Nov 2014 11:09:36 +0000 nicoleteriaca Navy is the new black!

1. Prep lids with a coat of blinc's flesh tone eye shadow primer; this will even out your skin tone and lengthen the wear of the shadow.

2. Using blinc's all over shadow brush to apply a light gold shade of eye shadow to the entire lid.
3. Next, using a fluff brush, apply a matte cream color eye shadow to the brow bone thereby creating a subtle highlight.

4. Using an angled shader brush apply a matte light taupe eye shadow to the crease, creating both definition and depth.

5. Using blinc’s blue eyeliner pencil line both the top and bottom lash line, creating a wing by turning the pencil up slightly as you approach the outer corner.

6. Using an angled shadow brush apply a matte navy shadow directly over the lines created using blinc’s blue eyeliner pencil.

7. For superior volume, lengthening and the blackest black finish apply several coats of blinc’s black lash primer.

8. For added volume and drama apply 2 coats of blinc mascara AMPLIFIED

9. To enhance the look apply a tiny bit of blinc’s dark blue mascara to the tips of lashes.

<![CDATA[Trending For Fall - Smokey Slate Eye]]> Fri, 03 Oct 2014 15:27:17 +0000 nicoleteriaca SM Look_9_30-v3

1. Prime your lids with blinc's light tone eye shadow primer. Then, apply blinc's white eyeliner pencil to the lid from lash line to crease.

2. Using blinc's all over shadow brush apply a matte, cream-colored eyeshadow to the brow bone and a white eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye.

3. Using a medium shader brush, apply a slate shade of eyeshadow to the lid, directly over the white pencil.

4. Next, using blinc’s shadow blending brush place a matte taupe eyeshadow onto the crease.

5. Create a thin winged liner look with blinc's ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen.

6. Intensify the lash line by prepping lashes with a base coat of blinc's black lash primer, followed by a few coats of blinc's black mascara amplified.

<![CDATA[TREND ALERT - WHITE EYELINER]]> Fri, 19 Sep 2014 20:15:16 +0000 nicoleteriaca Social-Media-Look_918_web**Begin with a base coat of blinc flesh tone eye shadow primer on the lid.

1. Place a neutral sandy beige matte eyeshadow on the lid and brow bone using blinc's all over shadow brush.

2. Add a deep espresso brown matte eyeshadow to the entire crease using a mini shader brush.

3. Using blinc's contour shadow brush, apply a matte taupe eyeshadow over the top of the crease color, blending the shadow up towards the brow bone.

4. Next, apply blinc's white eyeliner pencil under your lower lashes bringing it out to a point past the outer corner of the eye. Blend the line with a cosmetic cotton tip applicator then go over the line with a matte white eyeshadow using an angled liner brush.

5. Using blinc's ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen, create a wing on the outer corner of the eye, then continue to line the rest of the upper lash line.

6. Apply blinc lash primer to prep the lashes and then add a few coats of blinc's brown mascara amplified.

<![CDATA[A look fit for Royals - Dramatic Purple and Gold Cat Eye!]]> Fri, 12 Sep 2014 15:00:08 +0000 nicoleteriaca blinc_Inc_Create_a_look

1. Prepare your lids for this look by applying a thin, even coat of blinc's light tone eye shadow primer.

2. Using blinc's all over shadow brush, apply a gold shade of eye shadow to the inner corners of the eye and along the inner ¾ of your lid.

3. Using blinc’s all over shadow brush add a deeper shade of gold to the outer corners of your lid.

4. Using a shader brush, apply a garnet shade of eyeshadow along the lower edge of your crease.

5. Using a freshly sharpened blinc eyeliner pencil in the color purple, line along your crease, starting above the inner corner of your eye and ending past the outer edge, aligning with your iris. Using the same blinc eyeliner pencil, line beneath your lower lashes. Use a clean cosmetic cotton tip to blend the crease line as well as smudge the lash line.

6. Apply a purple eyeshadow, similar in shade to blinc’s purple eyeliner pencil, using a sweeping motion, apply eye shadow over entire eyeliner base. Lastly, use blinc’s eye shadow blending brush to soften the crease and blend the color upward toward your highlight.

7. Create a precise winged liner look using blinc's ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen.

8. Curl your lashes with blinc's heated lash curler. Then, prep your lashes with a coat of blinc’s lash primer. Finish off the look by tubing your lashes with blinc's black mascara amplified.

<![CDATA[Rose Gold Shadow compliments any skin tone!]]> Fri, 01 Aug 2014 19:12:56 +0000 nicoleteriaca Rose Gold copy

1. Using blinc's grey eyeliner pencil, create your thick winged liner look starting at the beginning of your lashes on the inner corner of your eye. Keep the line thin for the first few centimeters of your lash line then dramatically increase the thickness and you move towards the outer portion of your lid. Create your triangle on the outer corner of your eye to create your wing, then fill in. For more precision your can use blinc's brow and liner duo brush to create your line.

2. Apply blinc's flesh tone eye shadow primer to the areas of your lid
surrounding your eyeliner look with blinc's shadow primer brush.

3. Add a rose gold shade of eyeshadow only to your lid and crease, leaving your lid bare. To apply your eye shadow you can use blinc's all over shadow brush.

4. Prep you lashes with blinc lash primer.

5. For an eye opening finish, coat your lashes with black blinc
mascara amplified.

<![CDATA[Why use a Heated Lash Curler?]]> Fri, 28 Mar 2014 20:11:58 +0000 nicoleteriaca
  • Applying heat is the most effective way to curl lashes
  • Increases the appearance of lash length by extending lashes upward and away from the eye
  • Provides superior control over curl intensity
  • Will not pinch delicate eyelids
  • As simple as applying mascara


Look at the huge difference using a heated lash curler makes on the eyes below!

Before & After using blinc's Heated Lash Curler! Before & After using blinc's Heated Lash Curler!


How To!


1. Begin with clean, dry lashes

2. Turn the Heated Lash Curler on; once the heat indicator turns yellow place the lash curler against the base of your lashes and slowly comb through the lashes in an upward motion for top lashes and downward for bottom. To achieve a little extra curl place the curler gently against lashes for s few seconds and repeat throughout the length of the lashes

3. Once finished it is important to apply tubing mascara to the lashes as traditional paint mascaras tend to be heavy and may weigh down the curl. blinc mascara is a perfect paring as it forms tiny tubes around each perfectly curled lash thereby creating a cast that will hold the curl until you decide to remove your eye makeup!


If you haven't already, pick up blinc's heated lash curler and begin to experience a whole new set of lashes!

<![CDATA[Cure for the Winter Time Blues!]]> Tue, 14 Jan 2014 17:48:36 +0000 nicoleteriaca blue Cat Eye

Steps for look:

1. To create this look, start with blinc flesh tone eye shadow primer as your base.

2. Pencil in your entire lid with blinc's black eyeliner pencil and continue to extend the color out past your eye and create your winged shape then add a point on the inner corner of your eye. No need to smudge the eyeliner, you want the color to be opaque.

3. With a medium shader brush, apply a deep royal blue eyeshadow to the center of your lid. Then, clean your brush and use it again this time applying a matte black eyeshadow to the rest of the lid over the areas of the black pencil.

4. To help create crisp edges and points, use blinc's brow and liner duo brush. Dab the end of the angled brush on the pencil and then use it to line your edges and wing.

5. Line under your lower lashes using a sharpened pencil, the angled liner brush, or your can even use blinc's ultrathin eyeliner pen.

6. Next, line your waterline with blinc's white eyeliner pencil.

7. Prep your eyelashes with blinc's lash primer then continue with a few coats of blinc's black mascara amplified.

8. Fill, tint, and set your brows with blinc eyebrow mousse. The shade used for this look was the black eyebrow mousse but if that's too dark for you then you can always match your natural color or try a shade darker!

<![CDATA[Create eyes that sparkle this Holiday Season!]]> Fri, 20 Dec 2013 19:49:17 +0000 nicoleteriaca Golden Eye

Steps for look:
1. Begin by applying blinc light tone eyeshadow primer to your lid.
2. Apply your favorite gold glitter eyeshadow to your lid and also under your bottom lashes with a mini shader brush.
3. Using blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen, line under your lower lashes, then line along your upper lash line bringing the line up and out a little bit higher then your crease. Then create a line in your crease following the natural curve of your eye and bring it to a fierce point as you wing the line up to connect with the line from below.
4. Add taupe color eyeshadow above your lined crease with your blinc contour shadow brush.
5. Highlight your brow bone with any matte cream colored eyeshadow using the blinc all over shadow brush.
6. With a golden brown shimmer shadow you're then going to smoke out your bottom lashes by blending the color into your lash line along your lined eye all the way to the end of the outer point.
6. Fill your brows with blinc eyebrow mousse.
7. Line the inner rim of your eye with blinc's black eyeliner pencil.
8. Curl your lashes with Blinc heated lash curler.
9. Apply a coat of blinc lash primer.
10. Add a little volume and length with blinc mascara amplified in the color black.

<![CDATA[Fall is Here - Warm Up Your Look This Weekend!]]> Fri, 01 Nov 2013 19:00:47 +0000 nicoleteriaca Fall_blog

1. Using the doe foot applicator, apply blinc eye shadow primer to your entire lid

2. Blend blinc's white eyeliner pencil on your lid from your lash line up to your crease

3. With a shading brush pack on a rusty red-orange over the white pencil color

4. Use blinc's black eyeliner pencil in your waterline, rim under your bottom lashes and above the outer 2/3rds of your top lashes, then bringing the color up you're going to shade the outer 1/4th of your eyelid up to your crease and then continue to shade along your crease bringing the color as close to the inner corner as you'd like

5. Apply black eyeshadow with a pencil brush over the black eyeliner to slightly smoke out your eyes

6. Highlight your brow bone with a light cream colored shimmer eyeshadow with a blending brush or a fluff brush

7. Intensify those lashes with a few coats of blinc mascara amplified

8. To keep those brows in place, tinted, filled and moisturized apply your shade of blinc eyebrow mousse

<![CDATA[Colorful water-resistant mascara is perfect for nights out ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 10:10:53 +0000 raveinfo Now that it's officially summer, many women may be slightly altering their daily makeup routine.

Some hate to wear thick foundation while it's warm out, and others find that they need to choose a tinted moisturizer or powder that is darker than their winter shade, to match their sun-kissed complexion.

Switching out the staples in your makeup will also give you a chance to add in a few fun items, too.

Because the summer offer plenty of chances to paint the town red with your pals, it's likely that there are a few summery outfits in bright, eye-catching colors hanging in your closest.

When shopping for cosmetics, look for ways to sneak a little glamor into your warm-weather products.

Blue or purple water-resistant tubing mascara won't smudge or clump during application, and will stay on all day and all night.

The product "dries very quickly and won't move unless you rub it," makeup artist April Greaves told InStyle Magazine of the product.

It will also look fantastic when you're meeting friends for cocktails or dining al fresco by candlelight.

Match your shade to your ensemble, and you can enjoy all the pleasures of summer without needing to stop and reapply.ADNFCR-3356-ID-19855183-ADNFCR

<![CDATA[Tips for making eye makeup last ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 10:09:40 +0000 raveinfo When it comes to eye makeup, there are two important components to looking great: finding the right products, and applying them correctly.

The next time you have a big event to attend, or a busy day ahead of you, consider employing a few tricks to avoid having to reapply every few hours.

Some experts suggest lightly dusting a loose powder over your lids and lashes before applying products. The sticky surface may help eye shadows and mascaras last longer.

Of course, the products you choose are also essential - look for brands and items that promise to be long-wearing, like Blinc tubing mascara.

This acrylic-based product coats each lash with defining mascara, and creates a seal. The makeup won't smudge, clump or smear during or after application, and will stay on until you take it off.

Tubing mascara may also be ideal for those who sometimes forget to remove their makeup before bed.

"I can sleep with it on and not have any of it come off either on my pillow or in my eyes," a consumer told Allure magazine. "In the morning it looks exactly like it did the day before."ADNFCR-3356-ID-19864952-ADNFCR

<![CDATA[Blue mascara may be popular in fall 2010 ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 10:08:37 +0000 raveinfo As fall approaches, many women begin preparing for the impending season by stocking up on new sweaters, boots and jackets. But what eye makeup should you purchase to be on trend for autumn 2010?

"It's definitely all about the blues this season," reports StyleList.com. "Velvety blue eyes, whether navy, royal or turquoise, smoldered on fall runways, offering an updated take on the classic smokey eye."

However, women need not stock up on a plethora of azure-colored cream eyeshadows and cerulean-hued liners. In fact, a touch of blue water-resistant mascara may be all that's needed to recreate one of fall's biggest trends.

When making up the models in a recent runway show, beauty expert Napoleon Perdis used blue accents. "I wanted it to look like the kind of girl who just rimmed her eyes for day but then for night she adds a little bit of blue to make it look amazing," he told the website.

Whether you prefer aqua tones or rich navy, blue water-resistant mascara is a great way to achieve one of next season's hottest looks without compromising the staying power of your makeup.ADNFCR-3356-ID-19923417-ADNFCR

<![CDATA[Women can go dark and dramatic for Halloween ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 10:07:24 +0000 raveinfo halloween+makeup_3356_800135882_0_0_7005472_300This Halloween, women planning to get creative with their costumes shouldn't hold back when matching their hair and faces to the dramatic costume they don, according to Savings.com.

The website advises women to come out of their shells for the occasion, and Halloween is the perfect time to try out some festive new looks.
Instead of spending extra cash on a funky wig, ladies can tease their hair by backcombing their strands, using lots of hairspray to create an alternative, spooky look.

Gals opting for a vampire or witch costume may want to sport dark makeup. Women can mix black eyeliner with red lipstick to create a "perfect vampy dark lip," suggests the news source.

Those planning to be angels, fairies or brides can cover their lids and lips in glitter. Rhinestones around the eyes and above the brows will give an extra shimmery look.

Finally, a dramatically made-up eye would be incomplete without mascara to lengthen and bolden lashes. A tubing mascara that won't fade or flake, so it is sure to last long after the bewitching hour has passed.

<![CDATA[Madonna's makeup artist dishes mascara tips ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 10:06:25 +0000 raveinfo madonna+s+makeup+artist+dishes+tips_3356_800138823_0_0_15514_300Gina Brook regularly works with big stars like Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bundchen, and Katy Perry, but she is most famous for being Madonna's go-to girl for concert and red carpet looks. The makeup artist recently sat down with BellaSugar.com to share some of her mascara expertise.

First of all, Brook says if you need to pump your mascara that's a sure sign it's dry and should be replaced. If there are clumpy bits around the brush, try dabbing the bristles against the top of the mascara tube.

When applying mascara, gals should stand in front of the makeup mirror, turn their heads to the side in order to pull the lashes out instead of up and wiggle the wand from side to side for even distribution across all lashes, Brook advises.

For the full lash look, ladies will need around two to three coats, and should apply mascara to lash tips at a 45 degree angle.

Women who prefer a simple, one time application that won't require touch-ups can try a tubing mascara that coats each individual eyelash and offers a long-lasting full look from a single application.

<![CDATA[Use safe, harmless eye makeup products ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 10:05:18 +0000 raveinfo Makeup aisles are filled with a plethora of products, and with such a limitless variety, it's possible that a few items may be harmful to your eyes. Before you begin applying makeup, the American Academy of Ophthamology suggests to consider your eye health and choose reliable products whose safety has been proven.

"Makeup is a part of many women's everyday routine, but they should be aware that improperly applied makeup is a risk to the eye… We want the public to know how to look your best without jeopardizing your eye health," Cynthia Bradford, a clinical correspondent for the American Academy of Ophthamology told ABC4.com.

Doctors advise not to share eye products and to replace cosmetics every six months to avoid bacterial buildup on the products, according to The Eye Digest.

Keeping the doc's advice in mind, women may also want to swap their old mascara for a hypoallergenic type that has been clinically tested to be non-irritating to eyes.

Women's Health magazine recommends blinc Mascara (formerly Kiss Me Mascara), a non-irritant formula for women whose eyes are prone to tearing or drying up.

<![CDATA[Makeup tips for women over 40 ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 10:04:26 +0000 raveinfo makeup+tips+for+women+over+40_3356_800162214_0_0_7059043_300While women may have covered their faces in colorful cosmetics when they were younger, some ladies tend to desire a more natural look that will minimize possible signs of aging as they grow older.

Professional makeup artists Anthony Polvorosa and Simone Cohen-Smith, shared some of their advice for older women with The Winnipeg Free Press.

To hide crows feet and enhance eye definition, women should use a matte eye shadow dabbed only up to their eyelid crease. If they desire a shimmery glow, the experts advise women to keep the glitter below the brow-bone.

To create well-defined eyes, women are advised to apply a thin line of black or brown waterproof eyeliner.

Clean eyebrows that are shaped more like"elongated commas" look best on older women instead of over-arched brows which can give an almost comical appearance, the experts told the news source.

Older women whose eyelashes may be thinning can try blinc Long Lash, which can enhance the natural look and length of their lashes for an especially youthful and full lash look.

<![CDATA[Red lips for the holiday season ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 10:03:11 +0000 raveinfo red+lips+for+the+holiday+season_3356_800203943_0_0_7066918_300Katy Perry may not be the only one rocking red lips over the next few months. The holiday season has brought crimson lip color back, according to LifestyleInquirer.net. But before attempting the look, apply a few other cosmetics to create a fantastic canvas for your attention-grabbing pout.

Prepare your face with moisturizer and lip balm. Use a concealer to hide under eye darkness and a mineral foundation to cover any blemishes.

Since the emphasis will be placed on your lips, keep eye makeup simple with a nude-colored shadow and a few coats of black mascara to subtly enhance your peepers. If you desire a bit more definition, line eyes softly with a brown pencil.

Before you apply your lip color, use a bright, crimson-colored pencil to line your lips. This will help color last longer and prevent bleeding.

Finally, slick on your favorite red gloss or lipstick to create a delicious pout. A blue-toned red is a great choice, as the undertones can make teeth look whiter.

<![CDATA[New study reports that women spend days at the mirror ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 10:01:50 +0000 raveinfo new+study+reports+that+women+spend+days+at+the+mirror_3356_800205707_0_0_7040300_300Whether you are getting ready for work in the morning or touching up your mascara midday, it's not uncommon to spend a bit of time standing in front of the mirror. However, according to a new study from QVC Beauty, the amount of time women spend staring at their reflection may be surprising.

According to the Daily Mail, the study found that British women stare at their reflections for an average of five hours a day. Additionally, the papers revealed that ladies from the U.K. use more than 880 gallons of foundation and 16 millions sweeps of a mascara wand.

"Beauty products have the power to make people feel good about themselves," QVC Beauty head buyer Kate James told the news source, adding, "Beauty is an area which modern women feel passionately about."

While these statistics may be staggering to some, women looking to cutdown on the amount of time they spend in front of the mirror may want to use an acrylic-based tubing mascara. The product won't smudge or flake, so gals won't have to worry about touching up their makeup throughout the day.

<![CDATA[Dark makeup inspired by vampires and Disney villains ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 10:00:31 +0000 raveinfo dark+makeup+inspired+by+vampires+and+disney+villains_3356_800210408_0_0_7064727_300Villainous, vampish looks are jumping out of the television and onto the runways. Vampire series such as Twilight and True Blood appear to have inspired makeup looks that have been popping up in high-fashion shows all season, The Globe and Mail reports. The trend includes Disney-villain inspired concepts such as Cruella de Vil's bold, red lips and Snow White's Evil Queen's darkly defined eyes.

But makeup artists warn that overly intense makeup can make you look more gauche than glam. Instead they recommend choosing one feature to focus on and keeping the rest of the face neutral.

"If you choose to wear a strong lip, make your lips the focus of your makeup," makeup artist Caitlin Callahan told the news source. She added that for a lip-focused face, mascara and some blusher were enough to complete the look.

On the other hand, if you're hoping to define your peepers, one color of eyeshadow should be applied darkest at the lash line then blended outwards no further than the crease, Angie Semple, an industry expert, told the news source.

Women who want to try smoky eye makeup can work to balance their gaze with an eyebrow mousse that fills in sparse eyebrows and defines their arches.

<![CDATA[Arabian eye makeup ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 09:59:37 +0000 raveinfo arabian+eyes_3356_800211457_0_0_7072693_300Arabian eyes are the pride of Arab women worldwide. Because the ladies have had to conceal their faces for cultural and religious reasons, they have focused much of their efforts toward the beautification of their eyes using heavy kohl, eyeliner and lots of mascara.

In the land of the deserts, women in Arabia wore face-coverings in order to protect their faces from the sun's harsh rays. Soon after, with the advent of Islam, the religion encouraged ladies to be modest in their garments. Many people of the era took this advice to heart and began to use what is called a niqab - a veil which only reveals a woman's eyes to society. It was due to these factors that women began to use kohl, a thick, black substance, to line their eyes.

Today, women attending weddings and parties still use kohl but have added to it a pure black eyeshadow which is smudged around the eyes to create a heavy, smoky eye look.

In order to achieve the look, the women start with a foundation that is typically one shade lighter than their natural skin tone. They then apply a black eyeshadow and blend it, often with many colors, around their eyelids. Eyeliner is commonly placed on top of the shadow in order to heighten intensity right around the eyes.

To complete the dark eye look, women apply a thick layer of mascara to lengthen their lashes to the maximum.

<![CDATA[Makeup tips for a job interview ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 09:58:41 +0000 raveinfo makeup+tips+for+a+job+interview_3356_800214325_0_0_7072553_300Job interviews may be hard to come by so women who are granted the chance to interview will likely be aiming to make the perfect first impression. Makeup artist Zethina recently shared some makeup interview tips with ABC15.com, which can help women look sophisticated and qualified for the job.

Because eye contact is important during the interview, ladies should choose makeup that will accentuate their eyes and avoid colors that can shift attention away from their peepers. When using mascara, Zethina advises to keep it simple.

"It's best to not over apply mascara, you need just enough to enhance your lashes but not so much that you look like you need a scrub down," she said.

Though many women may be tempted to match the colors of their eyeshadow or lipstick to their chosen outfit for the meeting, Zethina says that colors should be selected based on their ability to flatter your eye, skin and hair color.

Avoid glitter, and don't let interviewers see you touch up your makeup - they may perceive you to be superficial, Zethina advises. Women should also do a last-minute once-over in a mirror, to make sure that makeup looks impeccable and that there isn't any lipstick on their teeth!

<![CDATA[How to store your makeup for best results ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 09:57:30 +0000 raveinfo Has your makeup turned clumpy or started to irritate your skin? According to the Inquirer Lifestyle Beta, makeup products have an expatriation date and must be stored properly.

Though most women tend to keep their makeup in the bathroom, this may be a bad idea because of the humidity your products will be exposed to. Bathroom moisture can change the composition of your makeup and turn it soft and pasty.

The news source advises using a cosmetic box to prolong your products' life and protect their quality, and to keep the box away from direct sunlight, which can lead to makeup degeneration.

You should also be aware of your makeup's shelf life. Though it can be difficult to part with your favorite products, once it's past its expiration date its time to say goodbye.

The first rule of keeping your collection fresh is to get rid of any product you haven't used in six months.

Use your nose to determine when it's time to toss lipstick and mascara. The news outlet reports that expired lipstick boasts an unpleasant pasty stench and mascara will begin to smell like acetone.

In a dry environment, eyeshadow can last three years though it is important to keep it properly closed to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and dust. Eye and lip liner will also last three years if sharpened regularly.

<![CDATA[Tricks for creating a perfect pout ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 09:56:19 +0000 raveinfo Impeccably applied lipstick can make or break a look, but painting a pout perfectly can be tricky. Luckily, InStyle magazine came up with a few tips on how to get the ideal look without a lot of effort.

With a plethora of colors to choose from, finding the perfect pink for your lips may seem overwhelming. However, selecting a color can actually be quite simple as long as you use your gums as a guide.

"Just smile," the news source suggests. "Your perfect shade is about the same color as your gums - no lighter."

To ensure that your lipstick lasts all day, fill your entire lip with a neutral pencil and then apply lip color. Blot excess color using a lint-free paper, reapply the product, and then blot again to create a durable lip stain.

Though women often want their lipstick to look the same on their lips as it does in the tube, the natural color of their pout can alter the lipstick's hue. To avoid this, the news provider recommends that ladies prime their lips with a foundation, which will give them a blank canvas.

Armed with the perfect pout, women who want to subtly emphasize and define their eyes to fade can try an acrylic-based mascara that will lengthen their lashes and intensify eyes.

<![CDATA[Get right with red lipstick ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 09:55:26 +0000 raveinfo get+right+with+red+lipstick_3356_800291795_0_0_7067024_300Red lips can make any woman look like a siren, but the wrong kind of red can just as easily turn you into an emergency 911 case.

Different shades of reds suit different skin tones, so pay attention to what flatters you as you select your lip color.

According to Glamour.com, fair-skinned ladies should opt for lighter, coral reds that won't look harsh on their faces. Those with medium complexions can choose from a range of colors, including true red and pinkish reds with cranberry tones. Women with dark skin can go for the deepest shades of plum, brick and burgundy, since bright colors may be overpowering.

Finally, the news source suggests that you keep it light with the lip gloss, since the bold color will do enough to make your mouth stand out.

A bright mouth should almost always be paired with minimal eye makeup as well, but forgoing the mascara can be a major error. Pair your sensuous mouth with a couple coats of blinc Mascara. Its long-lasting water-resistant formula will give you optimum hold all day, so you won't need to reapply anything else besides your lipstick.

<![CDATA[Unleash your inner child with candy-pink lips ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 09:54:28 +0000 raveinfo There are better ways to achieve a candy-colored pout than sucking on more lollipops than your body can readily handle.

For a delectably youthful look, opt for hot pink or fire-engine red lipstick like our girl Natalie Portman. The ballet queen showed up to the IFP's 20th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards with a playful, sideways bun and the hottest shade of bright pink lipstick she could find. She paired her pout with bubblegum pink cheeks and a barely-there soft gray shadow with thick black lashes.

Who knew that subtly matching lips and cheeks could look so appealing? Follow Portman's lead and complement your lips with an equally vibrant shade of blush, though you should still go easy on the application.

With the rest of your face making such a statement, eyes should be kept fairly neutral. Finish with a few coats of blinc Mascara for long-lasting fun.

<![CDATA[Boost the novelty factor with an orange pout ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 09:52:26 +0000 raveinfo boost+the+novelty+factor+with+an+orange+pout_3356_800332645_0_0_7042690_300While 2011 may have only just begun, it seems that everyone's already eagerly anticipating which new looks will be hot in the coming seasons.

Glamour.com highlighted the vivacious tangerine pout of Arielle Vandenberg, who showed up to a recent event flaunting full-bodied waves that were as lively as her lipstick, which she expertly paired with strong brows and a plum shadow.

We can't decide if it's the contrasting eye and lip colors or the brightness of her lipstick that made her look so startlingly original, but ladies can surely take a page out of her book by turning up the heat on their pouts.

Pair bright orange lipstick with either a neutral eyeshadow or a contrasting shade of purple, blue or green. Emulate Vandenberg's groomed finish with blinc Eyebrow Mousse, which will lend color and fullness to sparse brows, as well as a couple coats of long-lasting blinc Mascara. Polish the look with a generous application of black liquid eyeliner.

<![CDATA[Beat the cold with a bright pout ]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 09:51:18 +0000 raveinfo beat+the+cold+with+a+bright+pout_3356_800350289_0_0_7023450_300For the same reason that people pull out the bright scarves and mittens when moods and temperatures reach an all-time low, colorful lipstick can provide a powerful antidote to the wintertime blues - and a sexy one at that.

Glamour.com suggests using this trick for maximum impact on the go, as just a little bright lip color and a couple coats of mascara can instantly change your whole look.

For a picture-perfect pout, Glamour recommends prepping lips with balm and using a soft toothbrush to gently exfoliate your mouth. Before you slick on lip color, apply concealer to the corners of your mouth and use lipliner to help prevent bleeding. Additionally, using a lip brush can help you achieve the precision you desire.

Once you're done, you'll only need mascara to complete the look, according to the news source. Apply a couple coats of blinc Mascara for an on-the-go solution that'll give you optimum hold throughout the day and won't require any touch-ups.

<![CDATA[Why you might want to use makeup to play up your left eye]]> Fri, 17 May 2013 09:50:17 +0000 raveinfo Have you ever noticed that one side of your face always seems to look better than the other? Whether you consistently find yourself angling your "good side" to the camera or just think that your silhouette is more flattering from a particular vantage point, science now suggests that there's a clear winner when it comes to most people's more flattering facial half

According to a recent study at Wake Forest University, the left side of people's faces is usually considered the most attractive. When researchers took photos of both sides of the face and had viewers rank the attractiveness, the left side usually scored higher. The images were even flipped in some cases so the right looked like the left and vice versa - and people still chose the image on the left.

Glamour Magazine's beauty blog speculates that this could have something to do with the fact that research has shown that the left side of the face is more expressive. Either way, it might be worth it to put a little extra effort into applying your blinc tube mascara and liquid eyeliner on your left eye!