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  • Maintain your dye job with mascara

    maintain+your+dye+job+with+mascara_3356_800093726_0_0_7042685_300Women dye their hair for a variety of reasons - some want to cover gray strands, while others simply prefer the way colored locks look. But while ladies may adore the way it looks, dyed hair can be a hassle to maintain.

    With work days full of meetings and appointments, and after-hours packed with errands and obligations, it can be hard to find time to run to the salon, even when you need it! Instead of trying to rearrange your schedule to accommodate a last-minute hair appointment, dive into your cosmetic case for a quick fix.

    According to The Bellingham Herald, mascara can be used in a pinch to touch up roots and conceal gray hairs.

    "In black or brown shades, mascara creates realistic lowlights in dark hair and covers the gray," the news source reports. While dark mascara will hide gray hair, lighter-hued formula will cover the strands with color, creating natural-looking highlights.

    If you decide to use mascara on your strands as well as your peepers, you may want to invest in disposable wands to keep your eyes healthy.

  • Solutions to common makeup application mistakes

    solutions+to+common+makeup+application+mistakes_3356_800093719_0_0_7070089_300While it can be fun to listen to expert advice on how to create a perfect look, few ladies enjoy hearing what they are doing wrong when applying makeup. However, being aware of what not to do may be just as important.

    According to, you should avoid wearing too much makeup on your forehead, as makeup can easily crease with each expression you make. Makeup artist Napoleon Perdis suggests dotting foundation on your cheeks, chin and nose, and blending the extra product toward your hairline.

    Additionally, experts warn against applying powder eyeshadow after brushing on mascara, as the shadow can get stuck to wet lashes, making them look dusty.

    However, makeup artist Michael Pierce says that this rule can be broken, under the right circumstances.

    "If you have very deep-set eyes or droopy lids, you need to lift the eyelid with your finger in order to apply mascara. You wouldn't want to ruin your perfect shadow application with a smudgy fingerprint," he told the news source. "Instead, apply one coat of mascara first, then do your eyeshadow, and finish with a light second coat on the ends to cover any of the powder that may have stuck to lashes."

  • Flaunting makeup at yoga class: Lady Gaga does

    While few may be surprised to hear that Lady Gaga's appearance is making waves, it seems that the pop star has the world buzzing once again. reports that Gaga is supposedly known for swinging into hot yoga classes in full makeup.

    Wearing nothing more than a bikini, a set of false eyelashes and siren red lipstick, the singer was once seen walking out of a private Bikram yoga session, which is typically practiced at 105 degrees.

    While most of us may not put on a two-piece before heading to the gym, ladies who want to look their best while working out can take a tip from Gaga herself and sport lush lashes.

    However, instead of faux fringes which might fall off while exercising, gals can apply tubing mascara such as blinc Mascara. Unlike traditional mascaras, the water-resistant formula isn't painted on. Instead, it encases each lash in a tube, and won't flake or smudge.

    And, as fans of the singer are sure to appreciate, blinc Mascara is available in several distinct, Gaga-esque colors such as dark blue, dark green and dark purple.

  • Sneak preview for nude Spring trend

    sneak+preview+for+nude+spring+trend_3356_800255632_0_0_7077039_300We know it's hard enough to believe that it's already the holiday season, but in case you want to get ahead of yourself, here's a sneak peek into one of spring's scintillating new makeup trends. reports that makeup in spring 2011 is all about "enhancing natural beauty and showing a healthy glowing skin." This doesn't mean you should ditch the products, but rather opt for neutral, natural-looking shades.

    According to the news source, eyes can be softly defined with a coat of mascara and beige, apricot, pink, or brown eyeshadow.

    For subtle lash play that won't interfere with your impeccably natural look, try blinc Mascara. Its water-resistant tubing formula won't flake or smudge so you won't end up with streaks of makeup on your gorgeously neutral face. It also binds to lashes better than many leading mascaras, meaning just a quick swipe will go a long way.

    Instead of a black formula, which could appear too harsh against minimal makeup, opt for a brown hue to enhance your lashes.

  • Pastels to grace eyelids this spring

    pastels+to+grace+eyelids+this+spring_3356_800261584_0_0_7067027_300If you're already wondering what's on the other side of the coin for this fall's dark, dramatic makeup, you can expect things to lighten up a bit in time for spring and summer 2011.

    Pastel eyeshadows will be a hot commodity during the warmer months, and the palette will suit all kinds of women, according to The bright warm tones will look radiant on any complexion and flatter mugs of all ages. Better yet, pastels come in an endless variety of hues including shades of blue, green, purple and pink.

    StyleBistro recommends opting for paler shades for a daytime look and donning some of their bolder cousins when you're out on the town. To really make the most of the pigment, keep blush and lip colors soft and neutral.

    But don't forget to enhance your lashes, which complement virtually any eyeshadow when they're at their fullest. Pair your favorite pastel pigment with a couple coats of blinc Mascara. Its water-resistant tubing formula is designed to prevent flaking and smudging, so you won't see dark residue anywhere on your light, luminous lids.

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