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  • Tips to avoid potential bacterial infections from your eye makeup

    While your makeup collection may be filled with dazzling products like tube mascara and liquid eyeliner, having many products may not be best for their shelf life. Do you remember the last time you washed your brushes or how long that eyeshadow has been sitting there? To avoid the chances of bacterial infections or other health complications, you should follow these tips to keep them fresh, according to

    First and foremost, you should keep a bit of rubbing alcohol or some kind of cleaning solution in your bathroom to clean off your brushes. Additionally, you should never share your brushes with other people to ensure that they don't spread any unwanted germs in the process.

    Liquid products are most likely the those that will expire sooner, so be sure to keep your eyes on the expiration date to ensure that it is still providing an even application. This goes for dry products like eyeshadow, blush and powder as well.

    Taking a few of these steps will ensure that your cosmetic products remain sanitary and your makeup stays fresh and brilliant for every social occasion on your calendar.

  • How to achieve feathery lashes with your tube mascara

    Tube mascara is an essential part of every woman's makeup routine. It does a lot to make your eyes appear wider, more awake and a lot more noticeable. Formulas which are designed to last all day long, like blinc's tube mascara, can ensure that your lashes are flawless no matter what you're doing.

    If you want to get the perfect feathery look, it's essential to use a lash comb to separate your lashes in between coats. Start off your routine with a heated eyelash curler. This will ensure that your lashes have plenty of sexy curl to work with. Follow that up with lash primer to help your mascara stay truly budge-proof.

    Apply a coat of tube mascara, then use your lash comb when it's dry to separate each individual lash. It's a key step that many women skip. Put on another coat on top of this, then do the same thing with the lash comb. You'll notice that your lashes look soft and fluffy, instead of clumped and stiff.

  • A heated eyelash curler will give you confidence during holiday party season

    Now that the cool, dry air of winter has set in, your eye makeup routine probably got a lot more complicated. However, with a bit of tube mascara and a heated eyelash curler, you can provide a superior hold for your lashes that will endure your crazy schedule of holiday parties.

    You should always use your lash curler before you apply mascara to ensure that they maintain their shape throughout the evening. Be sure to avoid getting too close to your lash line - this may cause you to bend one at the root or remove one altogether, which can put a serious cramp in your look.

    Lastly, don't forget about your eyebrows! Before you fill in the gaps with eyebrow primer or pencil, pay attention to the skin underneath. A bit of moisturizing lotion can help you to avoid dry skin and provide a good base for your makeup.

    With all of the things you have to do over the holidays, your makeup shouldn't be another worry. Water-resistant tube mascara and a lash curler will have you looking fabulous for any social occasion.

  • Blinc Trivia: Makeup tips to improve your look in holiday photos

    blinc+trivia+makeup+tips+to+improve+your+look+in+holiday+photos_3356_800660267_0_0_7004168_300With the holiday season in full swing, you're undoubtedly going to put on your tube mascara and liquid eyeliner and pose for your fair share of pictures. However, when it comes to your foundation and other cosmetics, you will need to take extra care to avoid your face shining or looking very obvious in photographs, according to The National Post.

    With the quality of digital cameras these days, it's a lot harder to hide imperfections behind your cosmetics. One ingredient you should look for in your makeup selection is titanium dioxide - this substance is found in many products and can cause your face to shine when a flashbulb is going off.

    A matte look is probably your best bet - avoid heavy powder and use eye makeup as your main source of color. This will allow you to use neutral hues on your lips and cheeks, giving you a more natural complexion in photographs.

    Taking the perfect picture is just one of the many things you have to worry about during the holidays, but by following these tips, you can smile for the camera and not have to worry about an embarrassing photo.

    Trivia Question: What NBA team was Lamar Odom recently traded to? Go to to answer and win free blinc cosmetics!

  • Give metallic smokey eyes a try for New Year's Eve

    give+metallic+smokey+eyes+a+try+for+new+year+s+eve_3356_800667352_0_0_14007847_300The smoky eye look has been a consistent staple on red carpets and high-fashion events all throughout 2011, and now stylists are putting their own spin on the style. According to, pairing tube mascara and this killer look can help to give your ensemble a glittering touch for New Year's Eve.

    Just because you're working with metallic hues doesn't mean that you need to stick with neutral shades. You can easily go with a bit of sparkling purple or pink and pair it with similar hues. Start by taking the lightest shade you're working with and cover your entire lash line as well as your creases.

    Next, you'll want to take the next darkest color and smudge along your lower lash line to add some visual interest. Finally, using the darkest shade, you can highlight specific features, such as your inner creases, and blend the hues together over your upper lid.

    Finally, finish with a bit of blinc tube mascara to give your lashes the treatment they need to maintain a superior hold. It will add up to a stunning look that will give you plenty of confidence while you watch the ball drop!

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