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  • The best way to throw spiky glances

    Thanks to Twiggy, the spider lash look has been forever immortalized in our style vocabularly, returning to the forefront of makeup fashion as regularly as the renaissance of stripes and polka dots. That being said, it is important to assess the techniques with which you build your sky-high spiky lashes, as some of the old techniques are better off left behind in the 1960s.

    Makeup artist Pat McGrath revealed to StyleList.com that back-combing is not just a phenomenon that's limited to hair. According to McGrath, the best way to pull off a spider-lash look is to separate lashes using a lengthening formula and then to back-comb your fringe by using a downward stroke from mid-lash to the base.

    "The old way of doing spider lashes was hard and penciled looking," McGrath explained to the news source. "Now the way to do it looks fresh and unexpected."

    Among other things dated and ineffective are standard waterproof mascaras. If you're on the lookout for a high-performance product that will stay true through all of your mascara tricks, try blinc Mascara for its unique water-resistant tubing formula. The mascara binds to lashes for unbeatable all-day hold.

  • Blinc Trivia: To mascara or not to mascara?

    blinc+trivia+to+mascara+or+not+to+mascara_3356_800526248_0_0_7075480_300The summer months bring a whole lot of challenging decisions to our minds. Should we languish by the pool today or head to the beach? The green dress, or the cut-offs? Should we go ahead and chase down the ice cream truck or save room for some freshly-grilled hamburgers? Most importantly, do we apply mascara when the thermostats reach a sweltering 90 degrees?

    Some would say no - given our propensity to sweat when it's hot out (and do cannon-balls at given intervals), standard mascara can often be a pain to maintain in the summer, and most of us would say we're better off nude-faced than with smudgy, runny raccoon eyes.

    There's a good chance that the aforementioned naysayers have never picked up a tube of blinc Mascara, however. Unlike most standard waterproof mascara's, blinc's unique water-resistant formula is designed to maintain a superior hold on lashes and resist flaking, running and smudging throughout the day. The revolutionary tubing technology encases lashes in miniature tubes rather than going on as a paint and comes off gently with just a little warm water and rubbing at night.

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  • Panda eye: Are you guilty?

    panda+eye+are+you+guilty_3356_800528794_0_0_11136_300We're still debating whether or not this has anything to do with its slightly more famous cousin, the raccoon eye. But panda eye is becoming a hot contention among women, and lest you be one of its victims, it's important to know all the signs to watch out for.

    '''Panda eye'' is of course smudged and smeared eye makeup - a smoky eye gone wrong, a black and dirty telltale, aging mess directly resulting from tears, humidity, rubbing and rubbish mascara," The Sydney Morning Herald explains.

    Many women complain that faulty eyeliner gives them their dual badges of shame, but at the same time, there's nothing worse than faulty mascara to give you an eye makeup look that's all but regrettable.

    To combat panda eye, raccoon eye and whatever animal eye you'd rather not duplicate, use blinc Mascara for its revolutionary long-lasting formula. The water-resistant tubing technology binds to lashes for superior hold that won't flake, run or smudge throughout the day.

  • Blinc Trivia: Can your eye makeup stand up to monsoon season?

    blinc+trivia+can+your+eye+makeup+stand+up+to+monsoon+season_3356_800532276_0_0_14021142_300Most of us in the Western hemisphere don't have to contend with a silly little thing like monsoon season, but imagine if you did for a second. Would your eye makeup products stand up to the woeful power of the month-long rains?

    Take it from those who do - makeup and hair stylist Kavita Das told the Times of India that when she's gearing up for the monsoons, she always makes sure she's got a bevy of waterproof mascaras and eyeliners on hand. As for smoky eyes? She passes up complicated eyeshadow looks for neutral tones and earthy palettes.

    Whether you're planning a trip to the colorful subcontinent or you're simply in the market for a high-performance mascara, women can rely on blinc Mascara to help them weather the toughest storms.

    The mascara comes with a one-of-a-kind water-resistant tubing formula that encases lashes in miniature tubes for optimum budge-proof hold that resists flaking, running and smudging.

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  • Being a lipstick lady doesn't rule out sexy lashes

    being+a+lipstick+lady+doesn+t+rule+out+sexy+lashes_3356_800532325_0_0_7042688_300Not that you have to define yourself one way or the other, but many women carry a preference for the facial feature they love to emphasize best. Some ladies layer on the smoldering shadow on a day-to-day basis while others keep their eye makeup simple in lieu of a bold, bright pout.

    There's nothing more classy-looking than a pair of red lips paired with minimal eye makeup, but even if you tend to gravitate toward the lippy, you don't have to leave out gorgeous-looking lashes just to keep your overall look in balance. Soft, shimmery shadow paired with a couple feathery coats of mascara will be just the ticket to keep your mug looking polished and just understated enough.

    Of course, the goal here is soft and natural-looking, not flaky and smudgy. Enlist the aid of blinc Mascara for its high-performance budge-proof water-resistant formula. The unique tubing formula binds to lashes to resist all forms of weather and wear.

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